Thursday, April 15, 2010

Feelin' Groovy

Have you noticed how music speaks to the soul?  When I hear music I am reminded of incidents, people, emotions, and era.

A few years ago, Jeanette and I were traveling the back roads to a store.  The song, "Feelin' Groovy" came on the radio. 
"Oh, I love this song!"  I said with fondness in my voice.  It brought the feelings of carefree school days to my remembrance.
We both began to sing, "Slow down, you're movin' too fast, ya got to make the mornin' last...."
Within seconds I noticed, in my rearview mirror, the colorful lights of the police car right behind me.

After a chat with the friendly police officer and a speeding ticket, "Feelin' Groovy" speaks to my soul a little differently now.  I really should have slowed down.
Does music evoke memories and emotions for you?


Garden of Egan said...


Speeding Gonzales!!!!

I love ya!

Yvonne said...


Hearing certain songs is like looking at photographs--my mind can be flooded with memories.

Kristina P. said...

Definitely! And sometimes, they aren't good.

Valerie said...

Music from the 80's (Jr. high/ high school days) brings back the most feelings/memories for me. When I hear a popular song from then, I can usually name the year and what grade I was in. Sometimes I don't have specific memories (like Feelin' Groovy) but the song will bring back emotions I was feeling... Sometimes they are bad, but mostly they are GREAT!!!

Heather said...

For sure! Just certain songs make me think of certain people and times in my life. There are so many.

Your story is hilarious! Now every time I hear that song I will think of you.

Valerie said...

Ahhh...the power of music. Or is it the power of cheese? I can never any rate, I am currently listening to a CD that my brother made me. It's a record we had when we were kids. A lovely recording done by the SMURFS and I know every single word to every song!

Ann Marie said...

Music is the same way for me!
I remember being 2 or 3 years old and sitting at A&W rootbeer ( hmburger place in Provo ) and hearing the BeeGees " How Deep is your Love" on the radio.

My parents LOVED a variety of music.. so I grew up appreciating it a lot!!

Camille said...

Did you fake the tears to avoid a ticket? Or did Jeanette bat her eyelashes?

gigi said...

Gosh, I hate when that happens!!!!!!

Tracy said...

Oh Man!!...your life is just too funny!!! :-)

Music is indeed a powerful tool!! I'm just sad, that you now have a new memory to go with the rest of your "Feelin' Groovy" memories!! ;-)

Cherie said...

Great story Connie - That would definately getting you feeling a little less groovy! ha Ha

Music totally speaks to me. My favorite radio station plays hits from "The 80's, 90's and today" and when a song comes on it takes me back to another time and place. I can recall special memories through songs. It is funny how music is powerful like that.

Kazzy said...

Yes, music is such a weird thing that way. Color My World from the 70s takes me to every stinkin' school dance I ever attended. The last dance usually ended up NOT being with the boy I wanted it to be with. Now I'm sad.

Small House said...

HOW FUNNY! Perfect song for that very moment. That song probably gives you a small pit in your stomach now. hahaha

I'm the same way with music. Journey, my sophomore year.

Have a great day.

Jenny said...

I have those moments with music. Yours has a beautiful twist to it now.

Dorothy said...

I love the emotions that music of all kinds gives me..and I'm sorry I laughed about your speeding ticket now that's a real hope all is well.

Dorothy from grammology