Saturday, April 24, 2010

A New Honda

We take care of a widow's yard in the neighborhood.  Last Saturday my hubs and son went to mow and trim her lawn. 

Ten minutes later my husband stood at the front door and announced, "The lawn mower isn't working." 

"Oh, OK", I said and continued with my vacuuming thinking that was the end of the conversation and that he was going to clean the spark plugs, or change the oil, or work some kind of magic on our 20 year old mower so it would run. 

I looked up and he was still standing at the door, looking at me. 
"What?" I asked.  He just stood there. 
Weird, I thought. 
 Then it dawned on me. 
 "Are you wanting permission to go buy a new mower?" 
Before he could answer I said, "Go ahead!", knowing that he'd go with or without permission. 
He and Jordan left.  I thought I sensed a smirk on their faces. 
An hour later, they returned with a new Honda mower.

The hubs took it out of the truck, tightened the handle, wondered to himself if he should read the instructions, shrugged, then started it up! 
It sounded like a champ. 
At that point, I saw our old mower at the side of the driveway. I primed it, pulled the rope and it too started right up! 
Jordan let out a laugh, Hubby stood there looking surprised. 
Jordan said, "Oh boy, we're in trouble now!" 

Unlike our old mower, the new mower is self propelled, mulches and starts on the first pull.

(google image only because there was no one to take the picture today!)

Thanks, honey!  You've made my job much easier!


Julie Harward said...

This is too funny...your hub is a fast mover..or should I say mower! Looks pretty'll have fun with it this summer! :D

Kazzy said...

I wonder if I could try that on some of the stuff around here. Honey, the windows won't open. We may need new ones. ;)

gigi said...

Excuse me!! Did you say 20 year old mower?? That is amazing! Seems like we have to get a new one every 8 to 10 years.

Maybe Tauna should use that trick on her old car that she has been threatening to shoot!
Cute picture!

Yvonne said...

Is there a man on the planet who reads instructions???

Hope the new mower keeps going for another 20 years.

Cheeseboy said...

That is one sweet ride!

Kerin said...

Hi there cupcake!
I had to laugh. We went through about the same thing a few years ago. The bonus was that now, we could have 2 kids mowing at the same time ;)
I do love the smell of fresh cut you can get that smell in half the time ! :)

Sondra said...

That was great!! Woman power - fixing the lawn mower and all..
Your son's reaction was great.
Still laughing! Loved the bottom picture and ending.. :-D LOL!

Camille said...

He learned his lesson after coming home with a new VCR all those years ago! :)

Kristina P. said...

Lucky you!!

It was good to see you again! Let me know if you decide to go with a new domain name.

Jenny said...

I have never had to mower a lawn. I don't think I could start one if my life depended on it.

Mikki said...

Too funny. SO, what do you think, was he truly dumbstruck when it started right up for you?

Teachinfourth said...

When I saw that the post was about a Honda, I was thinking of the car…bummer.

I remember my parents getting a used electric mower where I had to plug it in and use an extension cord to cut the grass…probably not the safest thing with those blades and a long cord carrying a current of electricity.

By the way, I clicked over via Abe's blog.

linda said...

Oh, this is funny, yet typical! Of course it worked when you started it up! Yep, typical!

Chrissy said...

LOL saw u on Adventures & Misadventures.. This post is funny, why do husbands do that? Do wives have that much control or is it fear the hubby's have? lol....Mine use to do the same thing...

Anonymous said...

Will be 39 years hubby and I been married this year.

Pamela WV

Dorothy said...

This is a priceless post, I'm still laughing..have a great week.

Dorothy from grammology

Amy said...

I say you can't go wrong by having two lawn mowers! Now the job can get done twice as long as there's two willing to do the mowing!

BTW, I found you off of Teachinfourth's blog!

Greetings from Nebraska!

Crustacean Queen said...

Love your lawn mower husband would do that same thing! I also love your self defense post. I love that your Relief Society sponsered it! Feisty Fiesta...something we might have look into! Thanks! Ü

BTW Teachinforth connection!

Kelly said...

Ha ha ha! That is too funny. We purchased the same Honda mower about a year ago and we love it. One lesson learned the hard way though, gas left in the tank over the winter will go bad and require a draining before the mower will start up again. That cost us some money we didn't expect to have to pay.

Kelly (came over from teachinforth)

Small House said...

Nice mower...and now that you have two working lawn mowers twice the work done. One for your son and the other for your husband. Let's just keep you out of it!!!

We need a new tiller. UGH!!!

Cherie said...

Holy Cow that is hilarious!!
I think you should try that..."Um sweetheart my oven doesn't seem to be working!!"

Guys love new toys though, and it sounds like it was time :D

Ann Marie said...


I actually LOVE to mow. Wierd.. yes.. but you know that. :)

Chad has a riding mower for the backyard.. and I used to use the push mower for the front yard.. Well.. when I was very pregnant 2 years ago.. he decided to try the riding mower up front.. and it worked.. so since then.. he has always just mowed it all.

I miss mowing. I told Chad that I want to buy a new mower ( for me ) and sell both of our old ones. :)

Crazy huh.. but I love to be in the yard.. and heaven knows I need the excercise!!

MBGITWWR said...

Aren't husbands just a little too clever at times? :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

KC said...

BUSTED!!! I guess every once in a while it's ok to let a guy buy something they really want! They don't get excited over new outfits or shoes!

The Jones Fam said...

I covet the Honda.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm glad your job is easier!

What a sweet hubby and son to do your neighbors lawn.

Tracy said...

Thanks for the Monday morning smile!! This is so true and typical of life...ours at least!!

Enjoy your new mower!! :-)

Gerb said...

That sounds JUST like something that would happen around here! Can you be my new hero? I am raising a large family and it is nice to see someone who has been there, done that and remained sane & happy. You inspire me!

Kimmie said...

Connie, I just LOVE the way you describe life! I am chuckling SO hard right now picturing the scenario in my mind.

Awesome for you that your hubby kept your mower running for 20years and I loved the comment about that you knew that your hubby would clean spark plugs, change the oil or work some kind of magic on your 20 year old mower to get it running.

What an awesome hubby your "Handy Andy" is and YAY that he has a new toy (and you do to) and your lawn mowing time will be cut in half by your new "pull on the first start, self propelled mulching lawn mower.

Happy Monday!

Heather said...

That is hilarious! We have an old mower that our neighbor gave us. I think it works better than the one he has. I feel bad. Sometimes I feel like we should give it back. When he gave it to us it's string was broken and we fixed it with a little oil. It has been a blessing!

Your new mower looks really nice!

Valerie said...

At least he asked..... right?!?!


Maybe you could send your old mower my way. My husband was mowing for the first time this season and the wheel fell off. He says that he doesn't think he can get it back on... after reading this story, I will question him a little harder on it. ;-)

Shauna said...

You won a book on my Book Giveaways blog :)
Congrats! Come see and please e-mail me your mailing address :)