Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is a picture of Andy and my Dad during the awesome "Hawaiian Get-a-way" Father's Day party! We had this party in honor of my Dad, Bill Travis. I couldn't have asked for anyone better (for a father or a guest of honor) .

He is a patient, kind, hard-working, honest, generous, witty, and fun Dad and Grandpa!

I married someone with the same qualities! (lucky me!)

Happy Father's Day to both my Dad and Andy!

Here are a few highlights of the party. You won't see any coconut bras, sorry. We used them for the bonfire. Candice, getting caught eating the mango salsa before anyone showed up. And double dipped like crazy! Luckily no one caught that part on film. Yum!

My sis, Nancy, and my Mom.

The beginning of the hula hoop contest! Em and Cyrus know how to do it! Prizes were given to the winners. Emily won and chose a magnet with a hawaiian, hula girl. She returned it to me, asking to choose another prize because the girl on the magnet was immodest! Good for you, Em!

And bad for me for having an immodest magnet as an option.

Speaking of hula experts, Jill had some great moves. Too bad I couldn't capture all of them on film! I think it's the shoes! They make some people angry.

Ashley showed us a thing or two.

So did Lisa! Like how to hula hoop without it even touching your body!

Next was the limbo contest. Vili's a natural! And Nancy and I did our best to choke him with the limbo bar.

But Em got the lowest. Is this called cheating?

Troy shows that you don't need to do the limbo or hula-hoop to have a good time. An uncle with a bald head and a full beard will bring a smile to your face.
It wouldn't be Father's Day without a song, composed (on the spot, mind you) and sung by a 6 year old.

The party was fun which makes it hard to say good-bye. But we all parted our separate ways - except for the flamingo, which had a good grip on Keiti's lips.



Kazzy said...

How fun! What a crowd you all make! A lot of hula hoopers too in your family.

Was Candice hosting? Because if she was, then I say she can taste test as much of the food as she wants. One of the perks, you know!

jill langston kaufusi said...

Great party! too bad i look like a FREAK!

gigi said...

What a great time yall had. Haven't been to a luau in a long time. I tried hula hooping not to long ago and I could do it any more. I was mad.

Connie said...

Jill, I wish I looked as Freakish as you!

Yvonne said...

What a fun party--looks like everyone had a great time.

Hope the men in your life had a great Father's Day.

KC said...

I feel bad I missed it. We don't see each other enough, in my opinion, and I hate to miss gatherings! Maybe the "not a homecoming" homecoming! Love the pictures!

Valerie said...

Sounds like a great time! And what a cute story about your grand daughter.

gigi said...

Connie, can I have your email address? I'm always wanting to answer you back on something and have to come back to a post to do it. mine is

About the Artichoke bread, I didn't even use the Mozzarella cheese because I didn't think it needed it. It was wonderful, everyone loved it. If you like artichokes you'll love it.

Also, about the chicken you put up in pint jars. What kind of chicken did you use? Was it boneless?