Saturday, June 19, 2010

Paradise and Chinese Cuisine

If someone was to ask you your definition of Paradise, how would you describe it?
This is Oscar. He's 28, single, an only child, majored in English, and was our tour guide for 3 days in Beijing. Our tours were filled with stories, jokes and philosophies. 

He told us his definition of Paradise:

American Salary
UK House
Russian Wife
Chinese Cuisine

I can understand why he'd think an American salary would be paradise when he made only $30.00 a day as a tour guide, and that was a good salary.  I don't know anything about the houses in UK or the women in Russia - but I have tasted Chinese cuisine.

Let me show you just some of the chinese food I was able to eat.

Noodles with pork.  Not sure what part of the pork was used but it was delicious!  Lorie got the same thing only with egg.  The eggs looked just like the pork, in the brown oil but it had roundish morsels.  She found out after she ate it that it could have been termite or ant eggs.  She said that it tasted good anyway.

Donkey.  It was seasoned well and I had only a small portion, but it tasted fine...kinda like chicken!

Chicken feet...did NOT taste like chicken!

Wonton soup.  It tasted good, especially with cilantro.  Then I noticed the large pieces of "rice" had eyes.  Those little shrimps are a delicacy, or so I've been told.  All I know is I tasted them all day!

Peking Duck - it was good, especially wrapped in a wonton skin.

The ever popular rice dish.  It tasted yummy!

Noodles with tomato and eggs - chicken eggs, I think!

Steamed pork dumpling - tasty!

Lily Bulbs - interesting but good. 

Watermelon was served at almost every meal.  It was the sweetest I've tasted.  I love the presentation of all the dishes.
Last, but not least, are some foods available for consumption - but, my daring spirit must have been spirited away.  I had NO desire to eat that! (click on the picture to read what this is.)

So whaddyathink?  Would you include Chinese food in your definition of paradise?


Kristina P. said...

On one of my trips to NYC, my friend and went to China town and ate at an authentic Chinese restaurant. You know, the kind with pigs hanging from the windows. This was no PF Changs.

It was just so different from what I was used to Americanized Chinese food tasting like, that I just didn't really like it.

Garden of Egan said...

Chicken feet? Really?
I think I'm going to be ill.

Most of the food looked very delicious!
I'm sure the donkey tasted reDONKulous!

I'm curious to know why he wanted a Russian wife. In the movies they are scary looking. You should have asked him.

I would love to taste the the pretty long veggies in the picture. What were they?
Yum watermelon!!! My favorite food in the world.

Kerin said...

I'm too much of a fraidy-cat to try those foods!!
No matter how hard I pinched my nose or squeezed my eyes shut, I would still be THINKING what it was I had just put in my mouth!!
I would include Italian food in my definition of paradise though :)
You certainly made some lasting memories and had some once in a lifetime experiences!
Have a great weekend!!!

Kelly said...

Gotta love the bugs on sticks in Asia!

Cherie said...

Beetles and centipedes?? "sSsSSHhhuudddeerrrrr"
I really hope to visit China one day but I may have to pack my own food - beef jerky and dehydrated stuff - ha ha.
I don't think I could handle dishes with eyeballs or donkeys. You are brave.
My husband had to go to china for a few weeks for work a few years ago. The people he was working with in China would set up these elaborate dinners for him as an honor SO he had to eat or it would have been rude. He sent me some pics of things he ate and I about gagged.
As far as your tour guide he grew up eating and appreciating. Makes me wonder if he would think American food was gross?

Tracy said...

No way, absolutely not would Chinese food be in my definition of paradise!! Now eating anything I wanted without gaining weight would be in my definition of paradise!! ;-)

Thanks for sharing your "so very interesting" trip with us!! EXCITING!

gigi said...

I would starve to death over there! I've never been crazy about Chinese food. You are a brave woman!

Nana said...

Rice with eyes I usually throw away. I don't think I could handle real Chinese food. I love American Chinese food. Did the chicken feet taste like feet?

Oh Lord help me if I had to actually eat worms.

Yvonne said...

We were served lots of fruit, too--watermelon and pineapple.

I passed on the scorpions and beetles--I don't think I will EVER eat it, but I guess I shouldn't say that because maybe if I was starving???

We all have a different definition of paradise, don't we.

Heffalump said...

I think I would lose weight in China!

Doran & Jody said...

Oh scuse me while I go frow up!

My brother went over there and sent a picture of his dinner one time. It was a whole chicken head with it's little eye balls and ear wax still in there.

HURL!! If I get sent on a mission to a country where I have to eat any of this or Seafood, I may die of starvation.

Hmm, would I be considered as a martyr?

Brenda said...

Well...not quite paradise to me...this doesn't sound like my Panda Express menu!!! I just don't know about all those weird chicken feet and eyes looking at me in my soup. You are a BRAVE woman! And I really feel that not trying "creatures on a stick" just means you are SMART!

Kazzy said...

I don't care how hungry I am, I am not eating centipede on a stick. What the...

Valerie said...

You weren't up for a nice, tasty silk worm?
I think you were much braver than I would have been, chicken feet? Um, no thanks...
I think I am more a fan of Americanized Chinese Food. :)

Jenny said...

I love wanton soup! Although I don't remember the shrimp with eyes.

My young womens president when I was growing up was from Japan. We always ate amazing dishes when we went to her house. She taught me how to use chop sticks and how to try new dishes. I had octopus once because of her. ( did not care for it)