Friday, June 5, 2009

Field Trip

Here I go...another trip down memory lane.
I went up north to see my parents and along the way, decided to stop in the old neighborhoods to see how things have changed. The first place I stopped was at my grandparent's home. I pulled up front and saw 2 men out front. I asked if it was OK for me to take a picture of the house since it used to be my grandparents. One man asked me who my grandparents were and when I told him, he said, "That's right!" Turns out the man used to live next door. This house brings back memories of cousins, Christmas eve parties, the smell of dilled green beans, a collie and 2 special grandparents.

A mile away is the home where I grew up. This was a World War II house that was moved to this location back in 1954. It was remodeled and bricked and cost $9,000.00! I lived here until I was married. My parents lived in it until 1994. This brings back many fond memories. Just a few are: my awesome family; mom, dad, brother, and sister; the water tank (where we threw rocks just to hear the ping sound) that was across the street and up the hill, sledding down that hill in the winter, the large garden and the big swing set in the back yard, going on picnics with red Kool-aid in a glass mason jar, my good friends, the many pets we owned, the delicious food my mom made, I could go on and on.

I stopped by the house where we had lived for 15 years and raised our children. It's for sale and very neglected! What an eyesore! It was devastating to see it in this condition. The real estate ad calls it a "handyman's dream" and I'd say it's a dream (nightmare) inside and out!

I was afraid to walk in the grass for fear of getting bit by something lurking there. The cat seemed to enjoy the over-grown jungle. This brings back many memories of children, husband, friends, neighbors, learning to me a mom, remodeling, scraping by financially, and saying goodbye as we embarked on new adventures.

When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn't the old home you missed, but your childhood. -Sam Ewing


gigi said...

I agree with Sam!

I know that must have been sad for you to see your old home in that condition. People are so destructive sometimes.

I love old pictures and the great memories that come with them.

Have a great weekend!

Small House said...

I've enjoyed reading your last two posts. Fun to visit where you lived for so many years. I bet it was a little heart breaking to find a home that you loved to be so ran down. But I can tell it really is a beautifuil home.

The reminisce post made me get a little teary. What a great friend you had. It's not often you are lucky enough to meet somone like that.

Have a great day

Ann Marie said...

I loved this post!

I am so connected with homes..
After reading many of my family histories, I went out many sundays on drives to seek those homes.

Some were still standing, and some were not. It was interesting.. I went out to the place where the old hill home was ( that is pictured on the header of my blog ) and HUGE condo's were in the place of it. I stood there and the wind blew, and I felt a reverance just being on the property... for real.

It's hard for me to drive by my home I grew up in.. it's changed so much.. and I long to be there and see it how it was then.. the memories..

OK.. That moulding above the door on the last picture.. It's a good thing I don't know the address or it would be GONE! LOVE it!!

Cherie said...

I can totally relate to this.

We have found a few former homes in the past years and some have looked good and been well cared for, and others were so sad.

It is totally the memories that happened in a place that you miss!

This was a fun trip down your memory lane.

Camille said...

Was that Blackie in the backyard? What a sad sight to see of the Roy home. They even painted over the Green Jade door! Blasphemers!

Kazzy said...

Things always look so different years later! Sorry that house was a disaster. Some Langston spirit is all it needs! Your other places look great though!

KC said...

I LOVED seeing those pictures. Sorry about the Roy house. Guess it's a good thing that your family wasn't the ones that turned it that way! I miss Grandma & Grandpa's old house!

wendy said...

That last comment is so true --by Sam (the saying, not comment really) Anyway, nothing more precious then the memories we keep eh. YOU ARE SO FUNNY telling me not to worry about the bears as long as I can run faster then my sister. GOOD POINT!! If I can stick a carrot up her nose, I can surely feed her to the bears, (tee,hee) I'll check up on you when I get back my friend.

Nancy said...

I LOVED the pictures! What a great idea. I'm glad our old house is still in good shape. What a shame to see your house in Roy in such terrible shape. Isn't Andy a "handyman"? It would be a great investment! :)

Valerie said...

Great pictures! Great memories! It's always fun to go back and reminisce. (I had to go check the spelling on that last word! I already have one typo on your blog!:)

Nana said...

That's funny, my daughter and I drove past the house we lived in for 13 yrs. It was awful!! It made me heart sick to see such a mess. I have such good memories of that house and now... it looks like we never even lived there.

debbi said...

Connie...I received your letter today and was excited to hear about everyone. What a beautiful growing family you have! Oh your home in Roy we have seen people come and people go and the house has gone down..down..down, so now when we drive by we turn our heads so as NOT TO SEE!!! It's so sad. We are still here as you well know but not so many of us left. so it is very sad to think of all the good ole days and sometimes I do quite long for them...but they are very hard to find!? Since you children read and post I would like to share a few memories...Oh Daniel Nicole and Megan loved it when you would draw and sketch for them; when you babysat. Daniel I'll never forget when Nicole was riding her bike down in front of your house and she started into a seizure and you grabbed(sp) her and put her on the grass so she didn't get hurt...what a "hero". Jill Megan still remembers her friendship with you and she has often asked so it will be good to tell her about the blog so she can read things you have been up to. Candice and Camille when you moved we lost our babysitters...and we really haven't found anyone since...can you come home know? Megan has two little boys, wyatt is 6 and very computer smart, reding second grade level just getting out of Kindergarten and has been able to show me how to work all of alan's "Remotes" to watch a DVD or TV. Austin is 2 and the complete opposite rolls, kicks, fights, calls all of us "Baby" that's his angry word, and sprays bathroom spray at you if he can get his hands on it! So e do need a tender. I have to color my hair Connie...I'm too-o afraid!! You all look great and your lives sound wonderful. Love to hear from you...take care Love Debbi

gigi said...

I don't have your e-mail so I'm responding to your library comment here :)

Thanks for that comment. I'm not sure if you know or not but I rotate keeping the Grand~girls with the other grandmother. This week I'll keep them M-W-F and next week I'll keep them Tu. & Thursday and so on. It works out pretty good and keeps them out of all day daycare. It's hard work. During the school year they go to a pre school from 9-1:00 M thru Friday. But during the summer it's all day long and I can't stand sitting around the house with a 4 and 2 year old. They will drive me crazy, so we keep on the go and I'm always looking for fun, free places to take them. We go to the park a lot and the beach of course. I did get us a annual Water Park ticket and that helps too. I love the library and so do they. And it's air conditioned! We even check out the movies from there. Why not it's free!
You have a marvelous day dah-ling!
Sunshine and smiles.