Friday, July 17, 2009

Trampoline Fun!

We were looking at some different options for our car and home insurance. I talked to an agent on the phone as he asked about our home:
"Do you have a pool in your yard?"

"Do you have a trampoline in your yard?"

"Yes..." I said reluctantly, wondering what that bit of information will do to our insurance premiums. Is having a trampoline in the yard really a threat to others?
As you can see by the pictures below, we take great precautions!

Where else will you see children jumping while wearing bicycle helmets?

One at a time...that's our motto!

Look how much fun they have with "projectile" jumping!

Pay no attention to the "Trampoline Monster" lying in wait to project an unsuspecting child in to the air! (pay no attention to the garbage surrounding the trampoline)

It IS in the back of a fenced yard! The neighbors can't get in to use it unless invited!

I'm sure we'll be just fine!

Do you have any hair-raising trampoline stories? Should I take this contraption a bit more seriously?



Did the trampoline monster come with the trampoline? I need to get one so the kids can play while I'm napping during the day.

Anonymous said...

Looks like loads of fun!

Valerie said...

Funny! And who are the dare devils jumping off the roof? Do tell...

Camille said...

Adalyn was very concerned about Tom jumping off the roof - "because he is soooo handsome"! You don't want to ruin a beautiful face! :) (especially if you're not insured)

Connie said...

Valerie, the daredevils are Tom and Kyler. That wasn't the only time they jumped off the roof that day! These boys need to get a life! Jacob did it but it took him a while to get up his nerve - we all dozed off waiting for him.

Cherie said...

Those pictures are so cute and the last ones made me laugh!
We have always had a trampoline too. My kids now jump of of the top of the swingset onto the tramp. What do you do?
Every once in awhile you hear some horrific story.
I am hoping it is like anything else. Take some precautions and hope for the best???

Kazzy said...

Can my precious little ones come play at your house? I couldn't pay my hubby to have a tramp here. But maybe once the grandkids come he will loosen up a bit!

Sondra said...

Oh my! Jumping off the roof? More then one person jumping at a time? Jumping on other people? Holy Cow! I don't have a trampoline - I am sure I'd be a nervous reck. You are soooo funny that you just take it in stride - with humor. I loved how you started with the insurance guy... Hmmmmm Fun-Ny AND a bit scary! I'm sure your house is the place to be and have the time of your life!

gigi said...

We had a tramp when our boys were young. They provide a lot of fun good times. I think about getting another one sometimes but it is such a chance you take. My oldest did get thrown off on top of his head and jammed his neck pretty seriously but then doesn't playing football do the same thing?? So far the two GRANS just jump on the bed when they can get away with it. :)

Barbaloot said...

Just keep the tramp away from any porch or roof line. My brothers and I used to jump off our porch onto the tramp. So much fun! They don't do it anymore cuz they think they'll hit the ground---but I still love to do it!

Yvonne said...

We love our trampoline. We've had one (not the same one) for over 18 years and have never had a problem--even though we have had some jump pretty high.