Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love Your Body Race!

Arriving early in the cool morning, wearing shirts from the past because the LYB shirts were too small for all of us,  we stretched and joked about how the race would finish for each of us.  We all had our iPods and headphones because we knew we wouldn't stay together.  We joked that Candice, with pulled ligaments in her foot, had mellow and heart wrenching songs on her iPod that would prevent her from moving too fast, such as "Wind Beneath My Wings", and "Mandy". We figured she'd have a single tear coursing down her cheek as she stepped across the finish line. 
I predicted that I'd cross first then run back to get everyone else.  They all laughed and thought it was a joke!  It was!
Kurt Bestor, who did a good job keeping 1800 women behind the starting line, told us when to go...and we were off! (Kurt's Christmas CD was in our goody bag at the end of the race!)
Shot U Photography was there taking pictures.  I have posted the pictures in the order of how the 4 of us finished the race. 

This is Jeanette on the left, 24 years old, student at the U, booking it up the hill.  She came in first in her age group!  Go, Jeanette!

Next to cross the finish line is Candice, (in the gray pants) mother of 4, with pulled ligaments in her foot.  She had more than mellow music on that iPod!  She's so competetive!

Camille, single mom of 2, and one of the Chevy Moms, crossed the finish line next!  By the way, you can catch Camille on Channel 2 early morning news on Monday.

Last is the best of all the game, right?   I really hesitated posting this picture, but I guess that's how I look during a race.  I've decided that the shirts from LYB races won't ever fit me.  It's a good thing they were long sleeved this year, I just tied it around my waist.

 OK, so I was slow BUT I jogged all the way, without walking (well maybe 40 steps were walking steps)! There were 50 women in my age group and I was 4th!  I think all the others were walkers.
My co-worker gave me one of these Emergen-C packets to mix in water.  Do you think that's what kept me going or is that what made me jog slowly? 

Came home and worked in the yard. We have 3 apple trees in our back yard.  One Red Delicious, one Roman Beauty and one Golden Delicious.  We picked ALL the apples this afternoon.  This is what we got off the Red and Rome trees.  THAT'S IT!!  5 APPLES!

This was the harvest from the Golden.  11 buckets!  That doesn't count the 8 buckets of unacceptable apples we picked up off the ground today or the ones that the birds and worms devoured.   

Loaded some of them in the back of Bessie and spent 3 hours delivering them to family.

I'm tired tonight but thinking of running another 5K soon and picking up the pace.  Any suggestions?


Heffalump said...

Wow! I admire you for even participating in a race. I can't believe you had the energy to pick apples after that!

Kristina P. said...

I love that you guys run as a family.

Valerie said...

Congrats to all of you for finishing!

Kerin said...

Way to go !!! All of you !
Love all the apples that you were able to harvest!
I'm sure that they were a well received treat for those that you delivered them to :)

Valerie said...

Wow! And I thought I had a tiring weekend! :)
So awesome that you and your girls run together. You all look great!!!

KC said...

Good job on the race! I needed to run yesterday...just didn't get there!

Teachinfourth said...

Anybody that runs on purpose is a hero in my book…or crazy. said...

I also admire you for even running. Great job! and what a wonderful harvest of green apples. Sorry about the red ones, what a rip off. Maybe next year.

Keep up the good work.


Yvonne said...

Good job. I had to laugh about the shirts being too small. When I did my physio run last May, I was shocked when I got the shirt. My thought, "You have got to be kidding"

4th is wonderful--maybe one day I'll come in 4th ; )

And after running and apple picking, of course you are tired. But, I bet it was a good tired, eh ; )

Have a fantastic day.

Kazzy said...

You are incredible! I am proud of you for your attention to your physical health. Awesome!

Doran & Jody said...

You go girl!
I wanted to run this race but the chance to hike Mt. Timp won out and you know what? We didn't even hike. The weather was bad when we were in the area on Tuesday so we headed to California. We got back Sat afternoon but I woundn't change our trip.

Maybe next year I can come down and bring my SLOW music to run with you.....wait, I don't listen to music anymore.

Valerie said...

You ran a race, with a smile on your face, and THEN did yard work? Wow! You 'da woman! Good job!!

Kurt Bestor's a nice guy, eh? Sending you off on a race? (His sister is my next-door neighbor!)

wendy said...

I suggest you REST for a moment.

congrats!!!! I think it is wonderful that you even did it. I'd be one of the walkers. I could walk a 5K.

Kurt Bestor's music is awesome.

you are awesome.

wendy said...

Oh, and btw, when I lived in West Jordan we had an apple tree that was the bain of my existence. I was constantly picking up wormy icky apples off the lawn. If it weren't for the gorgeous blossoms in the spring, I'd have cut the sucker down.

I am not into apples.

Garden of Egan said...

Sheesh! You run a race and then pic apples. YOU are a slavedriver.
Speaking of driver I've been meaning to talk to you about Camillie's car.
You should write her out a check for it.
Thanks, I knew you would understand.

Hey way to be the HOT runner!!!

Gerb said...

First off, thanks for stopping by my blog AND leaving a comment. Just for that you ROCK in my book. But after browsing your blog I want to be your biggest fan. What do you say? Can you teach me your tricks to being an awesome mom?

Camille said...

Seriously - since I spent the entire race BEHIND you - you kept your feet running/jogging the whole time! I was very impressed!

Tracy said...

Holy Cow Woman!! You are simply amazing...4th place and still going!! You go girl!!!

Cherie said...

You just rock all over the place Connie! You inspire me :-D

karen said...

I so admire anyone who enters a race! Good for you - and I think you look fabulous! You go, girl!