Saturday, October 22, 2011

I Love That Sound!

It's Fall Break!  
I took a break from work and blogging.  It's been a good break from both and I've been busy.  
 Remember this little angel?  

(Neil Franklin)

I got to love on him while helping his Mom, Rachael,  bottle applesauce.  After taking a batch of jars out of the canner, the lids made the "ping" sound.  Both Rachael and I said, at the same time, "I love that sound!" 
I bottled chicken today.  As I took the jars of "science project" looking chicken out of the canner, I heard the ping.  

To no one in particular I said, "I love that sound!"  I wonder how many times I have said that over the past 40 years! 

Are there sounds you love to hear?  


Grandma Honey said...

Yes, I LOVE baby sounds! So you had the best of both worlds that day. :)

bj said...

I'm with you on the ping sound. Nothing makes ya feel much better than hearing it after working so hard to make it good. :))
xo bj

Garden of Egan said...

That is the best sound in the world!!!!!
I've heard it a lot this year.
So awesome for you to go help your family. That is love and committment.

I went to a preparedness fair where they were selling "Tattler" lids and rings. They are reusable. I asked the guy if they pinged. He said no, the plastic just concaves. I told him I needed to hear that ping. He said that every woman says that, he thought they needed to make a computer file or something with nothing but ping sounds.
I laughed.

Ya, the chicken does look like a science experiment. I have some of the same stuff in my storage room. Love having that stuff. Do you add water or broth to it?

Connie said...

I used to boil my chicken then add the broth to it. Then I went to a class that said to only add the raw chicken. So that's what I do and it tastes so good and is super easy!

Yvonne said...

Hope you had a great break.

Babies are so sweet--ENJOY.

I've heard that sign a few times--not as many as I should ; (

I love to hear the sound of little ones laughing.

Heffalump said...

Cutesy baby!
Does the sound of silence count?

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Glad you had a nice break. I've only canned a couple times. I'm not ever sure I heard a ping! My daughter got tap dance shoes today and I loved the sound...for the first five minutes. :)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I miss that sound. lol You have got me wanting to hear it again though.
I am glad you had a nice little break we all need one from time to time.
Hope your having a good weekend

Joanie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful break from school. So happy you were able to spend some time with Neal. He is a cutey.
I love to hear little children just giggling, and laughing, in any language.

Valerie said...

Cute, cute, cute baby!
I like that "ping" sound too. I need to start canning again (I've been saying that for 2 years now!)

I like the "sound of silence". :) Probably because it's so rare!!!

Cherie said...

Definately an adorable baby and baby sounds are the best - I don't know much about the ping sound - ha ha.

I also love the laughter of children and the sound of JoY when you open the front door to friends and family you may not have seen in awhile!

Music Notes said...

My Mom used to say, "Oh good!" when the ping sound happened at our house.

Kerin said...

I love that 'ping' sound too! We call it the 'canning symphony.'
Love the canned chicken! So easy and so tasty.
I really need to get busy, and get some chicken canned too :)

karen said...

I've not done much canning, so I don't remember that sound. But I do love the look of canned goods on the pantry shelf. How wonderful for you to have all of that goodness on hand! Very satisfying after all the hard work.

gigi said...

Love that adorable baby and I know he has some good sugar on those sweet cheeks!

Love, love that sound.

Doran & Jody said...

I LOVE that sound too but unfortunately it has been a couple of years since we have had that noise in our house.

Nana said...

Oh boy, anyone who cans says " I love that sound."

Ann Marie said...

Darling baby... canning jars sealed.. = happy things indeed!

Valerie said...

I only can things in wet pack. The pressure cooker scares me. I have visions of it and my whole kitchen exploding, even though I have NEVER read a news report saying that a domestic goddess was killed due to too much pressure in her cooker.

It doesn't matter where I am in the houseor if im alone, when I hear that beautiful ping I always yell, "I LOVE THAT SOUND,"

Kimmie said...

First off, I'm glad other people take a break from blogging as well. Sometimes my breaks aren't because I take them, it's because life gets to hectic to blog.

I am SO excited to can chicken tonight. Our no shopping challenge made me realize how nice it would be to have some canned chicken on our shelves for those days when it is hectic and we are scrambling to throw dinner together. I just picked up a 40 pound of chicken that I am going to can up. Wish me's my first time.

I LOVE how you cal it a "Science project" because that is the perfect way to described canned chicken.

I LOVE the sound of "jars popping" after canning, I love the sounds of birds chirping, love the sound of the door opening and my kids and hubby coming in the door saying "Hi Mom", or "Hey Sweetie'! I love the sound when my home is filled wiht music!

Thanks for the happy thoughts today! Hope you are enjoying your day and hope you are spending LOTS of fun time with your kids and grandkids.

renee @ Singing With Birds said...

Hi Connie,

Thanks for finding me. We have lots in common with babies and grown kids and grands non-stop! Congrats on all the happiness on your blog, it's a fun one. My favorite sound, the rustling of scriptures at FHE or in a class, or those sweet baby sounds.

Julie Harward said...

Well finally...I have been trying to get in here to leave a comment and it would not let me do it. I too love that ping..and have listened for it many times...a wonderful feeling. Sounds like a good days work for you ladies. :D

Laura@livingabigstory said...

My absolute favorite sound is the giggles of my kidlets when they are just enjoying each other so much.

With that said, seeing as this is my first year ever canning, I do *love* that sound now too :)

wendy said...

that baby is so dang cute.
It is always nice to take a break....from whatever. Just to take a breather.

I love that sound too (even though I haven't canned in years)
but it is like the "high five" of canning !!!!

JennyLynn said...

I always admire that others who have a talent for canning. Glad you enjoyed your break.

M-Cat said...

Since I am not familiar with the "ping" sound of canning, I am going with the sound of my granddaughter's laughter. I LIVE for it. And her sweet voice calling "mimi"