Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Wanna Talk About Me!

Sondra from "Happy Clean Living", gave me a kind award!  Sondra is an amazing lady.  Her blog is filled with recipes, ideas for primary teachers, food storage ideas, cleaning and organization tips and her family life!  You should go visit her.

I'm supposed to tell 7 things about myself.  Since I'm rather boring, you can go visit Sondra or Pioneer Woman during this post and come back for my next one.


1. I have an aversion to swearing.  Don't like hearing it or using it.  I prefer my vernacular to be more intelligent, such as, "poo knuckles!"

2.  When I sleep, I have to have a fan blowing on me and a blanket or the sheet up over my ears!  That may have come from having 8 different babies crying in the night and trying to muffle the sound so I could sleep!

3.  In the past, whenever I'd have the day off of work, I'd clean the house or finish a project.  Now, I blog!  (What a waste)

4. I'm a more patient grandmother than I was a mother.  Perhaps it has something to do with not having the grandkids 24/7 for 19 (or so) years!

5.  I enjoy laughing.  I don't laugh alot, it takes something really funny to get me to laugh.  (And usually it's just funny to me)  I smile a lot and if something's funny then I'll say, with a chuckle, "Oh, that's funny!"  But a really good belly laugh is an anomaly.

6.  I love freckles!  My hubs has freckles and so do all my children.  I think it makes people look more youthful and fun!  However, when I was a child, we  lived next door to a family whose kids had red hair and freckles and they were MEAN!  I'll blog about that one day.
I'll not think of those rotten, evil kids when I think of freckles.

7.  I have a sweet tooth!  I keep blaming my weight gain on an inactive thyroid while I'm eating the 3rd sugar cookie!   I think I'll go have it checked anyway, just in case!

If you're still with me, I thank you and wish I could tell you about all the hair-raising adventures I've had, the dresses I've designed, the famous people I've tutored and the royalty in my blood, but I'd be lying!

I'm supposed to pass this on to 7 people, but, I won't.  I'd love to learn more about each of you, so I will pass this to everyone who wants to do it!

Thanks. Sondra, for thinking of me!


Julie Harward said...

Loved learning about you! We are a lot alike...same on every one except I don't sleep with a fan on me...but my daughter does! LOL Too cool! Come say hi sometime :D

Valerie said...

Wow! I'm the same on all of them. I love sleeping with a fan while under a blanket, but unfortunately my husband hates it. I had a really great, uncontrollable laugh today and my children just stared at me not knowing what was so funny. I love those laughs. It feels so good.

Congrats on the award. Hopefully I can come up with 7 things that I haven't already talked about on my blog since Sondra passed it to me too. It's so hard.

Garden of Egan said...

Loved reading more about you. I think if we hung out I would have you belly laughing.....if not....well, I'd hold you down and tickle you.
Hope the thyroid test comes back abnormal so you have an excuse......I hope that everytime I get mine checked.

Cherie said...

I think you are the cutest ever! Is that the secret to being a mom of 8? Sleeping under the covers with the fan on - I loved that!

It was fun to get to know more about you and you definately are a beautiful person with a beautiful blog.

Kristina P. said...

I do that same weird sleeping with the fan thing.

BTW, Camille told me you are nervous about coming to the Sassy GNO. You should come! You would have a blast, I'm sure there are plenty of women with gray hair who will be there. :)

Joanie said...

Sorry Connie,
no fans, freckles, or sweets in China. You still want to come.

Joanie said...

But we will have lots to laugh about.

Camille said...

poo knuckles isnt a swear word? Oh thank goodness! I'll have to use it more often. That and "shoot a pickle". :)

Tracy said...

I LOVED this post!! I can feel your personality right through my monitor!!


Thanks for sharing!! :-)

Ann Marie said...

I know you may not like to share things about you.. but I LOVE it.
It's the quirky things that we all do that "bind" us together right?

I have many of the same "things" you do.. even the fan.. and the blankets.. ha-ha..

Your blog is fun.. and apparently lots of others think so too! :)

linda said...

Wow, we have so much in common, except I'm not a grandma yet and I don't sleep with a fan. I do blame everything on a slow functioning thyroid though!

Congrats on the well deserved award!

Sharon said...

If you need a good laugh. Watch "Old Dogs" - it was silly old humor. My husband laughed so hard he had tears!

Kazzy said...

Fun to hear about your sleeping habits. And your aversion to swearing... I will try and get better.

I am a freckle fan. :)

vanessa said...

Oh how funny, I finally was able to stop the fan thing! But I bet someday it will come back! ;)

Yvonne said...

I feel the same way about swearing, am definitely a more patient grandmother, have a sweet tooth, and love to laugh.

You definitely deserve the award.

Hope you have a great day.

Darla Adams said...

Connie, you forgot your unique ability to juggle - you are always doing 20 things at once and with a smile. You always have time to visit with a friend and in the midst of adversity you find the silver lining! Leaps tall buildings comes to mind. You’re great! Congratulations on the blogging award!

Life is good! said...

cute. it's fun getting to learn more about my blogging buddies. thanks!

Heffalump said...

I rarely laugh out loud either. I smile, and sometimes chuckle a little. I think if I learned to belly laugh more I would have better abs!

wendy said...

Tauna gave me same is on my new post.
good things to learn about you.
I always like finding out the nitty gritty.

kanishk said...

Congrats on the award. Hopefully I can come up with 7 things that I haven't already talked about on my blog since Sondra passed it to me too. It's so hard.
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Jenny said...

you deserve that award! I enjoyed reading all about you.

I knew a couple of really mean Red Heads my self growing up.

Valerie said...

Poo knuckles is a fabulous word!!

I enjoyed getting to know you a little more!