Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lunch at Costco - Winner!

Went to Costco with Camille to get my addiction fix.  There were no boxes of the sweet abrosia!  (Gasp!)
So, we walked through the store and ate all the samples instead!  It was lunch time and we really got our eat on!  Here are some of the sweet morsels we sampled:
trail mix
chicken enchiladas
turkey sausage
polish sausage
Progesso soup
roast beef
greek salad and chips
energy drink
trim diet drink
v-8 splash
cream puffs
It was a great lunch!   I have a question.  Since I don't normally do the sample thing, I was interested in watching how others did.  Do you:
Stand in line longer than a minute to get a sample?
Eat or drink the sample while standing in front of the sample table?
Listen to the sweet, patient, sample person tell all the benefits of the product before leaving?
Say "thank-you?"
Go back again? 
Just in case you're wondering about the lack of Benefiber....I went out of my way to another Costco and found some there!  I was so excited, not just because it was there, but it was only $2.99 a box!  That's a savings of $6.00!  I bought 5!
The winner of the "Grill It" Cookbook and M&Ms is:
I'm sure you'll want a few Benefiber pixie sticks too!!


Valerie said...

Sounds like a fun day!
I used to be a "demo" girl! I did pizzas and ocassionally ice cream. It was kinda fun. :) I didn't get to sample any myself, however! :)
If I take time for a sample, I usually "grab and go"!

And, congrats to Yvonne on winning your giveaway.

Kazzy said...

Mmmmmmm... potstickers. I could seriously live off of those things. I don't stand in line, but today at Reams I ate the sample in front of the sampler and then bought some of the stuff. But I had gone to buy that exact thing anyway (Brazilian sausage).

Mmmmmm... potstickers.

wendy said...

It is good to go to Costco --at lunch time---and get all those tasty samples.
I would hate to work as the sample person and have to explain the product to so many people. It would grind on my nerves.

and the post below. God bless those who "go the extra mile" and what great kids of yours....and friends

Camille said...

Congratulations to Yvonne!

Yes, it was a successful day. I'm glad that along with the list of samples, you didn't mention which ones we had TWICE! :)

Tracy said...

Happy Day for Yvonne!!

When my girls were little, they thought you were supposed to go to Costco for lunch!! ;-)

Heffalump said...

Hmmm...I listen to the spiel from the sample people unless there is a crowd of ravenous people around waiting on the samples.
I don't wait if they aren't ready, I just move on, and I don't circle back to look for the ones I missed either.
Our costco was doing a lot of those same samples today. My kids were pretty excited about it.
Congrats to Yvonne!

My name is PJ. said...

I love the samples lunch idea, Connie. My husband is the Costco Sample tester and he just goes up and grabs one....if he likes it, he goes back. Men have no shame!!

Sharon said...

Just so you know - Costco is having their Super Bowl Tasting event February 4,5,6. You could really almost feed your family!

Dorothy said...

Both sometimes I'm so preoccupied I forget to say thanks most of the time I do..I love demo stuff it tells me what I like and if I'm hungry which is most of the's a bonus..

dorothy from grammology

gigi said...

Congratulations Yvonne!!
I've been meaning to try those Benefiber drinks! I keep forgetting.

Small House said...

When my kids were smaller they liked going to Sams club on Saturday for the samples. I don't eat in front of the sample passer outers though. HOWEVER...I do feel guilty when I don't purchase what they're sharing. Weird hu?

Yvonne said...

I'm so happy--YIPPEE!!!!