Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Luck!

You've heard it said many times and have probably said it yourself - I know I have.  If someone is having an interview for a job, getting married, picking out new carpet, taking a final, going skiing for the first time, or a myriad of other events; we may say, "Good Luck!"
Some people really believe in tokens of good luck such as: a four leaf clover, a rabbit's foot (not lucky for the rabbit), a horse shoe, rubbing the head of a red-headed boy or having a cricket chirping on your hearth.

I don't consider myself a superstitious person but there are a few things that I consider lucky.
When I go to the mall, the grocery store, the gym or anywhere there's a large parking lot; if I find a parking place where I can pull straight through two parking places and be in the same aisle as the front door and then to be able to pull straight out of the parking place when I leave, I know it will be a lucky day!  

Google Image - You can tell by the way the cars are parked that there will be many people who will have a lucky day!

You might remember from a previous post that I LOVE  glitter.  Just to be able to make something using glitter makes for a lucky day.  However, you may not be aware of this little known fact:  after working with glitter, if you find one or two sparkles any where on your body, especially on the face, that is good luck!  

Last week I worked with students as they decorated paper Easter eggs with glue and glitter.  At the end of the project, many students were OCD in getting each tiny square of glitter off their hands and clothes.  I let them  know how lucky they'd be if they miss a few glitter spots.  Today I was doing therapy with a 5-year-old.  There were a few morsels of glitter on the table and one eventually found its way to her hand. She held up her hand and said, "Look! I'm lucky!"  I felt proud. 

Last, but not least, if you find an old fanny pack that had been hiding for years, just before you leave on vacation, you will really have a lucky day!

And if you take a picture of it on your ironing board you'll bring double the luck!
(I'll be so stunning in Old Nauvoo next week!)

What do you consider to be your good luck charm? 

Sidenote: We're driving to Nauvoo.  I looked on the weather map only to see warnings of severe weather with possible tornadoes during our drive time.  Wish us luck!!


Kristina P. said...

I definitely hope you have good luck with the drive.

I'm not sure if I really have any lucky charms I believe in.

Valerie said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip & that the weather will behave!
I think with all that should be really lucky!!!

wendy said...

Well, I guess you better Plaster your car with Glitter!!!!
Dorothy's shoes had glitter on them....but look where she ended up.

still looking for MY good luck charm.

Julie Harward said...

I am jealous...we went last October and I want to go again. My friend lives there and she said the weather is Spring like..have fun! :D

Cherie said...

That is the way I park every Sunday in the church parking lot - Lucky Sunday's I guess!!

Have a wonderful trip to Old Nauvoo - One of my favorite places in the world! We drove there once in the middle of the summer I am not sure if the intense heat and humidity or a tornado would be better - either way be safe and ENJOY!!!

Jenny said...

My favorite way to park is pulling through two parking spots.

Enjoy your trip to Nauvoo.

M-Cat said...

Be careful driving and have so much fun. Can't wait to hear about it and see pictures.

I think my sign of good luck is the fact that I wake up every morning. I find that to be a good sign. You just never know.... : )

Joanie said...

You are the luckiest person to find an old fanny pack.
I guess I just feel lucky at different times, so will have to think of my lucky charm. Perhaps hanging out with a good friend who loves glitter and fanny packs.
Have so much fun on your trip. Will have to let me know about the "local" food.

gigi said...

I think that I will now go roll around in some glitter just so that my luck will change to GOOD!

I hope you have a fantastic trip! I love that area and that temple and that cute little fudge shop. Take your camera and take lots of barn pictures too! That area is just full of them. Love it!

Tracy said...

I don't have anything I consider a "good luck charm"!! I know that it most certainly would not be glitter. In fact that would be BAD luck for me!! I have a very strong dislike for glitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I'm so glad it works for you!! Good luck on your trip, maybe carry a little bottle of glitter with your in your fanny pack!! ;-) Seriously have a GREAT time!

Kerin said...

Love your post :)
Glitter.....who would have thought .
I guess I haven't really stopped to think about what brings me good luck. Hmmm. I'll have to think on it.
Have a wonderful and safe trip. Hope you have a blast !

Lesa said...


KC said...

Ugh! That drive is sooo rough! However, it might be better for you. We did it with 6 people in a Ford Explorer! Grandma and Grandpa were a blast on the trip though! Enjoy Nauvoo! I want to go back and actually do some site-seeing. Didn't get much of that done last time! Drive safe!

Garden of Egan said...

I have a lucky pillow.
Brings me good sleep.

Have a blast in Nauvoo. I love that place!

Drive carefully and don't get all Auntie Em on us!

Darla said...

Boy Connie, you stop being Relief Society President and think you can go on vacation after vacation :-). I hope you have a wonderful and LUCKY trip!


Yvonne said...

You will absolutely LOVE Nauvoo. Enjoy each and every minute. Drive safely.

karen said...

Have a wonderful trip - Nauvoo is somewhere we've been wanting to go. Maybe with my daughter moving to Boston we'll find our way there somehow via a side trip. You'll have to take lots of pictures and tell us all about it. My good luck charm? HItting all green lights and/or a good hair day.
And really - an hour's drive to Ruth's Diner? So, SO worth it. And hopefully you'll get the manager/waiter we had. Slightly gay with a CTR ring and TOTALLY charming. Between him and the food I can't wait to go back!

Mimi Sue said...

Good Luck!! You'd have been really lucky if you'd found a 20 dollar bill in your fanny pack...Let us know how the drive goes. We're thinking of making the trip in Oct. Mimi

Mikki said...

Good luck!! I'm so jealous, I want to go to Nauvoo. Some day.

so, I'm catching up on a weeks worth of blog posts, sorry about all that snow--guess you should have knocked on wood after that other post about all the flowers.

I would love to see a recipe for those Hawaiian haystacks by the way! :)

Barbaloot said...

So jealous you're going to Old Nauvoo!! I love and miss that place so much. Please go to the Fudge store for me:)

Kazzy said...

I can't wait to hear about your trip! I may text you. :)

Valerie said...

I definitely wish you LUCK!!! I hope you have clear skies, warm weather, NO SNOW and a very enjoyable vacation!

Cheeseboy said...

I can't read anything. It's all CRAZY here today. Photobucket is messing with your site, my friend.

Teachinfourth said...

Rock on for vacations.

Glitter? Who doesn't love a little sparkle in the sunshine?