Sunday, June 28, 2009


You're probably wondering if this "Beaver Fever" is a mutation of the Swine Flu!

All I can tell you is it takes place in Beaver, Utah every other year to a select few.

What are the symptoms, you ask? Here are a few for you to ponder and avoid at all costs, unless you're the type who likes to have fun!

First you eat until you're stuffed.

Then there's singing, with actions!

You want to watch a magic Show!

Bubble Blowing is another symptom...

...along with wanting to share your talent!

You play games in the hot sun until everyone is laughing or someone gets hurt...

when Uncle Dave does some strategizing!
Four wheelers is your vehicle of choice...unless...

there's a golf cart driven by a 10 year old!

If you're small, you'll want a ride in the bike cart
so you can go to sleep.
Who are these people with the fever?

Take a look, but look fast, they're a sickly bunch!

Clint and Lynette aka Mom and Dad/Grandpa and Grandma
They'll be celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss this year!

Andy & Connie and Family

Pat (without his fam)
Laura & Bob and Fam

Tom & Heather (without fam)

Ted & Patty (without fam)

Doug & Gin and fam

In another 2 years, the fever will return. People will look different, there will be more who will have it, and we'll all be happy!

It was a fun reunion!


wendy said...

I LOVE IT. Family get togethers, reunions. they are the best. I love the photos --what a crew eh. sorry I haven't been bloggin much lately, I will do better.

gigi said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I think I like the every two years better than every year. Sounds like a good plan. Great pictures of your fun family.

Jill Kaufusi said...

Diarrhea is a symptom, too.

Connie said...

Jill...that's the reason you stay away from Beaver! Sorry you couldn't come! :-)

Kazzy said...

Looks like a blast! I love those big get-togethers.

Dave has some interesting strategies, huh?

Small House said...

Looks like it was a great Family Reunion! Lot's of fun things going on!


Ann Marie said...

Fun in beaver? Who knew? J/K...

My Best friend Monica lives in Fillmore and I'm down their quite often. I actually like that place alot. :)

~ And you could pretty much be anywhere for family reunions.. it's all about being together right??

Cute pictures!

Cherie said...

That looks like about the most fun fever around - I want me a fever like that!!

Looks like you won the family Lottery Connie - Way cute and Way fun!! I LOVE your big family!!

The picture of the 2 darling girls asleep from exhaustion is precious!!

Yvonne said...

I LOVE FAMILY REUNIONS--they are the best. It is always so much fun to get together with family. It looks like everyone had a ball.

What a great group.