Monday, August 29, 2011

Farmer's Market at Thanksgiving Point

 Being with my grandchildren makes me happy.
I like it when my kids invite me to go places with them and their children.  On Friday I was tending Keiti and Troy.  My daughter, Camille invited us to go to the Farmer's Market with her and her children.  My daughter, Candice and her kids were there too. 

Thanksgiving Point is a great place.  This water contraption was definitely a fun place for all the kids to play.  

When the levers are pulled, the water shoots up and out, soaking those who dare to get near it or those who are unsuspectingly walking by.  The kids couldn't get enough of the fun!  

It's a good thing it was a warm day because they were soaked!

We got 2 lemonades that were shared between 7 children and 3 adults.  Yes, we all used the same straw!  It's a good thing no one was sick (that we know of).  The kids reminded me of little birds as they gathered around the lemonade with mouths open to have a drink.  

Large ice cream cones were 50 cents.  Who needs teeth when you're eating ice cream? Certainly not Ad.

For some reason, it was funny to smear ice cream on the face!  Notice Kelsey's scraped nose.  Shortly after arriving at Thanksgiving Point she did a face plant.  There was so much blood we thought she had knocked out her teeth but you can see by her big smile that she still has 'em! (Yeah, we drew a lot of attention to ourselves while there)

You're probably wondering about the Farmer's Market.  By the time we finished smearing ice cream, sharing the same straw and getting everyone wet, the vendors had taken down their booths.  FYI, there were some beautiful fruits and vegetables there.  Some vendors sold jewelry, signs, pillow cases and snow cones.  The Farmer's Market is every Friday from 3 - 7.  If you're in the area you should stop by.  Tell them Connie sent you.  On second thought, keep that on the down low, you may be asked to leave!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My First Half Marathon!

Today I ran my FIRST half marathon!  

My daughter, Candice, and I got up early and drove to Mapleton Park where we loaded on buses that took us to the starting line.  I was concerned about Candice.  She is 5 months pregnant. She had decided she'd do a run/walk to get to the finish line. 

(Candice at mile 11)
The bus dropped us off an hour before the race started.  We stretched, walked, drank water, visited the port-a-potties and listened to instructions.  Then the gun went off and the race began.  I like that time when we're all trying to get to the start line.  That's the only time I'm shoulder to shoulder with those who run 7 minute miles!

Most of the time we were running downhill.  I found out that downhill running is hard on these old knees!  By the time I got to mile 6, I was feeling it, especially in my left knee.  It wasn't just stiff and tight, it was painful!  I kept praying it would hold up for me and it did. 
By the time we were running down main street heading to the finish line.  I was limp running.  You know how that is; push off hard with the right foot and a quick step with the left.  I'm sure those who were on the side lines watching will try that form of running next time they're in a race.  It was quite impressive!

(I was trying to be brave - I'm brave to post this picture)

I crossed the finish line at 2 hours 26 minutes and some seconds. 

Candice was a little bit longer.  She has decided she'd rather be towards the back of the pack, that way when she crosses the finish line, all the cheering is for her only!

I heard a joke about the guy who ran his first marathon.  He said, "Today I ran 2 marathons, my first AND my last!"  I have never run a full marathon but I think I could do another half...once my knee feels better.

When I picked up the packet at "The Runner's Corner" I heard a woman explain to another runner that the reason there's no shirt in the packet is because it is ONLY for finishers and we'd get it at the end of the race! I asked the person who gave me the packet if she could show me the finisher's shirt to see if it was worth finishing or not.   She didn't.  

What do you think?  Should I wear it to church?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Highlights

Believe me when I say that Julio wasn't the only one jumping for joy!

The wedding and reception were fun and wonderful but I'm so glad it's over! 

Here are a few pictures taken during the reception with my camera.  I sure hope the professional photographer captured more!

Jeanette and Julio's first dance.  

Jeanette with her Dad during their dance.

Miss Em and her Dad during the same dance.  It was opened up for all Dads and their daughters.

Keiti, Kels and C8 getting ready to do their own dancing.

They know how to get down and they had so much fun!

The cutting of the wedding

The feeding of the wedding cake.  In case you are wondering, they were nice to each other.  Cake went only in the mouth.

Scrambling for the bouquet.  It broke in half so that made two single ladies happy!

If any of you follow Tauna's blog, you'll recognize this fun photo board that she made for her son's wedding.  She actually loaned it to us!  Thanks Tauna, you're the best! It was so fun to see how people posed behind the board.  

Here's Dan & Nicole with a sideways shot.

Not sure who this is but she's working it.

Candice and Andy

This couple was married a week ago.

Julio's parents and the newlyweds.

Congratulations Jeanette and Julio! 

May you look forward to an eternity of wedded bliss!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


This is Kelsey.  She just turned 4!  Most 4-year-old girls love princesses and lots of birthday parties have princess themes but not many have an actual princess show up to the festival!

This is Rapunzel.  She came to Kelsey's birthday party!

 She talked to the little girls and the boys about her life in the tower. 

She played a hide and seek game with her lizard, Pascal.  A child would hide Pascal and another would find him.  All would sing the song she sang in the movie to get her hair to glow and as the finder got closer to the hiding spot, the group would sing louder.  The kids couldn't get enough of the game.

She posed for pictures with the guests.   C8's hair is the same color as Rapunzel's.

Here's the Corbanator learning how to "smoulder"!

Miss Em, Kelsey and Baby Aly get to hold Rapunzel's hair.  It is heavy, after all!

Here's the whole group!  Mr. Cy, on the left; being choked by baby Aly, knew the answers to all Rapunzel's questions about the movie.  I think Cy needs to play a little more football!  

Kelsey gives her party a big thumbs up!

It was a fun break from all the wedding planning.

  Thank you, Rapunzel! 
Happy Birthday, Kelsey!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Count Down!

Wow!  It has been a while since my last post.  In case you were wondering what I've been doing, I'll share tidbits of my past week and the week to come.

Between these little honeys that are being made in to jam and are still dropping on the ground...

...baking "gourmet" cookies for the reception....

...sewing table cloths and a dress for me that looks horrible!! ( I will be shopping for a dress this week)...

...helping my one-armed honey make back drops (painting, stringing lights and wrapping with fabric is my job)... for the Hobble Creek half marathon...

(google image, it really isn't me)

...and watching my favorite episodes of this...(is there such a thing?)

...there's no time for blogging!

The wedding is Saturday.  Did I mention there will be dancing at the reception?  Hopefully I'll be able to relax and enjoy watching "Julio's uncles" dance.

I don't think we'll be serving the kind of refreshments these guys are accustomed to.