Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

Saturday was a day of Sports for a couple of my grands.  
Here's Mr Cy, he's in 1st grade and plays tackle football.  
You can tell he has the eye of the tiger or is it the kitten! He's not very aggressive right now but he's learning.

Of course, when there's a game, I like to take the camera to get some pics of the action. Just look at that handsome boy ready to rumble!

Miss Em had a volleyball game on the same day.  She's got her serve down and made several points for her team.

I made sure I snapped some action shots throughout the game.

Here's Kels.  She doesn't play sports but she really wanted some attention in front of the camera.  She kept asking me to take her picture as she posed in silly ways.

She would ask to see the picture after it was taken.

Then would change her pose to something even sillier.  

She's workin' it! 

I'm sure I missed lots of Em's game but couldn't resist giving this four-year-old some attention.

Yeah, this is where the action is!


Joanie said...

I wonder if anyone was giving her some ideas for the poses! That is great you can be there to enjoy in there activities. They are so cute.

Cherie said...

What a ham that little Kels is - Love the pictures, she is really funny!

Good job Grandma on getting to the games - You are awesome and supportive!!

Connie said...

Joan - No one gave her ideas for her poses. She just did them. Before I took the last picture, she had 2 long pieces of toilet paper coming from her nose but her 18 month old sister took out one.

karen said...

I'm really looking forward to going to some games when my grandkids are old enough - and they're almost there! Just wish they lived closer. Going to games is tricky when I'm in CA and they're in CO and MA. Somehow, I'll manage! Your grandkids are so cute!

Grandma Honey said...

You are a real Grandma. You come to see football and volleyball of your other grandkids but end up taking more photos of your 4 year old who is performing just for you. Love it!

Susan R said...

Oh I love that little guy. The look on his face is priceless. Miss Em look like she's got it goin' on with that serve. Is she serving overhand? Miss Silly at the end is a doll. Good times.
By the way...not to worry about feelin' bad on the outcome of the Ole Miss BYU game. Not because of being a sore loser, but man alive was that game ever boring. There were two exciting plays during the entire game and I was really getting bored with it. I bet your little fellas game packed more excitement than Saturday's game. I think my expectations were too high.

Kazzy said...

Just look at C in his uniform! So awesome!

Julie said...

Wow! I can't believe how old these lil kids are getting! I love that football uniform though, what a stud!! I have had so much fun, going back through your blog and catching up's been way to long for me!

Way to go on running a HALF marathon! That is truly amazing! I only have done a 15 K and I don't know if I am brave enough to do a half!!!! You are amazing, and look fantastic!
You guys are such a cute family and I can't wait to meet the "new" babies to come in the future! Super exciting for you all!!

Hope to see you soon!

Teachinfourth said...

I love to support my students in their games...I'm glad to see that you are out there doing it for your grandkids.

JennyLynn said...

I love fall. All the fall sports, changing leaves and funny faces I get to see when working with children each day.

Laura@livingabigstory said...

So cute ... I didn't know they had tackle football for monkeys that young -- he is adorable!

Kerin said...

What a cute bunch!
You are so blessed :)
Hope you all have a great extended holiday weekend; and that you have more photo opportunities !

Kamee said...

You are such a cute Grandma! Those little cuties are lucky to have you! I can't blame you for not passing up a good poser for the camera, they are hard to resist!

Garden of Egan said...

They are so cute.
What a ham.
You are such a wonderful granma!
I can see you on the sidelines now, ready to beat up ANY kid that makes your kids cry.

Yvonne said...

Isn't being a grandma GREAT FUN!!!

So glad you are so close and able to go to their activities. You are wonderful.

That little Kels is quite the ham--what a cutie.

M-Cat said...

I love it when the kids ham it up for the camera! And then for them to see those pictures later in life - ahhhhh priceless!