Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Is Busy!

The month of March is busy for me and my family.  Not only are we watching NCAA Championship games, but we have lots of anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate.
I've already posted about 2 anniversaries.
Indulge me just a bit as I give you the line-up of our birthdays!

Baby Aly turned 1 this month!

Mr. Cy is now 6.

My sweet mom is (shhh, don't tell her that I told you) 88!

Photo taken off my brother's facebook page. My brother also has a birthday this month.

The Corbanator turned 6 and his Dad, Big Dave, (my son) turned 31 the day after Corb. 

I'm not the only one who's been busy.  Mother Nature is trying really hard to make us think she's working on Spring!

I hope she keeps working!


Valerie said...

What fun things to celebrate! It's great you could live so close to family to be able to ejnoy it together. Happy birthdays and anniversaries...and GO, COUGARS!!!!!

Julie Harward said...

These are the best celebrations and family together is the way to do it! Your mom is beautiful :D

Teachinfourth said...

We have 4 birthdays in September so I know exactly what you mean...

Darla said...

We average 5.5 birthdays a month but March is are largest with nine. Love the Daff's, it is like having your own corner of the sun in your yard. Ours just has the leafs poking out of the ground. How is that? You are only a couple of blocks away???


Kristina P. said...

Me too! Winter tried to snow on her parade last night, but looks like she's winning this morning!

Joanie said...

What a cute family you have to celebrate with. I agree that it is great that you are so close to all of them.
Your grand-kids really are growing up.

karen said...

How lucky that you have so many family members close by! We have to celebrate a lot of ours from afar, but once in awhile I get lucky and get to go join in the celebration. We are slammed with birthdays from February to June, have a little rest, and then start up again from September to the first of December. I love your daffodils. I planted some in a former house years ago - just a few - and after a few years they'd divided and multiplied to where the whole planter area was filled with them. It was lovely every spring. said...

What a lovely family and such Spring time positivity. Your mother is a very youthful 88. I love the daffodil pictures too. Spring makes me feel hopeful again.
Many thanks for dropping by again and your very kind comment.
Ethel and Fred are quite the duo. Ethel is outside cleaning Fred's bike as I type. he's only had it a few days so it's not exactly dirty. I expect Fred is on his 'pea pad'
You did right to spend time with your family and not Spring cleaning. Hubby is in a right state at the moment and if I'm not mistaken that tickling sensation in the back of my throat might mean I'm next to fall foul of the over cleaning bug!
warm wishes

gigi said...

We have a few birthdays too. They are so fun to celebrate and bring family together. I love that you hare having a little peek of spring. I hope she comes on full force real soon.

Rebecca said...

March is a busy month for us too. Your little Aly is so cute! She has the same look that all your grandkids have and she is just adorable!

Valerie said...

Busy with lots of good stuff!
Happy Birthday to all!


Great Birthday pictures! Those first 2 are pretty darn cute, but you can't go wrong with a good birthday crown. That's what I always say!

Yvonne said...

It's great to have so much cause for celebration. Happy Birthday to your family members. I hope your grandson loves having a birthday so close to his dad--I know my Brent loves having a birthday the day before his dad ; )

I can't wait for Mother Nature to bring Spring on here.

And I LOVE daffodils.

Kerin said...

Well happy birthday to the whole clan :)
What a joy to be able to celebrate with each other!
Your mom is beautiful!
Wow! I love that your daffodils are blooming!
Have a wonderful Sunday :)

Garden of Egan said...

My goodness!!!! Happy to all the Birthdays!!!! You sound like our family. February and March are crazy.

I sorta love your flowers! A LOT!
(did I use enough exclamations?)

Doran & Jody said...

Beeezy, beeezy, beeezy

I better sit down and rest for you.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Happy birthday to everyone! And I love the pictures of the daffodils. What pretty flowers!

Tracy said...

Party on!! Enjoy your busy month!! I so love that Mother Nature saw fit to shower you with some Spring Love!

wendy said...

I love love love daffodils and tulips....spring flowers are so "happy".
not a one in my neck of the woods yet
Your March....sounds like our September...holy freaking candles, I threatened my kids NO MORE BIRTHING BABIES IN SEPT.
there is practically a birthday or anniversary every day that we ended up have ONE BIG birthay party for everyone born or otherwise that month. ONE big games and fun. Works well. Well, at least it did until I moved away (boo)
plus I am lovin' March Madness even though hubby is NOT a sports fan...WHAT???

Jenny said...

Well the NCAA alone could eat up large amounts of time. There are so many games that we want to watch. I know we have missed a few. Looking forward to watching BYU on Thursday.

And WOW you do have a lot of Birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate. It is a beautiful month to party in. Spring is such a wonderful sight to behold.

Valerie said...

Your March is my June. Birthdays galore! It's so much fun, isn't it?

Sadly, I don't watch college basketball. I just learned who Jimmer is and that it's actually a PERSON and not a VERB!!! :)