Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tag, you're it!

Kazzy tagged I go:

Seven things about me:

1. In the past few years I discovered that I like jewelry.

2. I became proficient at milking goats when we had goats in our back yard in Arizona.

3. I was completely blind in my right eye due to a detached retina-I appreciate my sight.

4. My hair started going gray when I was 19 (right after I was married...hmmm...)

5. My vice is chocolate milk.

6. I gave birth to breech twins and we all survived.

7. I love being with my family.

I tag

Jill, Valerie, Gigi

Sunday, June 28, 2009


You're probably wondering if this "Beaver Fever" is a mutation of the Swine Flu!

All I can tell you is it takes place in Beaver, Utah every other year to a select few.

What are the symptoms, you ask? Here are a few for you to ponder and avoid at all costs, unless you're the type who likes to have fun!

First you eat until you're stuffed.

Then there's singing, with actions!

You want to watch a magic Show!

Bubble Blowing is another symptom...

...along with wanting to share your talent!

You play games in the hot sun until everyone is laughing or someone gets hurt...

when Uncle Dave does some strategizing!
Four wheelers is your vehicle of choice...unless...

there's a golf cart driven by a 10 year old!

If you're small, you'll want a ride in the bike cart
so you can go to sleep.
Who are these people with the fever?

Take a look, but look fast, they're a sickly bunch!

Clint and Lynette aka Mom and Dad/Grandpa and Grandma
They'll be celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss this year!

Andy & Connie and Family

Pat (without his fam)
Laura & Bob and Fam

Tom & Heather (without fam)

Ted & Patty (without fam)

Doug & Gin and fam

In another 2 years, the fever will return. People will look different, there will be more who will have it, and we'll all be happy!

It was a fun reunion!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm always having my grandkids pose, with a smile, before I take a picture. And dang, they're so cute! But let's get don't always go around with a smile on their face!

I've captured a few moments of truth!

Can you imagine the chorus of "wails" if they were all crying together?
Hope you don't think I'm heartless. No one was hurt during the photo shoots (even though you may see tears!)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is a picture of Andy and my Dad during the awesome "Hawaiian Get-a-way" Father's Day party! We had this party in honor of my Dad, Bill Travis. I couldn't have asked for anyone better (for a father or a guest of honor) .

He is a patient, kind, hard-working, honest, generous, witty, and fun Dad and Grandpa!

I married someone with the same qualities! (lucky me!)

Happy Father's Day to both my Dad and Andy!

Here are a few highlights of the party. You won't see any coconut bras, sorry. We used them for the bonfire. Candice, getting caught eating the mango salsa before anyone showed up. And double dipped like crazy! Luckily no one caught that part on film. Yum!

My sis, Nancy, and my Mom.

The beginning of the hula hoop contest! Em and Cyrus know how to do it! Prizes were given to the winners. Emily won and chose a magnet with a hawaiian, hula girl. She returned it to me, asking to choose another prize because the girl on the magnet was immodest! Good for you, Em!

And bad for me for having an immodest magnet as an option.

Speaking of hula experts, Jill had some great moves. Too bad I couldn't capture all of them on film! I think it's the shoes! They make some people angry.

Ashley showed us a thing or two.

So did Lisa! Like how to hula hoop without it even touching your body!

Next was the limbo contest. Vili's a natural! And Nancy and I did our best to choke him with the limbo bar.

But Em got the lowest. Is this called cheating?

Troy shows that you don't need to do the limbo or hula-hoop to have a good time. An uncle with a bald head and a full beard will bring a smile to your face.
It wouldn't be Father's Day without a song, composed (on the spot, mind you) and sung by a 6 year old.

The party was fun which makes it hard to say good-bye. But we all parted our separate ways - except for the flamingo, which had a good grip on Keiti's lips.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Mango Salsa

We're having a Father's Day party tomorrow. The theme is "Hawaiian Get-a-way."
To go along with the theme, I made mango salsa. Mango is Hawaiian, isn't it? How about tortilla chips? I guess anything can be Hawaiian if served by a person wearing a coconut bra!
This recipe was given to my mother and she gave it to me. I tweeked it just a little bit. Here are the ingredients: tomatoes, mangos, onion, lime juice, jalapenos, cilantro, garlic
This is how I made it today. You can make more or less, depending on how much you need.

2 mangos - ripe
8 roma tomatoes - you can use any kind of tomato, it's best when the tomato comes right out of your garden.
1 1/2 sweet onions
2 jalapenos (seeded)
2 tsp. chopped garlic
1/2 bunch cilantro
3 Tablespoons lime juice

Peel the mangos, cut the fruit from the seed and pulse in a blender. Don't blend too much, you still want chunks. You can use as much or as little cilantro as you want. I LOVE cilantro. Am I the only one? Chop the cilantro, the tomatoes, onions and jalapenos. The first time I made this, I used the jalapeno seeds. It was TOO HOT! Not even a walk in the woods would cool it down! Maybe you like the hot taste. I have been accused of only waving the jalapeno over the salsa. You decide, but remember, it's much easier to add more jalapeno than to take some out. Add lime juice and stir well.

This made 8 cups of salsa. You can eat it right away, or let it savor in the fridge for a few hours. Eat it with chips or put on eggs...or have a luau! (There may not be the full 8 cups for the party tomorrow.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Doot, Little Feet

My Uncle Harry used to call me "Connie, the cat, with the doot, little feet!"
In my mind, I picture a small, graceful, person.
He cursed me!

As a child, I had normal, small, feet but as I got older, my feet grew like crazy! While in high school, there was a shoe store called "The Dollhouse." It had the cutest, strappiest shoes but the largest size was a size 9. In high school my feet were a size 9 but that size of shoe just didn't look as cute as the size 5s and I felt like Cinderella's step sister! My other uncle, who realized I DIDN"T have "doot, little feet" would say, "It takes a large foundation to hold up a mansion and a small foundation to hold up an outhouse!" (No offense to people with small feet - he just wanted me to feel better)

After having my first two children, my shoes size was a 10. After a few more children, I wore a 10 w i d e! Now...size 11! What's going on? There must be some perks to having big feet.

Famous Footwear doesn't carry a size 11 but they can get it and will ship that large sized shoe to your home with no additional charge. I get a package in the mail! Woo-hoo!
I really get my money's worth when I get a pedicure!

Look at all the junk--er--I mean precious treasures that fit in a size 11 shoebox! Try putting that much in a size 5 shoe box!
I can't wait to see what size I'll wear in a few more years!

I must really be a mansion!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


...and I'm wondering - will it ever stop?!

Our sprinklers are off! Slow the Flow!
Happy Spring/Summer!