Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Restaurant Fodder

Yesterday, Jordan and I ran some errands.  Because it was waaay past lunch time and we were starving, we stopped at a restaurant to get a sandwich.  I ordered the turkey with cranberry sauce and tons of veggies!  We sat in an overflow section of the restaurant and waited for our food.  A group of 3 women were sitting at the table next to us.  I'm assuming these women were friends who hadn't seen each other for a while and were catching up on old times.  They had already eaten and were just visiting.  The woman who was facing me, talked about being a kindergarten teacher.  I immediately related to her.

Our food arrived and we hungrily ate. Since it's impolite to talk with your mouth full, we were quiet and had the privilege of over-hearing the conversation at the next table.

Kindergarten Woman - "Did you know that the flesh will continue to rot?"
Me - "So, Jordan, that's exciting you and Chelsey have found a place to live!"
KW - "They had to put in a drain, you wouldn't believe the blood and pus!"
I take a bite of my sandwich, the cranberry sauce drips on to my plate.
KW - "He had a Pee Bag!"
What?  This is getting out of hand.  My sandwich is looking less appetizing.  I stare at the woman hoping she gets the hint that there are others in the restaurant.  Not sure what I'd do if she actually looked at me; maybe wrinkle up my nose and shake my head, like you'd do to a kindergarten student who has said some potty words, or put my fingers in my ears and say, "la, la, la, la!"  However, she never looked my way.
Me - "Jordan, when's your next Army weekend?"
(Maybe if we keep talking we won't be able to hear her.  Nope, didn't work.)
KW - "He has a colostomy bag.  Every time we change it...."
By this time my heart goes out to this person who is suffering so much. If it's this woman's husband, son, or Dad, I feel sorry for her this appropriate restaurant conversation?
I wrap up the rest of my sandwich, not really hungry any more, then Jordan and I leave. 
There's a lot of suffering in this world. 

On a lighter side, I found $15.00 in my pants pocket this morning! 


Julie Harward said...

LOL...that is funny, yet not...hope you could finish that sandwich in peace and that it tasted good! :D

Garden of Egan said...

Well I'm happy about the 15.00 find! That's a treasure!

As far as the women at the next should have walked over to them and asked them to SHUT IT!
Gag. I'm a nurse and I don't love hearing stuff like that.

Sharon said...

Oh Dear! This could have been very, very funny if you got sick and turned her way!!

Sharon said...

Oh Dear! This could have been very, very funny if you got sick and turned her way!!

Barbaloot said...

And I no longer feel like eating breakfast. Thanks:)

Kristina P. said...

Those are always great eating conversations.

Jenny said...

Interesting table conversation, I would have lost my appetite also.

Amy said...

Ewwww...that's awful conversation at a restaurant! Please know it wasn't this Kindergarten Teacher! LOL

Lucky find! Gotta love finding money!

Tracy said...

Oh my, your posts never disappoint!!


Teachinfourth said...

They probably did that on purpose to teach you not to be dropping no eaves…

But you're right, it's gross.

Anonymous said...

Eeewww! I wish you had sneezed, caught her attention, and then started picking your nose.

Hubby said...

So THAT's what happened to my $15.00!!! I THOUGHT those pants felt a little snug.

gigi said...

That's just GROSS! I'm so sorry for their being so rude!
Oh, I so love it when I find money, especially in the washer and dryer :)

Anonymous said...

New to your blog - I got a kick out of your eventful day -- why -- well I had something like that happen to me -- but my group was not specking they were using sign language and when they knew I knew what they were saying one lady sign sorry and I sign back who is so sick she told me it was her brother.. But at least the group of lady changed the subject -- as you say there is a lot of pain in the world!

Kelly said...

I loved the random 15.00 in your pocket at the end of this entry. Sorry your sandwich got ruined by her nasty talk.

Cherie said...

That conversation would have definately made me gag! But I am totally laughing because the last thing I expected you to say at the end of all that was that you found 15 bucks in your pocket! ha ha

Cheeseboy said...

My grandma has had one of those bags for years and she tells me they have their pros and cons.

I'm guessing it is mostly cons though.

wendy said...

I totally would not have been able to eat.....especially cranberry sauce on the sandwhich...that is even gross to me under the BEST of circumstances (tee,hee)
I never have liked that

You should have just placed your sandwhich by her plate...and said "this used to be an appealing sandwhich, now all I see is puss and blood."

sometimes in PUBLIC places, people should be more sensitive about what they are talking about if there is the possiblity of others overhearing.

Melissa Miller said...

Oh goodness how sad and a bit gross. So sorry you had to hear that while trying to eat. Your food sounded yummy!

Have a blessed week!
~Melissa :)

Doran & Jody said...

LOL...yuck yuck.

But great to know you have magical pants! Where did you get them?

Kerin said...

Too funny!
I guess there are no topics off limits for some people!
p.s hope that they are being kind to the person that they were talking about!

Ann Marie said...

Sick! *gag*

Yah.. I am one of those people that can't hear or talk about stuff when I eat either.

This will definately remind me to have good "talking" manners at resteraunts! I hope I haven't ever been like that! Geesh..

LOL at the $15! Yay!!

Kazzy said...

You wouldn't have found that money if you your flesh was rotting.

Sorry for the yucky table talk.

Nana said...

You should have thrown up on your plate, handed it to her and said. "Here now you have something new to talk about at a resturaunt." That does sound sad, I will give you that. Hey, and $15.00 is nothing to sneeze at.

Funny you should ask about the Cougar urine. That is going to be the subject of my next post. Seems it lasts about a week. Maybe with all the watering and stuff the smell isn't so strong now.

I bought 2 bottles. They are 2 oz. each. (Hmmm that could fit in your purse.)
I bought it from on line from Harmon Deer Scents... something like that. It cost $40.00 two yrs. ago. Yes, I have had Cougar Pee in my closet for two years.

The smell is hideous. Let's see I think I sprayed a week or so ago and our friends (the deer) were back last night. My dog scared em off.

Yvonne said...

Oh please--not only NOT WHILE I'M EATING, I would rather NEVER hear that kind of talk.

Congrats on the $15

Mikki said...

Well, it would have served her right if you'd upchucked all over her table on your way out. LOL
That's really gross, you'd think people could find something a little more appetizing to talk about over lunch.
I love that you still managed to find sympathy in your heart for her and whoever she was talking about.

Valerie said...

I have been known to make up a conversation when my table is close to someone elses and I realize that they can hear my conversation... but it's usually about checking in with my parole officer and fiddling with my ankle monitoring bracelet. NEVER about such gross things. I think this conversation was REAL! Ick! Sorry about your ruined lunch!
The $15 is a bright spot, though!