Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Clear View of Forever

It's hard to believe that it has been a year since we held this sweet baby, kissed his soft, chubby cheeks, and had our heart melt when he smiled. 

Grady, we love you and miss you every day. 

Sue Anderson, a talented and gifted writer, wrote this poem for her friend.  When Grady passed away, she sent it to me. It brought comfort to us at the time and it expresses my feelings and beliefs.  Thank you, Sue.

A Clear View of Forever 

Grady, you came into this world
and made the living sweet.
Right from the start, you owned each heart.
Your smile was bliss, complete.

You rushed to earth…greeted us early…
left us far too soon.
In dark of night, you took your light
and slipped beyond the moon.

A loving Father called you home.
We bow to His command;
yet, though we know where you have flown,
it’s hard to understand.

Our empty arms are aching, and
we yearn to see your face.
Draw near us, please, in memories
that time cannot erase.

Remind us with each star that shines
that you shine brightly, too.
As our eyes watch the sunrise,
stir our souls to rise with you.

Watch over us, that we might feel
the brush of angel wings.
Let your laugh float on every note
the song of comfort sings.

You taught us more of heaven
than we ever hoped to learn;
and should our grief spar with belief,
through you, our hearts will turn.

Because of you, we’ll lift our heads
and stand a little higher.
To live God’s plan the best we can
is need now, not desire.

Your sacred gift to us is this:
a clear view of forever. 
The path to you glows straight and true.
One day, we’ll be together.

In that great day, these empty arms
will reach no more in vain.
God’s work fulfilled, our longing stilled,
we’ll hold you once again.