Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is There A Barber In the House?

When a boy reaches the age of almost 5, he is given some rites and privileges.  Just ask Corban.  He'll start kindergarten AND barber school in the Fall!
The other day, while his mom was fixing a tile in the bathroom, Corban quickly and quietly got a pair of scissors from the kitchen drawer, went downstairs and did a makeover on his 3 year-old sister, Izzy.

Come on Corban, that rat tail is SO 80's! (side note - see Corban's toes in the top right of the picture?  That's his time-out spot)


Lucky for Izzy, her mom was able to save the disaster

and finish the makeover - with successful results!

Fast forward a week.  Corban, who must think he's Samson, finally consented to have a haircut.  Mom got out the clippers, then looked down (that was her mistake) to get the right sized guard.  Corban turned on the guard-less clippers and took a swipe on the top of his head.  I told you he was fast!

Mom made the most of the situation and aged him 70 years with this haircut.

Ahh, here he is.  All smiles and no hair! 

BTW, this was the conversation between Corban and his Dad the other night:
Corban, "Dad, I'm smarter than you!"
Dad, "Oh, why do you say that?"
Corban, "Because I have a hypothesis and you don't!"

Here's MY hypothesis:  Corban's kindergarten teacher better have eyes in the back of her head!


Frenchy chick said...

HAHAHA That's so cute!!! They all do that don't they. I am glad you have pictures. They will get a kick at looking at them later...

Julie Harward said...

Boys...they are full of it aren't they?! But what would we do without them>! Very funny, very cute! Come say hi :D

Jenny said...

Yikes! He really is quick to have shaved the top of his head.

Kimmie said...

Gotta love kids...YES, I went through that with Jade when it was little. He cut right down to the scalp with scissors so we had to give him a buzz cut. He hated and couldn't wait for his hair to grow back.

I can't believe your daughter had the where with all to cut his hair so funny during the process and snap photos. They're hilarious.

Izzy's hair "save" looks darling.

Oh to have a way with words like you do Connie. I always come away from your Blog happy and smiling.

Happy Weekend!

gigi said...

Izzy's hair cut is very cute on her. I love short hair on little girls. So many mama's want it to grow long but sometimes that isn't really that cute.
As for corban, I LOVE shaved heads. I love rubbing the top of little boys heads. I shaved my boys heads at the beging of summer ever year while they were syoung. They loved it and so did the rest of our head rubbing family.
Cute, post and oh so made me laugh.

Tracy said...

We've all been there, haven't we??!!! I have to admit, I wasn't as calm as your daughter!! Priceless...taking the time to get pictures of this event and being able to smile about it!!

Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne said...

That Corban must be some little character. I love the picture 2nd picture of him--HYSTERICAL. I think little boys with shaved heads look so cute.

Such a fun post.

BTW, I got your package. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

The Garden of Egan said...

OH. MY. HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm laughing so hard!
Ya, that kindergarten teacher better eat her Wheaties too.

Cherie said...

Oh my goodness a mischievious little boy with scissors! Ha ha
I remember when my oldest was 3 or 4 and cut off his sisters ling hair... I was so sad!
I love that your daughter made the best of it and gave her a cute short "doo" it looks adorable!!
The pictures of Corban are a crack up! What a cutie he is and I can see that sneaky twinkle in his eye!!!

Brenda said...

I believe Corban is quite a kid! He's quick, he's smart, he's inventive, and absolutely darling!! LOVE the hypothesis conversation!
GREAT story....just made my day!

Small House said...

OH DEAR.... What a sweet surprise. Even with less hair she is still adorable!

I like the 70 year old look. You should have dared him to wear his hair like that to school!!
Have a great day.

Kristina P. said...

Oh my goodness! Too funny.

Barbaloot said...

My nephew went through a hair-cutting stage and his mom would take him in the mirror to try and show him how silly he looked before she fixed things and he'd reply, "No, I look awesome!" She just keeps his hair short now:)

Camille said...

I'm still upset Rachael didn't leave the old-man haircut! he seemed pleased with it, at least! :)

Valerie said...

The things kids do! :) They both ended up looking cute, though! I love Izzy's short style! I think it's quite cute on her!
Curtis was a little scissor happy at that age too! But he cut the neighbor girl's hair. NOT GOOD! Her mom was very upset! :) In his defense, she cut his hair too.
Hopefully, Corban's teacher will watch her back AND keep an eye on the scissors.

Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh I am LOL!
I have never seen a cut like that 70's one on a child and it is hysterical! I am dying! ha-ha-ha

Both of the outcomes look good.
~ And maybe THIS time he will leave the tools alone? he-he..

Thanks for the laugh.. have a good weekend.

claudie said...

Came from my good friend Wendy. You are a hoot. Your grandkids are darling.
That little Corban oh boy oh boy. Trouble : )
About your passport, good on you girl. China wow I've been to Europe. Does that count lol
I've been wanting to make laundry soap forever. I've never seen it in the liquid form though? Being Canadian I'm not sure I can get some of that Fels stuff. I'm going to Fla. next month, hopefully I can pick some up. Going to party. Meeting some blogging girls. I can't wait for some sunshine.
Nice meeting you Connie and oh I ALSO LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK : )
Until next time
Love Claudie

wendy said...

You are positively right - Corban has a future in hair dressing. He will be a trend setter.

I bet mom almost fainted when she saw the job on her daughter.
The end product however was lovely for sure.

Ah Corban --watch out kindergarten. Hide the scissors.

Erin Ann said...

Izzy's hair looks great!! Maybe he should go into the biz, only drop the rat tail...that never looked good. Too funny!!

Joycee said...

That was a little freaky that the haircut made him look "old!" Thanks for coming by GrannyMountain for a visit today. Amazing that we have almost identical memories of wash day. Mom had the pant stretchers too and would sprinkle down the clothes and put them in a plastic bag and then an apple basket! So much dang work and I complain about having to iron a shirt or two! Have a great weekend...

Cindy Geilmann said...

Oh my heck, what a character. I died laughing.

Thanks for visiting me Connie. I always enjoy your comments.

Natalie said...

Ah yes, I also had a barber when my children were little. So, so funny although I didn't laught then. Corban is quite the busy little guy. I love Izzy's hair cut. She is adorable. Corban looks so cute to.
I taught K before and it was my very favorite grade to teach. It was soooo busy and so much work, but soooooooo fun. Spec. ed was my next fav, although I loved teaching 1st,3rd,and 4th too. Except for one really difficult year it was always "I get to go to school today not I have to go to work."
Your little road trip sound like so much fun. I can't wait to go on a rod trip to see all of my family.
Love the car!

My name is PJ. said...

Holy Cow!!!! And to think I always wanted to bean my sister for cutting my Barbie doll's hair!

This is too, too funny Connie!

Emma said...

lol I would have cried and then laughed....

Her hair looks cute thank goodness.

ANd I have to agree with you the teacher better be fast on her feet!!!

Michelle said...

I LOVE the 70s man picture. I did the same for my (balding) husband when I shaved his head the first time. However, being the mean mommy I am, I just might have left Corban's hair with the one piece in the middle missing and given him the same haircut I'd planned originally. It'll always grow back :)

Valerie said...

Oh my! Oh my!!!! I'd be afraid to have scissors in the house anymore. ;)

Valerie said...

My husband happened to be walking by the computer when Corban's picture came up. "Hey! That's MY hairdo!" he said. When I told him it was a 5 year old who had gotten a hold of the clippers, he laughed... HARD!!!

Thanks for the chuckle today!! And I would, most definitely, contact a barber school and see if they allow kindergarteners as students. I can see this boy has some talent!!

Blog Buddy said...

Laughed my guts out!!! Loved this story:)

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said... made me laugh so hard and out loud!! This was such a cute post and everything from the rat tail comment to the toes in the corners was soo funny! I so relate to Corbans mom...Hi, I am Elijahs mom...I understand!! I have a Corban and many of photos and times like that if he wasn't so cute...well we just won't talk about it! lol :) This was great, thank you! Oh...loved Corban as an old man too. lol

Hugs friend,

P.s. Thank you for linking me to your blog...3 entries for you! :)