Friday, November 25, 2011

"Before You Came Old!"

A few years ago, Joan, Lorie, and I visited an elementary school where there was a special education unit.   The three of us worked in the transitional kindergarten class at another school and several of our former students were in this special ed class.  I approached the desk of a boy who was busy coloring.  

I squatted down so I was eye level with him and said, "Hi Tanner!"  He looked at me then broke in to a smile and said, "I know you!  You used to be my teacher before you came old!"  

Is there a fine line that defines the time between being young and "coming" old?  

Perhaps it's when you decide that coloring your hair is a real pain and you allow the new color (or lack there of) to display itself in all its glory.  

Maybe it's when the sales clerk thinks you're your mother's sister!

Is it determined by how many or how old your grandchildren are?

Could the defining line be when you're given a senior discount at a restaurant without being asked?

While standing in a long line to vote and someone comes up and offers you a chair, does that mean you're old?

Maybe it's being in the bottom half of the half-marathon finishers.

I can't be old when, inside, I feel like I'm 20.  In my opinion, old is ALWAYS 10 years away.

Please excuse me while I get my dose of Geritol.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Daily

Happy Thanksgiving!  

I'm grateful for all of you!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding Potpourri

11/12/11 was the day of wedded bliss for Camille and Jason.
I took pictures with my own cheap camera and was very disappointed because most of them were blurry.  I'm sure the reason for the blur at the temple is because it was SO DANG COLD!!  I was chilled to the bone.

Here are the newly weds leaving the Draper Temple.

This picture would have been nice of the professional photographer hadn't been in the way!  Sheesh!

By the time the picture with the siblings was taken, only 3 were left for the picture.  :(
Don't you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jordan's jacket?  He "borrowed" it from his Grandma Langston and refused to remove it for the pictures. 

Here are the newlyweds with my parents.

Wedding lunch at Rodizio's Grill.  
Here are the early arrivers to the luncheon (those who were on time).  
Jake, Jordan, Chelsey, Julio, Jeanette, Nicole and Dan.  Notice Jordan's still wearing the jacket! P.S. Have you heard of "No Shave November" or growing out your No-Vem-Beard?  I hadn't either but as you can see, every one of the male species in this picture has facial hair.

Friends (Bob and Jane), Cherrie (my sister-in-law), Candice and Andy (my eldest).

Jason's family.

Jason's uncles and aunts.

Notice Caitlyn and Adalyn's food.  Fruit and cheese for C8, grapes for Ad.  No meat sweats for them.  What a waste.

However, with some engineering help from Grandpa, C8 had  her own super duper straw that could reach across the table to steal some of Mom's root-beer.  Nobody's drink was safe!

Reception at Noah's.  
These beautiful cupcakes were the focal point of the buffet table.  If you know Camille, you know that she's a cupcake connoisseur.

There was other food: pasta salad, meat balls, rolls, and cookies. 

This beautiful wedding cake and the cupcakes were made by Ryley from "That's My Cake"

Not only was the cake beautiful... was delicious!  Just ask Jason!

I think Jeanette and Julio felt like they were still the center of attention even though it has been 3 months since they tied the knot.  

After downloading the pictures, I discovered that the grandkids had confiscated my camera
during the evening. 

A little pose here and a little pose there.

Dancing with the cousins.  How fun is that?

Congratulations to this beautiful family!

We love you and wish you the best!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Count Down!

Just a few more days until Camille gets married!  Here's a small sampling of what we're preparing for the special day.

I think I need to defrost my freezer.  Oh well, that will have to wait!

Some things are more important.

Will be back soon.