Saturday, August 14, 2010

The New Mr. & Mrs.

Jordan and Chelsey got married on Friday the 13th! 

Most people would avoid that day but these two aren't superstitious...not at all!  Excuse me while I throw some salt over my shoulder.

Brothers as body guards are a must on this questionable day! 

Let's back up a bit. We had a long, wonderful day that started with a wedding luncheon.  It was catered by Connie's Cupboard and Crew!  (Me and my fam)  The menu was: green salad with dressing, lasagna, green beans, fruit medley, desserts, and rolls.

What we lacked in food, we made up for in entertainment.
My beautiful daughter-in-law, Rachael sang, "The Very Thought of You". She has the voice of an angel.

The L2G, (Langston 2nd Generation) performed a Mindy Gledhill song. What they lacked in talent, they made up for in cuteness.  You can see their fun and "not quite ready for prime time" performance here

Off to the Timpanogos Temple for the wedding.  After the sealing, we had pictures taken in front of the temple; in the sun, the hot sun, blasting our eyelids and making us blind!

Finally someone suggested that maybe on the other side of the temple there might be shade!  What do ya know!

Chelsey, the Princess, was a "little girl magnet".  They loved giving her hugs.

Mr. Troy thought he was the keeper of Baby Aly, but alas, she'd had all she could handle!

C8 and Kels were concerned that Troy was sad because Baby Aly didn't enjoy his company.

After comforting everyone, we headed to the reception in the back yard of Grandma's house, where there was some shade...for the shorter people.

I love this picture of my parents talking to their youngest great grandchild.

The food was awesome at the reception.  There were three fountains on the serving tables. One had milk chocolate, another had white chocolate, and the third one had ranch dressing.  I didn't get a picture of the serving tables with my camera, so we'll settle for a hand-full of olives from C8.  The olives were on the ranch dressing table.

Jordan and Chelsey cut the cake and fed it to each other in a nice way!

A toss of the bouquet...


...and they're sneaking off to get the car that was hidden in the neighbor's garage.


A final pose before leaving for the honeymoon.

Trying to fit in the car with yards and yards of polyester!

She fit!

Congratulations, Jordan and Chelsey! 

Ya done good!


Kristina P. said...

Gorgeous! I am a big fan of the fuschia and orange combo.

Camille said...

First of all - does Kristina live next to the computer??
Secondly - awesome recap. I could relive that day (chocolate fountain, LG2 performance, and lovely lasagna)! But I could do without the sun! My eyelids are still burned from the photo shoot. :)

Camille said...

Also - Connie failed to mention that ALL those cute dresses found on the 7 granddaughters were made by her!

Kerin said...

And they lived happily ever after......
They are a beautiful couple, and clearly in love!
The colors are gorgeous that they chose, and such happy colors :)
Congratulations !!!!

Barbaloot said...

What a fun day!! I love the picture after you found shade---it's put together so fun:)

And nice work on the granddaughter dresses! They are darling.

Tracy said...

Oh what a happy day for your family!! AND...Grandma, what CUTE dresses you made for all your granddaughters!! LOVE them!!

Valerie said...

LOVED the video!! What a great day for a wedding! Beautiful bride, handsome groom and darling little nieces and nephews rounded it out! Congratulations!

Melanie said...

My mom and fam were all planning on piling in the car and coming to join the festivities....but we ALL got sick. Looks like a beautiful day. Congrats to the new couple and the momma who finally got rid-a one more!

Mimi Sue said...

Congratulations! Beautiful bride, a temple wedding, and adorable grandchildren. What more could you want? Mimi

Cherie said...

Wonderful pictures and a beautiful couple!!
I too love the orange - especially the guys orange ties!!
All those little sweet girls dressed up look so precious!
Connie and Crew your food sounds good - Do you hire out or just do family!!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...I loved reading your post that I have missed...yay that your daughter is home!!! The wedding looks like it all went wonderfully too...your food sounds so good! Such a cute couple! I have missed you! :D

Anonymous said...

CUTE PICTURES~!! Congrats to the happy Couple!!!
i love the picture with the girl and the olioves on her finger tips!!! i used to do that too!!!

LDH said...

Hi Connie,

I loved stopping by and seeing every photo of this very special day! Sweet couple and great celebration!

Thanks so much for visiting with me and leaving your comment so I could come by and meet you! :)

Kindly, ldh

Doran & Jody said...

LOL!! What a FUN day!


LKP said...

cute connie! loving all the orange and the friday the 13th wedding date! that's always my lucky day. =) no lie.

Jenny said...

very beautiful. Great day for a wedding, after all we were at the pool all after noon.

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats to the happy couple! :)

Jenn Allphin said...

I can't believe Jordan is old enough to get married! Time sure flies! Looks like an amazing wedding. I am happy for you and your family.

Love that you are still doing the chocolate fountains! They were awesome.

Garden of Egan said...

Yes Connie, I do believe Kristina lives by the computer.
I saw Camille's post and I had a moment of "SHOCK AND AWE" with the dresses.
You are about the most talented ambitious person ever. I bow to your greatness.
THEN to put on the spread....including olives? Mercy!
I think you make my tired ache!

Beautiful couple!
Sorry about the burnt eyeballs.
Hopefully you got some rest!

Darla said...

What a beautiful day, handsome couple and then there is Supper MOM/GRANDMA. Wow, Connie, you are amazing and always smiling.

Congratulations to the wonderful couple and hopefully you will get a well needed rest!

wendy said...

I love weddings...........and NO THAT'S NOT WHY I HAVE BEEN MARRIED 3 TIMES.

Just the joy in their faces, the anticipation of a beautiful life together!!!

priceless as they say
and if they can get married on friday 13, tells me they aren't about to let ANYTHING stand in their way.

Joanie said...

What a great photo story. You captured it all. Love the brother photo!
The dresses are sooooooooo cute!!
I am happy that the whole day was a huge celebration.

Mikki said...

Sweet! What a lovely day it must have been. So much hope and promise in a wedding. I hope they have a long and wonderful life (and eternity) with each other!

Yvonne said...

Love it--what a lovely couple. It's so hard to keep smiling when it's so doggone hot, but they did a fabulous job.

I love the pictures. She is a beautiful bride and such a handsome groom. Darling kidlets.

Glad the olives were on the ranch dressing table, and not the chocolate one.

Congratulations to Jordan and Chelsey.

Valerie said...

Everything at the reception was just so lovely!
You have such a fun family~ it was great to see you! I forgot to say hello to Andy though...duh! So tell him hello.

Kimmie said...

I've missed you Connie!! It's been a hectic summer and I feel disconnected with everyone!

You are such an awesome and amazing woman...YOU inspire ME!! I was thinking about you the other day when I was making up rolls and thinking of you making batch after batch of rolls for your wedding luncheon! It's a lot of work, but SO much better than store bought and SO much cheaper. Your comment about "catered by connies cupboard and crew" made me laugh!

I have missed your sense of humor and your way with words always makes me laugh!

Adorable couple, loved that you still have your parents with you to enjoy your family events and you have some of the cutest grand kids in the world!

Thanks for your friendship and for always being SO nice and thoughtful to me!

Have a wonderful week!