Monday, May 31, 2010


I was hoping to be in bed by now since I have to get up at 3-ish to leave at 4:15-ish to get to the airport for my flight! Just need to get a few things out of the dryer and my packing will be complete.  I learned today that many places are closed for Memorial Day!  Places I needed to have open.  I've procrastinated...again.  I really don't need to take any medicine for the next 2 weeks since the pharmacy was closed - and who needs a haircut anyway!  No one will notice my long, unkempt hair!
A change of plans for my blog updates.  My son, Dan, (the one who hijacked my blog a few months ago) has my new password and he's ready and willing to keep the sacredness of my blog!  (please let that be true, please let that be true)
So, from now and for the next 2 weeks, whatever is written on this blog will be done by Dan.  I can't access blogger from China so it will feel like being in a coma;  slightly aware that something is going on around you but unable to do anything about it.  Hang on to your hats folks, it's about to get fabulous up in here!


Garden of Egan said...

You are going to be sooooo tired!
BUT your hair looks great. No worries.
You were beautiful on Saturday.
Besides all those short people are going to want to have samples of your beautiful hair so let them cut it for you!

I'll miss you and look forward to what you'll blog about.

As for Dan hijacking your blog...personally I'm pretty dang excited. I can hardly wait to see what he does.
Be nice Dan.
But please do entertain!

Valerie said...

Sorry that you weren't able to get everything done! Maybe they have a hair place at the airport? :)

I can not wait to see what Dan has in store for us! I'm sure he'll keep the blog tame and demure!!!

Have a great trip! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return.

Kazzy said...

Yay! I mean I like when you write your own posts, but...Yay!

Have fun, Connie-san.

Kerin said...

We are in for some entertaining posts, I'm sure.
Maybe Dan can also post some yummy recipes :)
Have fun and be safe !!

Yvonne said...

It will be fun to read whatever Dan writes.

Have a great time.

Tracy said...

Have a blast!!

I'm looking forward to Dan's posts with pictures!! ;-)

Wishing you safe and fun travels!

Darla said...

Have fun Connie, Like you I have procrastinated. I wanted to do a special Bon Voyage but I ran out of time trying to fit too many things into the day. Hope you have a safe and wonderful journey! Although I know you won't see this until you get back or never because you will be too tired to read every comment :-D. But I hope you have a wonderful time!

Barbaloot said...

I don't know how to say Bon Voyage in Chinese...but have fun!!

Jenny said...

Did you give him a few rules and guide lines?

Enjoy your trip!

Looking forward to see what Dan does with your blog.

Oscar + Lia Rosales~Revealed said...

Just want you to know that Jill has an AWESOME Mom!! Have fun in China!! Luvs to u from the Rosales family!!

Ann Marie said...

Have the funnest time!
I'm back.. and your leaving! Figures! :)

Jenny said...

Have a wondrous trip Connie! I bet you will have amazing tales when you get back! Travel safe!

FabuLeslie said...

Have a great great time. We'll be here when you get back!!

wendy said...

Going to China --holy freaking fortune cookie. That's amazing.
Why are you going there ---who are you going to see---what are you going to do-----questions???
Be careful, don't talk to anyone you can't stare in the eye HA HA HA HA.

KC said...

So, is Dan actually going to POST on your blog...or is he going to be as successful as he is with his OWN blog?

LKP said...

ha ha ha. sacredness being the key word. have fun on your trip.

for some reason your last line, in my head i read it with a madea accent:
"it's about to fabulous up in he-areh!"

i've been giggling ever since. =)