Friday, August 16, 2013

Babies, Babies, and More Babies!

I have 14 grandchildren.  The oldest is 11, the youngest,  4 months. The grand babies usually come in threes or fours.  At the beginning of school, I'll have 1 in 6th grade, 3 in 3rd grade, 4 in 1st grade and 5 in various preschool stages. 

Now this is where the exciting part comes in! 

My daughter, Camille, had a baby girl in April.

(This was taken the night before she delivered)

What a joy this baby has been!  

Olivia Brook is well loved. 

She's now laughing, rolling over,

 gooing, and waiting patiently for her cousins to arrive!

Here are her cousins.  All in various stages of development but coming real soon! 

Chelsey's having a girl on August 20th.  This is her first. 
Nicole's due date is August 29th.  This is her first and it's a girl.
Candice is due September 21st.  She's having a boy.  This is her 6th. 

We will be overflowing with babies and love and lack of sleep!

But wait, that's not all!  

This little girl is Jeanette, my youngest daughter. She is due in February with her first!

And we thought the birth of the royal baby was exciting!  psh!

So, in case you're wondering where I'll be for the next month or so...I'll be in Grandma Heaven!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Summer of Herpes

I know this sounds like a low-budget teen film but this has been my summer of Herpes Simplex keratitis, or in other words, Herpes of the ole eye-ball.  When it was told to my daughter, who works at Verizon and deals with apple products and apps, that I have eye-herpes, she wanted to know what kind of an app that was.  

So basically this is a cold sore virus in the eye.  Why this virus thought it would be a good idea to attack my eye, I'll never know, but I'm TIRED of it!  I"m "seeing" a corneal surgeon who has me putting drops in my eye 6 times a day and taking anti-viral pills. 

 I made this small so you don't have to look at it if you don't want. :)

Just in case you're thinking that a good herpes virus in the eye would be fun, I'll tell you what happens. This is basically a medical explanation that you will find on WebMD but much better. :)

It starts with an irritation of the eye that will turn your eye red, cause burning and light sensitivity.  It will be misdiagnosed as an irritated cornea or a scratched cornea. (Who is expecting herpes, for heavens sake?) Antibiotic drops will be prescribed and when you go back to the eye doctor, your eye is flaming red and your sight is blurry.  The eye doc will say, "Whoa!  Let's get you off these drops and try something else for a few days!"  In a few days, you'll go back to the office and it's the same...only worse.  By now, he realizes it could be herpes and he calls the corneal surgeon.  Then, because he's such a nice guy, and your vision has become very cloudy in that eye and it's hard to keep the eye open, he actually drives you to the corneal surgeon. (OK, this may not happen to you, but your eye doctor probably isn't as nice as mine and mine had met me in his office on his day off)  
Now, according to the websites about this condition, once you're on the regime of drops and pills, it will take 2 to 3 weeks for it to turn around and get better.  NOT!  I have been dealing with this since the end of June. A few weeks ago, it started to get better.  My eye wasn't as red, it was still a bit sensitive to light but my vision was starting to return.  Last week the virus returned with a vengeance!  
At this time, my cornea is swollen.  A normal cornea thickness is 540 nm.  Mine is 840. Because the herpes has attacked the cornea directly in the center, my vision is frosty.  The best way to explain it is to look in a mirror after having a hot shower and the mirror is steamy.  You can barely see an image in the mirror.  This is how I "see" out of the eye.  Now, imagine how it feels to have shampoo in your eye.  It burns, turns your eye red, and is hard to open. Yep, that's how I feel now. Oh yes, one more thing.  I can taste the eye drops after putting them in my eye.  They are yuk!  
So, think twice about getting this virus!  It stinks!

Now, the best way to deal with adversity of any kind, is to do service for others who have it worse that you.  This summer has not been fun.  The plans I had to go to Rexburg to see family or  have grand kids spend the night, or drive to go anywhere, have all been shot to heck.  I will admit, I have had a few pity parties.  However, I have a good friend who is suffering with cancer.  She is bed-ridden and is blind in her right eye because of a tumor.  When I go to her house, I realize that my problem is tiny compared to hers.  I can at least get out of bed and go about my semi-normal routine.

Lest you think I'm a cry baby who doesn't appreciate what I have, here are just a few things of which I am thankful:
My left eye!  It is awesome!!  No problem there.
I can still run (I have to be careful while crossing the street because my vision is gone on the right side, but running seems to make it feel better, as long as I run before the sun comes up)
My family (They have driven me places I need to go and they are generally good people)
My faith (I truly believe I will be healed, I'm just a bit impatient)
The rest of my body is OK 
Friends I have a friend who gave me this insulated lunch bag for my birthday. 
I'm excited to take it back to school and have it sitting in the faculty fridge. 

I could go on and on but these are just a few.

 I'm also thankful for this little Tyke!

Until this heals, I am your "One-Eyed Friend", signing off.