Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cell Phone Saturday - Easing Back in to Life

Joining Gigi for Cell Phone Saturday: 

Getting on with Life through:

Mr. Cy at the top of the walnut tree!
(Sorry, Candice)

Langston ~ he loves his bath and his sister.

Thanks to all of you for your cards, prayers, and love sent our way.

 And if all else fails...

 The Hard Stuff!


Garden of Egan said...

I love each of those cute tokens of love and friendship. Mormon Scotch....hilarious.

I'm not sure which is scarier...Cy high up there or those wires. Yikes.

You all continue in my prayers.
Hopefully this weekend you will recieve additional comfort.

wendy said... the Mormon Scotch.Some people are pretty clever.
Now that kid certainly knows how to climb a tree eh.
Have a wonderful weekend Connie. Thinking of you !!!

Kerin said...

So many blessing every where we look ...isn't there ?!

I love the sweet tokens of comfort and love that you've received.
People are so compassionate.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend, and I hope that you find comfort and a measure of peace in the words spoken in conference.

Grandma Honey said...

You amaze me Connie. Truly you do. Your heart is breaking yet you are trying to assure us that you are okay. You are pressing forward in faith. I'm thankful you have little Langston near by to love on.

I thought a lot about you and your family during conference today. My prayer is that you will find some comfort in the days and months ahead.

Yvonne said...

Love all the pictures, although the one of Cy really scares me.

LOL at the Mormon "Scotch"--too funny.

Love you, Connie.

Natalie said...

Love all of your pictures.

Kids in trees=scary. BUT they love it.

You are an amazing woman with lots of faith. What a great example you are.

Sending love, hugs, and continued prayers.

lesa said...

Keep holding on to good things. You are doing great and I'm still keeping you in my thoughts.

Nana said...

That is very cute. I had no idea about your loss. I am so sorry to hear what happened. How hard this must be for you. I think we are so blessed as you said in an earlier post to know that families are forever. Hang in there Connie.

karen said...

I laughed out loud at the Mormon Scotch - what wonderful friends you have! I've been thinking so much about you the past couple of weeks, and have been hoping that everyone was able to keep plodding forward. Sometimes that's all we can do, yes? - but a little Mormon Scotch would definitely make my day a little brighter! And the next time I'm in Utah, we will definitely meet. I have both you and Lesa on my list! Best wishes to you and your family -

Ann Marie said...

LOVE that clever scotch stuff.

I'm going to have to use that some day...

Thinking of you.. and sending love, prayers and hugs...♥

Cherie said...

I love all the happy pictures Connie.
I am glad you are all healing and that so much love and thoughtfulness has been extended your way.

Joanie said...

I am happy that you are starting to get on with your life. You have wonderful friends and family.

Connie said...

Time does march on even when it seems so hard to do so. My heart aches for your loss. I am sending hugs your way and am amazed at your resiliance.

Mormon scotch, too funny.

gigi said...

Still thinking and praying for you. Happy Easter weekend.

Teachinfourth said...

Connie...I can't believe Mr. Cy got that far up wearing flip-flops. Holy Hannah...

Nancy Face said...

Mr. Cy's adventuring is pretty scary!

(I am SUCH a mom.)

Valerie said...

Life does go on... and we eventually get better and can find happiness again. I'm glad you are blessed with a large family that has pulled together in support and love.

And I have to say.... Mormon Scotch! I think I may steal that one! HILARIOUS!