Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who helps write your story? Story@Home Giveaway (closed)

Everyone has a story to tell. What is your story?  Who knows your story?  How do you present your story?
My story began (or is it begins) many, many years ago.  These four women helped to shape it.

Our winner is Sandra Ricks!  Congratulations!

This is my Grandma Travis in the year, 1916, on the day she graduated from high school. I remember her as a hard-working, patient woman who loved her family.  I spent many days at her home, playing in the back yard with cousins, eating dill beans and other home-canned goods, and watching her sew beautiful quilts.

My Great-Grandma Olsen came to the United States from Switzerland when she was 7 years old. As an adult, she stood at 4'11", (obviously I didn't inherit her stature genes) and she would yodel at the family reunions, even when she was in her 90s! How I wish I could read her story and learn more about her conversion to a church that brought her and her family to America.

My Grandma Hansen, daughter to Grandma Olsenwas an elect lady who raised 10 children with dignity and grace.  She loved flowers and had two huge lilac trees and a garden full of irises in her back yard.  She baked some of the best breads, cakes, pies, and anything else that could come out of an oven.

My own dear Mother, Cleo, has been my biggest support and influence over the years.  She is an example of love, patience, understanding, encouragement, selflessness, wisdom and cooking skills. She has some great stories from her childhood days.  She will be celebrating her 90th birthday next month and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

I hope to be able to emulate these four wonderful women in my life.  I hope that my own children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will know who I am and, through my story, gain an appreciation and understanding of themselves and their ancestors. 

You're probably wondering where I'm going with this...wonder no more.  I'm inviting you to one of the most amazing, fun, inspirational and informative conferences I've ever been to! Story@Home
I had the opportunity to attend this conference last year.  It was so fun!  I learned so much and was inspired to keep my journal and write my story.  Even though I stopped blogging shortly after the conference, (for reasons not associated with the conference :)), I have written my thoughts, activities and feelings almost daily. 
Story@Home will be held in conjunction with the RootsTech family history and technology conference in Salt Lake City, March 21-23, 2013.  If you're ready to become better at storytelling, or to learn how to do family history, this is an event you don't want to miss.  Tickets for the event are still available for just $79.00.

"No matter how you tell your stories – through your family history, at your child’s bedside, on your blog, or from a stage – your stories matter. Join us for Story@Home March 21-23, 2013, and experience a conference that will change the way you see your stories and the world, and help you connect in new ways with those you cherish most."
OK, are you ready for some exciting news?  I am able to give away one ticket to the full event. Just leave a comment below and your name will be entered in the drawing. 
Good luck!


Doran & Jody said...

Pick me!!

Ginger said...

The women in your life are beautiful! I see where you get your beautiful face. :) I love the little bits of them you shared with us.

I won't be able to come to the conference so don't enter me in the drawing. I just wanted to leave you a comment. :)

Kazzy said...

For some reason I saw you in every face in those photos.

I think about my maternal grandmother almost everyday.

It was a great conference last year. Throw my name into your lottery please!

Joanie said...

Hi Connie,
I also enjoyed reading about all the influential women in your life. Also loved to see the pictures of them.
No need to put my name in for the drawing.

Grandma Honey said...

I'm very interested in where you keep your it online? I've been writing daily in LDSjournal online since last June but their customer service is terrible and I'm looking for a new provider. So if you keep your journal online please do tell.

I SO wish I could attend that conference but I can't do the altitude in you know if they will be sharing any of it on their website?

I'm so glad you are back blogging, Connie!

Ann Marie said...

Beautiful Women! Just like you!!

Connie said...

I just keep my journal in Microsoft Word and print it off when I get so many pages. Nothing fancy.

Ricks Family said...

This is the third time I've tried to leave a mssg. hahahahha, soooo, if you get multiple comments from me, you will certainly know I've tried. hahahaha What I have said is :), I'm going to show my dad these pictures. I have a feeling with names like Hansen and Olsen, he will have to know one of these beautiful ladies. Thanks for the info. on this conference. I've been keeping a journal since I was 11 years old. I'm booooooring. What I need is a little inspiration.
Have a great day!

Yvonne said...

Oh, how I loved reading about your ancestors. It is so wonderful that you have such great stories. I try very hard to keep a journal--not successful all the time, but love going back to read what I have written years later.

That Conference would be so fun to attend.

Nancy Face said...

My cute daughter-in-law is tiny like Great-Grandma Olsen!

These pictures and stories are treasures!

I'm not entering, but good luck to somebody! :)

Natalie A said...

Your Grandmothers were beautiful women just like you.. You sure do take after them. I loved reading a little bit about each one.

I loved going to the conference last year and hope you enjoy yourself this year.

Of course I won't be participating, good luck to the happy winner.

Loved seeing you blog again.

karen said...

What a great conference that will be! Don't put my name in - I'm 2 states away and wouldn't be able to go - but how lucky the winner will be!

" Hit It......." said...

Put my name in. I would love to go. Karie McRae. Thanks Connie

mCat said...

How fun to read about your Grandma's! I need to research more of mine. I have my memories but I would love the whole stories! : )

Sue said...

Sounds like a wonderful conference! Don't put my name in, as I could not get away on that date, but good luck and a good time are wished by me to all who enter!

You have some pretty neat women in your life. Quite a legacy they have handed down, and I'm sure you are honoring it well.


Garden of Egan said...

Love the pictures!
Beautiful examples and wome in your life.