Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time Out!

The words "time out" don't always have to take on a negative meaning.  I had a time out this weekend that was rejuvenating, invigorating, strengthening, and inspiring.  I went to "Time Out For Women" in Salt Lake City.  The theme was "Infinite Hope". There were over 3,900 hopeful women in attendance!  
My daughter, Camille, and I had a wonderful time.   We were sad that my other daughters were unable to attend but maybe next year.

The speakers were inspiring and entertaining.  The songwriters were amazing!   And after looking at this picture, I realize that I really do need to get smaller pants.

We went to Blue Lemon by Deseret Book for lunch.  The Pear Gorgonzola Spinach Salad, that we split, was delicious!

The sweet potato fries with the dipping sauce were heavenly.  I think more people would eat sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner if they were served fried!

After 2 days of being gone, I came home to a clean house, a cleaned out garage, and a hard-working husband!  What an unexpected, delightful surprise!  So, you see, my friends, a time out really is a good thing!

p.s. I met two more wonderful blogging friends this week.  Yvonne is here for her daughter's wedding.  Her daughter and I work at the same school!  Yvonne came to a bridal shower we had for Heidi and we were able to talk and get to know each other even better!  She's a beautiful lady, inside and out!
I met Wendy at her son's viewing. The occasion was much more solemn and heart wrenching.  Wendy, too, is absolutely beautiful!  My heart goes out to her and her family at this tragic time.


Garden of Egan said...

How great to go to TOFW! I've been to it a couple of times and came away recharged.

Camille and you are such a darling mom/daughter!
I wish you would tell me I need to get a smaller pair of pants.

I was at Wendy's sons viewing. I would have LOVED to have seen you there.
What a heartbreak.
AND isn't Wendy the most darling?

Valerie said...

I love the picture of you and Camille. So glad you got to go for a "Time Out", I've heard they are fabulous!
Glad you were able to lend some support to some blog friends. I know Wendy and her family have been on lots of minds and in lots of prayers.

Kazzy said...

I love Wendy, and she really is beautiful. So so sad, though.

Looks and sounds like you and Camille had a great experience together. I am glad you got a break.

And get you those smaller pants, lady, or what was the point?

Kristina P. said...

That sounds like such a lovely evening!

I attended the viewing after you were there, and her son mentioned you had come. It meant a lot to Wendy.

Valerie said...

Glad you could connect with Yvonne! And a Time Out sounds wonderful!! Lucky you!!

Camille said...

Yes you DO need to get smaller pants. And I'm looking forward to next year's TOFW. Hopefully others will come with us - so you're not by yourself parking/retrieving the car from the depths of the clausterphobic parking garage! :)

Ann Marie said...

That food looks delish! I need to try those places!!

I want to go to Time Out next year.. as I read that Stephanie Nielson will be in the group!

SAD that I missed seeing you at the viewing.. but grateful you got to meet Wendy!

It is a small world! I don't know Yvonne.. but I know she's friends with my friends Nancy and Lauren! What fun!!

Cherie said...

I'm so glad that you and Camille made it to the Time Out For Women - isn't it just SOOO wonderful!! I think even better when you can go with your daughter :-D
And How great that you met Yvonne and Wendy - I love those ladies and my heart has been so sad for Wendy so it is so neat to know that besides her friends and family she has had many bloggy friends who she has been able to meet and get support from too.
Happy Sunday!

Pedaling said...

sounds like the perfect weekend.
meeting up with bloggy friends, getting enriched and fried sweet potatoes....YUM!

wendy said...

Oh Connie, I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to see you at my son's viewing. I was so surprised. It was wonderful to hug you and smile with you ...amongst all those tears. Thank you Thank you. My daughter and I still talk about how cool it was that I had BLOGGER friends in attendance.
My boys would say..who was that, and who was that...I'd respond, a blogger friend and they'd smile in amazement.
I love my picture and can't wait to hang it when I get home.

I think I could use some sweet potatoe fries.......comfort food. Probably too many points eh, but I think I have shot my ww points all to heck these last few days. I feel like I am just stress eating.

love you!!

Kerin said...

What a fun thing to get to spend some 'girl' time!!
I'm glad that you got to meet some fellow blog friends, and that you were able to be there for the blog friends that need your support.
Hope you have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Julie Harward said...

That all sounds daughter just went to one of these and had so much fun. The fries look yummy! Have a great Thanksgiving :D

Barbaloot said...

You split a salad? No wonder you need smaller pants:)

Nana said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I am so glad you made it to see Wendy.