Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've been reminiscing today.
When I was first married, I worked in the office of a trucking company and, to put it bluntly, I absolutely hated it! I quit that job and worked at the University of Utah Hospital in the Physicians Billing Office. I really enjoyed that job and that's where I met my good friend, Noreta Staniszewski. She was very kind and patient as she trained me in my new job. It was later that I realized what a smart, creative, and compassionate person she is. Many of the women working in the office were newly married with no children and with husbands going to school. Noreta would organize a "craft night" where we'd get together on an evening at someone's home and make something that would be treasured for years to come. (Since I'm all thumbs, she would end up helping me with most of my projects) I quit the job at the U to have my twins and shortly after that, moved to Arizona. Noreta and I kept in touch for the 4 years I lived in Arizona. When we moved back to Utah, the craft nights continued with the ladies from work. Noreta and I would have lunch once a month. She always gave wonderful gifts - birthdays, baby, Christmas, or just because. The gifts were ALWAYS homemade and ALWAYS spectacular and greatly appreciated.

She served in her ward and stake in the Relief Society Presidency and was always busy. With her creative juices flowing, the activities were beyond compare when she was the person in charge.

She had breast cancer that spread throughout her body. Even when she was in excruciating pain, she served in the church and served her family and even served her friends.

11 years ago, on Memorial Day, she passed away. I was able to get from Meridian, Idaho, to her bedside in Salt Lake, just a few hours before she died.

I've just been thinking about her today with a smile on my face for all the great memories I have of her. I am more blessed because I knew her.

All these pictures on my post represent just a portion of the gifts she has made and given to me over the years.
I hope that I can be a friend that will be fondly remembered. I know for sure my friends won't have great gifts to help remember me.

Thanks for joining me in my reminiscing.


Joanie said...

Connie, You have given me some of my most favorite gifts to remind me of our friendship. Love the most recent picture, along with the ceramic tile about the road to a friend's home. You will be remembered.

Camille said...

If only we could record all the songs you sing and create! That would be something left behind to remind us of you... :)

Ann Marie said...

Oh.. This post was so touching!

How neat that she was such a giving and dear person to you..

I love that you got together with her so much, and were there for each other during special times..

All of those things are great treasures.. they remind you of her.. I love to have things surrounding me from people I love!

Your a song writer? Oooh. Talent!

Cherie said...

It is not often in life that you find a friend who is like that. And "like that" I mean giving and full of love and friendship without expecting anything back. She sounds like she was a wonderful person. How lovely that you can have things she made you to remember her by. I am sure she is smiling in heaven.

BTW I live in Meridian :D

Rachel said...

What a beautiful post...I literally have tears rolling down my face! It's so rare in life to meet such a "true friend", but it seems as if she was a remarkable woman. The gifts she made you are priceless--I am such a sentimental person and often cherish "homemade" gifts even more than those that are store bought. Thanks for sharing this story with everyone!

Valerie said...

Awww...friends are the best! Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of a dear friend.

gigi said...

Beautiful blessings of precious friendship. We should all be so lucky. You were blessed to have each other.

Kamee said...

I agree friends are the best!! You will always be a dear one too me!! Great post, I think you are amazing!!