Friday, July 16, 2010

Pinata Breaking at it's Finest!

Pinatas are fun for parties!   At our house, we've had pinatas for Mother's Day, Graduation,  Mission Farewells, kids cleaning their rooms, just about any time is pinata time! 
First you need a pinata.
(google image)
It can be any shape, size, or color; store bought or homemade.

(google image)
Now you need the candy. You can get any kind of candy to stuff into the crevice of the pinata. If I'm trying to watch my sweet intake, I will get the candy that will pull my fillings out, loosen a crown, chip a tooth and isn't chocolate! (I don't consider Tootsie Rolls to be chocolate)  At our last party, I put the candy in individual baggies to prevent the older kids from scooping up the lion's share of the candy and the younger ones from crying because their older sibling, cousin, or grandma got more than them.

You need a rope, twine, or heavy string to hang the pinata from a tree, a swing set,  clothes line, etc.

Next, you need someone intimidating to make sure the rules are followed.
If Troy, with a squirt gun, isn't intimidating enough...

...maybe Unca Dave will do. 
(Is this the terrorist that Dan wrote about from my plane ride?)

Provide something sturdy for hitting the pinata; 
a bowling pin,

tennis racket,

or, if the enforcer uses the blindfold to immobilize your arms, use your head!

A blind fold

and a little spinning (recognize Jacob's birthday outfit?)

adds to the fun, especially for those who are watching. 

When the body of the pinata is separated from the head and the candy won't come out, because it's in baggies, duct tape it together so the fun can continue.

Some pinatas are subborn and won't give up the candy.  That's when the "experts" take over.

Some Kung-Fu kicks,

  a surprise attack,

and a break over the knee,

usually does the trick.

C8's face relects what everyone was thinking, "All that work and this is what we got!"

I need to step it up a notch next time!  Any suggestions?


Amy said...

What fun! Excellent idea for the individual bags! I never thought of that one before.

Kristina P. said...

I need to add a little more pinatas to my life.

Julie Harward said...

America's Funniest Video show...surely you have had something funny happen with all these pinatas! Looks like a bunch of fun! :D

Garden of Egan said...

I think I would have run the other way if I were the Pinata and I was about to get the surprise attack from the tree!!!!!!

I love her face? Is that all she got?

Ya grandma you do need to step it up. Try a bunch of one dollar bills next time........and invite me to come. I'm very competitive!

Love the post.
You are truly the best!

Kerin said...

What fun you all have together!!
I'll tell you what.... if we had to be on teams, I would want Dave on my team for sure!! He is serious about getting that candy !
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Small House said...

There is A LOT of FUN going on at your house!!! Your grandkids must absolutley love visiting their grandma.

wendy said...

We have done pinatas a few times.
One time for our family Christmas party....the pinata was a donkey

my grandaughter who was 4 at the time was excited for it and kept asking


Kazzy said...

What a cool thing for all of those cousins to grow up together!

And pinatas are just a big tease. I totally agree with C8!

gigi said...

You rock! I'm coming to your next party Yall really know how to have fun!!! I'm going to put a reminder on the fridge to have more pinatas in my life.

Yvonne said...

I should have thought of a pinata for cleaning the rooms--my kids would have loved it.

You really do know how to have fun.

Cheeseboy said...

This made me laugh. Especially the Uncle Dave karate kicks.

vanessa said...


I just love your blog.
Honestly every post makes me just GRIN.
Just love it

Teachinfourth said...

Pinatas are most certainly the bomb. It looks like yours provided quite the adventure.

Jenny said...

I have had some pretty bad Piñatas experiences in my life time. Which has required me to avoid them. Yours looks like fun!

Valerie said...

Inigo's 8th birthday is coming up and he has indicated he wants a pinata for his party. It will be my first experience with one... I will bookmark this page so I can look back on it for tips.
P.S. Do you rent out The Enforcer?