Monday, May 31, 2010

China Bound!

Ni hao!
The time has come! 

After 6 months of anticipation and planning, I'm leaving for China...tomorrow!  I have my passport and China visa and I'm almost ready!   I've been given lots of advice;  everything from - take 500 one-dollar bills with me to take 2 Tablespoons of Pepto Bismol before each meal! 

My son counseled me NOT to wear a fanny pack and a camera around my neck or I'll look like a tourist.  So...if my 5'10" frame, size 11 shoes, white skin, blue eyes, and gray hair don't give me away as a tourist, the fanny pack will!   I've been told to prepare to have people stare at me and even have their picture taken with me!  Keep your eye on the Asian you-tube for videos of the "Great White Height!"

I've given my husband a tutorial on how to upload pictures to my blog throughout the 2 weeks I'm gone.  I won't be able to visit your blogs while in China but I'll see you when I return.  Take care! 

I gotta run.  I need to buy a fanny pack!
Zai jian (farewell)


Garden of Egan said...

That is going to be so fun! I hope you get pictures of little asian people taking pictures of you.

I think you are really missing out on an opportunity to have your son steal your blog while you are gone instead of the hubs.
I think there would be some entertaining posts.

Kerin said...

Have a wonderful, and safe trip!!!!
Most of all.....have a blast !!

Anonymous said...

Have the best time! My mom was there for a few months, and was terrified by some of the food. Other than that, she was amazed and awed by the sights and the people. Enjoy!!

Kimmie said...

YAY!! I am SO excited that you have this opportunity to go on this trip. I LOVE your humor and thinking of the "great white height" and people rushing to take photos with you makes me laugh!!

All you can take with you is memories!! Take lots of photos because those are the best souvenirs ever.

2 weeks in China will be the most amazing 2 weeks of your life!! Someday, I hope to travel to Asia myself.

Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about all of the culture and beauty you will be seeing!!

Enjoy your trip...we will miss you, but will LOVE when you return.

I just love your friendship! Be safe and most of all HAVE FUN!!!!

gigi said...

Conie, you will be so missed. I can really wait to see your pictures?? Gonna be hard! Be safe and have fun!!

Valerie said...

Have a wonderful time! You have a great tour guide, so I'm sure your trip will be fabulous.
You'll blend right in, don't worry about it! :)
Glad Andy will be posting pics for thing ya know, he'll have his own blog.

Yvonne said...

You are going to love it. ENJOY EACH AND EVERY MINUTE. (One additional piece of advice--carry tissues for the bathrooms ; )

Have a fabulous time and be safe.

Kristina P. said...

Oh, you will have an incredible time!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Connie-Have the best time, Sweets! What an adventure!! I cannot wait to see your pictures! Enjoy!! Lori

Barbaloot said...

Have fun! And touristy or not, those fanny packs are pretty darn convenient!!

Connie said...

Yvonne, Thanks for the advice. I've heard that their "restrooms" aren't very restful! By the time I get back, I should have some good leg muscles from squatting!

Tauna, your wish is my command. Dan WILL be the one posting. Hang on to your hat!

Kelly said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. The natives are aggressive so be prepared. Also have fun shopping for dirt cheap North Face brand stuff. I loved China.

Cheeseboy said...

Fanny pack = tourist?! Who would have guessed?

Have a terrific time!

Camille said...

Bon Voyage! I'll bet you can't wait to see all the updates on your blog when you return! :) we'll miss you!

Valerie said...

What a wonderful vacation!! I hope you have a great time!!

Brenda said...

Oh my...I am so excited to see all the pictures from your trip AND I'm pretty excited to see what your "guest" blogger will post!
Hope you have a safe, fun, wonderful trip!!!