Monday, February 1, 2010

Last of the January Birthdays

So far I have highlighted 4 people in my family who have birthdays in January.  Here are the last 3. (They're the cutest)

Ad (on the left) is a whopping 5 years old!

 Her birthday was at a local spa where they have a "Spoiled Rotten" room and the girls get to dress as princesses and walk down a runway.  Each girl changed her dress several different times!

Who can resist pretending to eat princess food!

Soon, they were served cupcakes the size of their head and some hot strawberry flavored drink with lots of whipped cream. 

Happy Birthday Ad!

Mr. T turned 1!

 He had a great time at his party.

After a dinner of pizza and subs,

  Games were played, including a rousing game of Twister...

Followed by a competetive squirt gun fight!

Happy first Birthday, Troy!

Izzy is 3 years old. 

She had a princess party where the games included, find the glass slipper, pass the poison apple and kiss the frog. 

Even the boys got in on that game!

The pinata was filled with toys and candy.

The princess cake and brownies were enjoyed by all!

She made sure everyone was properly thanked.

Happy Birthday, Izzy!

We're done with birthday celebrations until March!  Enjoy February!


Erin Ann said...

Yeah for January birthdays!!! The best people are born in January..hehe

Valerie said...

That kiss the frog game is hilarious!!!

Kristina P. said...

That is a lot of amazing birthdays!

Camille said...

Yes - birthday parties are the best way to beat the January blues - that and a game of kiss the frog :)

Christine Jensen said...

Happy Birthday to your January Birthday kids! The parties looked like so much fun. My oldest celebrates her 10th this we are taking over the birthday torch for the month of Feb :) (My niece and new Brother in Law also celebrate birthdays this month)

Heffalump said...

Fun! February, March and April are our busiest months for Birthdays in our family. Although, as far as just my household we have a birthday each month through June and then one in August, so we are nicely spread out.

The Garden of Egan said...

Wow, you are busy busy! Our birthday marathons are coming up this month and next 8 of them! Children and grandchildren. What I wanna know is what is with 9 months ago???

Julie Harward said...


Small House said...

SO DARN CUTE!! Boy I look forward to grandkids someday!

Kimmie said...

Loved the KISS THE FROG game! I think your January was more busy than ours was with birthdays!

WOW! Lots of treats and goodies with all of those parties to attend. Oh well, you just try and eat good the rest of the week so you can indulge on the birthday treats!

You're way that you describe things is SO funny and what a Joy it is to be able to associate with you! You always make me smile and laugh!

Happy February...hope it's a little less hectic for you!

Yvonne said...

Fun birthday celebrations. You sure had a bunch in January.

I think a birthday party at a Spa sounds perfect for a little girl--especially complete with a runway.

Ann Marie said...

Did you draw that frog?
It is darling!

I love those Barbie cakes!

Can I have my birthday in that spoiled rotten place? Big cupcakes and dressing up sounds good to me!

PS: Thanks for your e-mail and sweet notes on my blog. I appreciate my blog friends even more -- these past months. I am grateful for you! XO

gigi said...

I love birthday parties and birthday cake!! Those are some way cute grandkids you have there. So much fun :)

Michelle said...

Wow that's a lot of birthdays. I love the princess themed ones, both the fun at the pampered room and that way cool cake!

Jenny said...

You start the year off with a lot of celebrating! I love the princes dresses, very cute.

Kazzy said...

That's a lot of partying! Cute grandkids you have there. :)

Natalie said...

What cute birthday kids. Happy Birthday to them. Love the parties. Everyone looks like they had such a great time. Fun Fun!

Wow, you had a lot of yummy samples. Can't wait to go to Costco when we get back.

It's so awesome that your kids cleaned the house and left the wonderful note for you. That says a lot about you. Now I know that my suspicions that you are awesome are true.:)

Valerie said...

I've loved all your birthday posts this month! With so many birthdays, who has time to have the blahs, right? :)
Happy Birthday to every single one of the lucky January celebrants (did that make sense? I just made it up!)