Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I SurVivEd!

So...Here I am 55 years old (don't look at the color of the hair) and have never had a root canal. I was told a year ago that I needed one but because of fear I would talk myself out of the tooth pain I was feeling at the time. For the past month I've had a dull tooth ache and decided to bite the bullet and get it taken care of. Now, I really can't say that I Hate the Dentist because, after all, I'm sure he's a nice sadist with a family. But I hate going to the dentist; the drill, the shots, the expense and if you decide to watch the TV that's up on the ceiling you can't hear it over the drill or see it because the dentist and his assistant are blocking the view. How aggravating is that?

So, here I am before I went in! Just a little history. I met this dentist 2 weeks ago. All he did was put cold on my teeth and I writhed in pain like a real wimp, then I almost bit his finger because he decided to put his hands in my mouth when I decided to talk. What does he expect? Anyway, I think if we could see a picture of him before I went in, it would look alot like this...except younger, with dark hair, male, and with more money.

I got the root canal done and a FREE bottle of water! Woo-hoo!
Look how happy I am now!
I was feeling pretty good until I was told that getting the crown is even worse! Oh well, that just means more laughing gas!


wendy said...

It is fun to have someone close to my age as a blogger. That was funny --love the photo of the old lady with ONE tooth. I. HATE. THE. DENTIST. the whole experience is frightening and darn right icky.

Valerie said...

That was hilarious! Love the pics...too funny :)

Joanie said...

So happy you survived the root canal.I can hardly wait to see you in the morning to see your new look. You must be feeling okay to be able to do your blog. Hope the feeling lasts all night long.

Kazzy said...

I can't believe I forgot to read your blog yesterday! Your photos are priceless!

I can't believe you have gone sooo amny years without a root canal! :) I hope the pain goes away soo. And the crown pain goes away fast. Just some sore gums. So worth it.

What "new look" is Joanie talking about? Is it what I think it is?

Glad Wendy is following you! She is a crack-up!