Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Name DID I Use?

We had a birthday party Monday evening for Jill.  On Saturday, I ordered a 6 foot sandwich for the occasion from Wal-Mart.  I had to make several phone calls to finally get the sandwich ordered, but that's OK, the task was accomplished and I didn't worry about it again...until...I got to Walmart just 20 minutes before the party was to begin, and found out the deli had no record of my order. 
WM employee - "I'm sorry, are you sure the name is correct?  Could it be under the name, Bryan J?"
Me - "No, it's under my name and I ordered it on Saturday so it would be ready for pick up tonight!"
WM employee - "What other name could you have given?"
Me - "Just mine."
WM employee - "I'll call the manager1" 
If the manager knew where my sandwich was located, I would be happy to talk to him, if not, why bother?
WM manager - "So, you ordered a sandwich?"
Me - "Yes."
WM manager - "When do you need it?"
Me - "Twenty minutes ago!"
WM manager, yelling back to the woman frantically working in the back, "How soon could you have this lady's sandwich?" 
WM employee - "I can't fix it until after 6:00, I'm already working on an order that will be picked up at 6!"
Me - "That's too late!  The party starts in 5 minutes!"
WM manager - "What if we give it to you for free?"

At this point, I didn't know of any other options.  I could walk away and have nothing to take to the dinner and my poor children and grandchildren would starve on just watermelon, salad, chips, grapes, soup and birthday cake!  Or, I could hang out at Wally World for another 15 minutes and get a free 6 foot sandwich!  I agreed to wait.  (heavy on the greed)
After waiting another 40 minutes, the sandwich was ready.  The already frantic WM employee had thrown in another 3 foot sandwich! 

I thanked her, ran out the door, and got to the party an hour late.  The sandwich was good, I appreciated the generosity of the WalMart manager, and we had lots of left-overs!

On the way home I had to stop at Wal-Mart again, only this time it was to pick up some photos I had sent in for the classroom.  I asked the WM employee behind the photo booth if she had my pictures.  I gave her my name and the approximate time I had sent in the order.  She looked through the drawer filled with photos, but didn't find it. She looked again and said, "Are you sure of the name?  Could it be under a different one?" 
I walked away empty handed this time.

I can taste a giveaway coming up!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Better Late than Never!

Happy Birthday to Jill!

Sorry I'm a few days late. 

If you know Jill, you already know she is:  



smart, (not only has she graduated from Utah College of Massage Therapy, she'll be graduating from UVU with a degree in Public Relations)

and beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Jill!  We love you!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Test Driving a Bernina

After we had been married for 3 months, my husband bought me a used Singer sewing machine for my birthday. 

It's made entirely of metal and weighs 50 pounds!  It's been a great machine.  I sewed all my kid's clothes on it until my oldest daughters, when they were in 2nd grade, asked if they could just have store bought clothes.   It sews fancy stitches with the turn of a dial, it ruffles, does button holes, and has other attachments that make sewing a breeze.  There is one thing it doesn't have and that's a bobbin case cover.  It's been lost for the past 20 years!  It's hard to sew without it because the fabric gets caught in the bobbin.

Last week, my hubs noticed that if you "test drive" a new Bernina, you can enter to win a BMW.  He thought it was worth checking it out.  We arrived at the Bernina store on Saturday with not only a desire to check out a new sewing machine, but get that chance to win a new car!

After the saleslady showed us all the features of the machine, I sewed on it.  It did straight stitiching, zig-zag, fun and fancy stitches and I tried out all the electronic features.  It was awesome, however, I realized that the only thing the new machine had that mine doesn't have is a bobbin case cover!  (OK, that's an exaggeration) 

We walked away from the store without a new sewing machine but with our names put in for a car!  If we get lucky, I may just buy the machine! 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fresh Start

This week we had both of our garbage bins filled over the top.  We couldn't fit another piece of paper or cardboard in the recycle bin.  This picture was taken after the recycle truck made a visit to purge us of our trash.  Today we can start fresh.

This month we've been over the top in our cell phone usage.  Four of us share these minutes.  It has been a busy and expensive month. After tomorrow we can start fresh and be more careful.

Yesterday we had the family over for dinner.  I ate way more calories than I should have. Today is a new day and I can plan a little better.

On Sundays I can partake of the sacrament, to renew covenants, to repent and make a new start.

(Painting by Doc Christensen)

A fresh start feels good!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jack

As a child I LOVED Cracker Jack!  I loved eating all the peanuts in the box of the caramel popcorn.  The more peanuts, the better.  The prizes were awesome; rings, toy tools, charms, 3-D pictures; it was always fun to see what surprise awaited me. 

(google images)

It has been years since I had any Cracker Jack.  I purchased some to see if it was all I remember.  I was a little disappointed.  Where are all the peanuts?  Is this really the way the popcorn tasted?  The prize was the best part!  It made me laugh!  

Do you like Cracker Jacks?
I think I'll stick with Peanut M&Ms. At least I'm guaranteed a peanut in every bite!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tea Party Evolution

My granddaughter had a birthday tea party at a local retreat.  Dresses and jewelry were provided to add charm, enchantment, beauty, glamour, grace, and magic.  Music was playing on the sound system as the girls walked along a stage and viewed themselves on a big screen TV.  Cupcakes and warm strawberry milk were served.

Almost 50 years ago, I had a "Little Lady's Tea Party" that my mother organized in our back yard.  We wore our mother's dresses to add beauty, glamour, grace and...magic?  No princess dresses or sound system for us! I really can't remember what we did, but for some reason I wasn't happy when this picture was taken.  Can you guess which one is me?

"Times, they keep a changin' "

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The New Mr. & Mrs.

Jordan and Chelsey got married on Friday the 13th! 

Most people would avoid that day but these two aren't superstitious...not at all!  Excuse me while I throw some salt over my shoulder.

Brothers as body guards are a must on this questionable day! 

Let's back up a bit. We had a long, wonderful day that started with a wedding luncheon.  It was catered by Connie's Cupboard and Crew!  (Me and my fam)  The menu was: green salad with dressing, lasagna, green beans, fruit medley, desserts, and rolls.

What we lacked in food, we made up for in entertainment.
My beautiful daughter-in-law, Rachael sang, "The Very Thought of You". She has the voice of an angel.

The L2G, (Langston 2nd Generation) performed a Mindy Gledhill song. What they lacked in talent, they made up for in cuteness.  You can see their fun and "not quite ready for prime time" performance here

Off to the Timpanogos Temple for the wedding.  After the sealing, we had pictures taken in front of the temple; in the sun, the hot sun, blasting our eyelids and making us blind!

Finally someone suggested that maybe on the other side of the temple there might be shade!  What do ya know!

Chelsey, the Princess, was a "little girl magnet".  They loved giving her hugs.

Mr. Troy thought he was the keeper of Baby Aly, but alas, she'd had all she could handle!

C8 and Kels were concerned that Troy was sad because Baby Aly didn't enjoy his company.

After comforting everyone, we headed to the reception in the back yard of Grandma's house, where there was some shade...for the shorter people.

I love this picture of my parents talking to their youngest great grandchild.

The food was awesome at the reception.  There were three fountains on the serving tables. One had milk chocolate, another had white chocolate, and the third one had ranch dressing.  I didn't get a picture of the serving tables with my camera, so we'll settle for a hand-full of olives from C8.  The olives were on the ranch dressing table.

Jordan and Chelsey cut the cake and fed it to each other in a nice way!

A toss of the bouquet...


...and they're sneaking off to get the car that was hidden in the neighbor's garage.


A final pose before leaving for the honeymoon.

Trying to fit in the car with yards and yards of polyester!

She fit!

Congratulations, Jordan and Chelsey! 

Ya done good!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

She's Back with Souvenirs!

Jeanette is back from her service in El Salvador! 

After some affectionate hugs from her two younger brothers,

she got her luggage 

 filled with dirty clothes and souvenirs

and we headed home!  1:00 am is a little late for the 3 amigos.  Funny - they were all wide awake until I pulled out my camera.

A little story about my souvenir.  Jeanette was on the beach and saw some shells that she thought would be good to get for the folks back home.   Suddenly, a woman with a basket appeared and with a smile announced, "Recuerdos a un dólar."  Jeanette bought this lovely masterpiece of birds made entirely of sea shells.  The paint was still wet.  How awesome is that!  And for only a dollar!  I'm sure I'll find a perfect place for it in my room that's...lime green and pink!

It's good to have her home!  If you go here, you'll see the mural Jeanette worked on for the boys Crisis Center and read a little more about what she did and why.  It will be worth 5 minutes of your time.