Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wedding Highlights

Believe me when I say that Julio wasn't the only one jumping for joy!

The wedding and reception were fun and wonderful but I'm so glad it's over! 

Here are a few pictures taken during the reception with my camera.  I sure hope the professional photographer captured more!

Jeanette and Julio's first dance.  

Jeanette with her Dad during their dance.

Miss Em and her Dad during the same dance.  It was opened up for all Dads and their daughters.

Keiti, Kels and C8 getting ready to do their own dancing.

They know how to get down and they had so much fun!

The cutting of the wedding

The feeding of the wedding cake.  In case you are wondering, they were nice to each other.  Cake went only in the mouth.

Scrambling for the bouquet.  It broke in half so that made two single ladies happy!

If any of you follow Tauna's blog, you'll recognize this fun photo board that she made for her son's wedding.  She actually loaned it to us!  Thanks Tauna, you're the best! It was so fun to see how people posed behind the board.  

Here's Dan & Nicole with a sideways shot.

Not sure who this is but she's working it.

Candice and Andy

This couple was married a week ago.

Julio's parents and the newlyweds.

Congratulations Jeanette and Julio! 

May you look forward to an eternity of wedded bliss!


Kristina P. said...

I love that you got to reuse the photoboard!

I love her dress. If I were to do it all over again, I would totally go with a tea length dress.

Grams said...

I love, love, love the photo board. What a great idea! And that picture of the bride on the bench ... beautiful!

Valerie said...

Jeanette was soooo beautiful! And how nice of Tauna to let you use the fun photoboard.

Kerin said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful couple!
Very cute reception too :)
Now everyone can relax a bit :)

gigi said...

DARLING pictures, beautiful bride! Handsome groom and sweet family pictures! I just need more pics! I know you are so glad all that is over. Weddings are such work!!!!!!

Cherie said...

That first picture of Julio jumping just kind of sets the mood and looking at all the pictures I can see that this was a wonderful day for this happy couple!!

I LOVE the length of Jeanette's dress. My mother's wedding dress was that length and I always adored it. She looks stunning!!

That last picture is just a neat one - that little platform is cool that the wedding couples can stand on.

OHHHH and I love that you borrowed Tauna's wall - Now that was a great thing to do!!

I am so glad that the wedding turned out beautiful - Isn't it a great feeling to be done :-D

Joanie said...

Oh, I love that first photo of Julio jumping up in the air. Jeanette is such a beautiful bride. Love her dress, shoes, and the smile on her face.
Looking forward to seeing some more wedding photos and some family shots. Want to see you Connie!

Julie Harward said...

I can so relate to your comment that you were glad it was over! Having done so many myself, I know the feeling. I wondered how Tauna did I see, very cool! Love the brides dress..looks like they were having a wonderful time! :D

Valerie said...

Love those pictures! Love Jeanette's dress! Just love it all! :)
And I think that Julio is gonna fit in with the Langston clan just fine. What a funny guy!!! :)
I'm sorry we left before the dancing...I'm sure we missed out!

Kelly said...

Love the wedding photos. I was curious about all the projects you had been working on. I'd like to see those sometime please. The couple sure looks happy. Now you can take a deep breath.

Yvonne said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I was just sitting here wondering how everything went and voila--here is your post.

Everything looks wonderful. After looking at the pictures it is obvious that Julio will fit right into your family. He looks like such a fun-loving guy--just like all of you.

Your daughter looks absolutely gorgeous. Love, love, love her dress.

That is so fun that you borrowed Tauna's photo board. I think that is such a fun idea.

peggy said...

Happiness pictures! Love em!

Barbaloot said...

I loved Tauna's photo board---that's awesome you used it as well:)

Those little flower girl dresses are super cute!

Doran & Jody said...

Just FABulous!!

Camille said...

it WAS a wonderful party - great cookies, fun dancing, beautiful dresses, gorgeous bride, great cookies... You really did a lot of work on this wedding/reception!! Looks like it paid off!

wendy said...

Congrats to the couple, and I love your photos.
How cool......... I LOVE that her dress is short. How cute is that.
and yellow is my favorite color
and the photo board is such an amazing idea.
Too bad my kids are all married, I would have done that (well, I take that back, I am glad they are finally all married....tee,hee)
Maybe for the grandkids eh. Dear Connie. You are grey like Claudie and just as beautiful. NOT OLD looking silly girl.

Lesa said...

I love the dress! She is beautiful.

karen said...

I loved that first shot of Julio jumping - perfect intro! What a fun and beautiful wedding it looked like it was! I really like the bride's dress - something a little different and unique. Can you rest up now?

Grandma Honey said...

First of all, I am LOVING the creative pictures. The jumping for joy one will be a classic for them all of their lives...for sure. And those dresses on the flower girls are DARLING....really cute! Love the colors...I have not seen yellow used at a wedding reception in years, probably decades...which makes it all the more special. Hope you share more pictures with us!

Nancy Face said...

Oh, so wonderful! I especially love the first and last shots!

The photo board is such a fun, amazing it!

Tracy said...

You've been a busy woman!! It's been fun to catch up on your blog. I LOVE your daughter's wedding dress...charming!!!

The day looked beautiful, right along with the happy couple!!


Garden of Egan said...

Whew! Aren't you so glad that's over? And that it went so great?
And that you have time to pass out for a minute?
She is so beautiful. I love the dress.
He looks absolutely perfect.

How many do you have left at home?

Cute to see what others did for poses with the photo board. People kinda relax and get crazy.
So fun.

Uh, still can't decide if I'm going to share the apricot jam or not.
(probably not)

Natalie said...

That's quit the jump. It is such a joyful picture.

The bride is just beautiful as is her dress.

Everything turned out so great. I am glad. How about a picture of you? We want to see how beautiful you looked too.

The little girls are darling and the dresses turned out so cute.

What a wonderful day.

Kimmie said...

First off, that sweet hubby of yours has such an awesome smile!! Love the smile on his face as he dances. I bet he makes you melt every day of your life when he smiles at you!

LOVE your daughters short wedding is SO adorable! The photo of them at the bottom, looking at the temple is amazing!

I want to have a photo of me and my hubby and kids, holding hands and looking at the temple like that and have it framed and hung on my wall.

YAY, that you get to relax and enjoy life a little before school starts after ALL of your HARD WORK you did with the wedding planning!!

You are one amazing, awesome and inspiring lady and I look up to you SO much!!

I've sure missed you and hope to be in touch better. It's been a hectic summer, but life is just about to slow down in another week.

I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend!!!

JennyLynn said...

That photo board is such a clever idea. Filing it away for future use.

I love how cute her dress is.

Rebecca said...

Well, I'm not original at all. I wanted to say how much I love the length of her dress, but everyone else beat me to it! It's so pretty!

Laura@livingabigstory said...

I absolutely ADORE that photo board! I'm going to have to remember that!

M-Cat said...

Love it, love it, love it all! Her dress, the colors, the cake, the photoboard, every last bit of it!! Maybe I'll have to hit Tauna up to borrow it for the wedding we have in October...

Valerie said...

Ahhh! Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple! Congrats on getting it all finished! Of course, I'm scouring the pictures, looking for ideas. I love Tauna's photo board....I wonder if we're clever enough to construct something like that...maybe I can get my hubby Max to get busy building while he's home this weekend.
Best of luck to your daughter and her new hubby! (PS...I LOVE that she wore a tea length gown. So did I--all those years ago -- and I think they are soooo pretty!!)

Jeanette said...

Mom, you've got quite the support system here. I didn't realize! But thank you for the beautiful post and Julio says you look GOOOD in your pictures on this blog. Thank you for providing such a wonderful wedding!
<3 Jeanette