Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beat the January Blues!

January can be a rather hum-drum, depressing month but when it's filled with birthday celebrations, it takes on a new personality.
These first two birthday buddies were both born in Texas!
 We'll start with my mother-in-law, Lynette.  Even though her attempt at curing my cough went awry, I still love her and enjoy her company. She has a fun sense of humor and an infectious laugh.   She has the greenest thumb in the west!  Every plant she touches grows bigger and better, (she IS from Texas, after all) whether it's in her yard or inside her home.

Just a little story that always makes me smile whenever I hear the song, "Wind Beneath my Wings."  Every year my FIL's family had a Christmas party at a local church in Salt Lake City.  My in-laws would drive up from Arizona, when they could, to attend the party.  One year a cousin had his ailing father come up front and sit in a chair while this cousin sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" to his dad.  The cousin was getting emotional as he sang, as were some of his siblings and his mother, while his father sat in the chair looking indifferent.  Lynette leaned over to me, and in a voice that was conspicuously louder than a whisper, remarked, "I drove 800 miles for THIS?"  She then threw her head back and laughed her infectious laugh.  It was a great moment...for some!

You're the best, Mom, Happy Birthday!

Next in the birthday line-up is my very own Dad!  He too has a great sense-of-humor!  It doesn't matter where he is or who he's around, he always has a quick wit and a fun remark or two that puts everyone at ease.  He has always said, "You can't trust a beady-eyed Texan. (whatever that means)  He worked hard as a brick contractor all of his life, providing well for his family.  I have great memories of camping, waterskiiing, and vacations with my family and feeling safe because Dad was there.

Here we are at my wedding reception.  Doesn't Dad look handsome - kind of like a movie star.  You'll notice we had the same color of hair.  We still do!  ;)  Dad can do lots of things.  He is quite a cook - from breads to main dishes - he does it all.  He has written short stories that are delightful to read.  (Good thing there's spell check on the computer) He has taken on a new endeavor since Christmas.  He's learning to play the piano!  He and Mom are still very much in love and they are fun to be around.

Dad. you're amazing!  I sure love you!  Happy Birthday!


Yvonne said...

ANYONE who has a birthday in January has got to be GREAT ; ) Happy Birthday to both your MIL and your Dad.

Love the story about your MIL--actually both stories are great. I must say I envy her green thumb, since mine is brown.

Your dad is very handsome.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to two great people. Yes, I think your Dad does look like a movie star and you look just beautiful. My Dad did too.:)

Cherie said...

Loved both the stories and your wedding picture Connie! You dad does look like a movie star - a John Wayne type :D

Happy Birthday!!

candice said...

I liked being over at Grandpa's house when he'd answer the phone with "Well (insert name here).. how the HELL are ya?" We'd start to snicker and get the old evil eye from mom. I've started answered it that way at my house give me a call.

Now everyone knows where I get my good looks from...just wish I had the green thumb that went with it! That Langston curse...what can you do?

Julie Harward said...


Michelle said...

Oooo that would be a good way to make January a little more tolerable. Unfortunately, I didn't plan my babies right ;) Then again, Little Miss keeps asking if "tomorrow" is her half birthday. Not quite yet, but I think she feels the need to celebrate, too!

The Garden of Egan said...

I love the pictures! Yes, your dad is handsome.
Love the story of your mom cracking up.
Happy birthday!!!!

Debbie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I love comments and with the sleepless thing, I am willing try anything. I loved your story about the song. I had to laugh - I could just see that happening. See infectious laughs are infectious even when you aren't there to hear it.
Happy birthday to your dad and mom-in-law.

Camille said...

And you can't forget about Grandpa offering ice cream cones from the kitchen window then squirting whomever with the sink sprayer throught the screen!
I love Grandma's infectious laugh! Happy Birthday to them both!

Kimmie said...

Your dad is one handsome man and his hair in your wedding photo is great!!

I love your love for your family and I have to agree that birthday celebrations make the month of January a REALLY fun one! We have so many birthdays in January there is no room for the month to ever be "Blah".

I love your dad's zest for life and that is amazing that at his age he is learning to play the piano!! The saying really is true that "you are never too old to learn". What a great example to all of you he is!

Hope your day is a wonderful one and YES, I hope that someday I will be able to meet you as well!

Ann Marie said...

I confess:
I am a January Blah-er.
I can find joy in it.. but it's hard. I'm a sunny girl. I need it.

It's a good thing I have bathroom re-do's and organizing to keep me busy.. :)

I loved your tribute to your Dad.
He sounds like a great guy.

I also LOL reading about the song. It sounds very typical of our family gatherings. ~ And I also love honest-fun-people with contagious laughs! :)

Brenda said...

I love the picture with your look so pretty....just the way I remember you. The pretty young married lady with the cutest little twins!!
I LOVE the way your dad answers the phone...reminds me of my father-in-law!

KC said...

I'll never forget the time that I offered to stay with Grandpa so he wouldn't be lonely while Grandma was away and he said "That's all I need, an ol' divorce hanging around!" LOVE IT!

That man! Gotta love him!

wendy said...

that wedding picture of you and your dad --TO.TA.LY. awesome.
dads are the best!!

that statement "I drove 800 miles for this" is hysterical