Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What a Loser! (and other good things)

This is old news but I haven't shared it yet. 
Our school had a "Biggest Loser" contest.  
We weighed in January 9th and every Monday since then. Our final weigh-in was March 15th. (our anniversary).  I lost a total of 18 lbs and WON!!!  I had lost the biggest percentage of weight!  Woot!  Woot!  The sad things is, it's the STP! (Same Twenty Pounds)  
You're probably wondering what the winnings were. Well, you know that on the REAL Biggest Loser show, the winner gets a quarter of a million dollars!  I won a quarter of a thousand dollars!  That's right, $250.00!  I think I'll retire and buy a condo in City Creek! 

Here are a few pictures of our annual Easter egg hunt.
Since Troy and Aly are the youngest egg hunters, they got to have a head start.  Look at that determined look on Troy's face!  Aly had a hard time maneuvering around that huge basket.  We later switched it out for a lighter, more versatile, woven basket.

Keiti's checking out her loot.

Kelsey had no problem finding her eggs. 

Izzy wants to check hers before putting them in the basket!  No one wants a rotten egg! (An egg with jelly beans)

Uh...Corban...look behind you!  
See, this is why we have that yucky lava rock on the house! One day, we're hoping to have that stuff removed!  But until then, it's a great hiding place for eggs.

Uncle Dan hid most of the eggs.  Here's Em trying her hardest to get that lone pink egg in the huge apricot tree.  Notice all those dang blossoms?  (Sigh)

Cy's back up in the walnut tree to find his eggs.  

Real funny, Uncle Dan!  

Baby Langston couldn't care less about the hunt.

 Baby Neil looks like he made a haul when all he did was sit in the front room and wait patiently.

Another good thing:

  I've been doing Indexing and am enjoying it!
  Do you want to try your hand at it?  Go here and see what you think!  
 (I've learned to greatly appreciate good handwriting.)

Last, but not least, I have signed up on Facebook! 

(Never say "never!")  
I feel like a fish out of water!  I'm trying to figure out the proper etiquette of Facebook and have asked my daughters several different times how it all works. I'm a slow learner - so be patient with me.

Wait! One last item of business!  Go to Camille's blog to enter to win a body contouring treatment.  

OK, I think I'm finished!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Break - Heading South

It's Spring Break for us peeps so we decided to take a trip to help us along our healing process. 
What better way to spend the week than to be cooped up together with family in an 8 passenger Excursion for 5 days!
 (Every seat was filled but Aly wanted to sit in ANY seat but hers.)

A stop in St. George to cover ourselves with red sand

was therapeutic.

We'll be finding that sand for the next few days!

Back in the Excursion for the next jaunt of our healing trip. 
(I could post another shot of Aly's discontent but you get the picture)

The Grand Canyon is amazing! And yes, I was watching Aly like a Grandma Hawk!

As we pulled in to Phoenix, this beautiful sunset was the perfect ending to our day. 

This is the main reason we headed be with Grandparents (I didn't get a picture of Andy's Mom.)

and to play with  cousins.  

A good game of Red Rover is the best way to get reacquainted.

When was the last time you played London Bridge?

It's good to get away.  It's good to be with family...even if Aly doesn't like her car seat!