Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just Another Day

Last night I was driving me 'n my homies (counselors and secretary) to visit a friend in a rehab center. We were on the freeway when we heard a pop or was it a bop? I didn't think much about it then heard it again. I looked to see if there was a truck that might be flipping rocks but didn't see anything.
Pop! Bop! I asked the ladies in the back if they were doing something to make the noise, after all, it was April Fools Day. They assured me that they weren't and they looked a little nervous.
Bop, Pop, Clunk!
I should make note here that the car we were in is 20 years old. Usually when there are noises like that in an older car, you find yourself at the side of the road, embarrassed, frustrated and on your cell phone for a tow truck or a husband to come and fix it!
I found I was slowing down a little thinking I should pull off at the next exit to check it out.
"It's probably your antennae."
"Yes, I can see a shadow of it waving around!"
Just then a car drove by and the driver did something with one finger toward our car. I'm going to say that she pointed at the car. Yes...I'm sure that's what she did. I moved to the right lane, ready to exit.
It sounded like Lord of the Dance on top of my car...then....silence. I looked in the side view mirror to see something long and dark flying behind and landing in the lane next to us. An unsuspecting car ran over it and I couldn't bear to look any longer, besides. I was driving. (Sorry if you were the one to run over it)
We got to our destination and checked the damage. Antennae still in place?! What else could it be? It was then I noticed the moulding on the top of the windshield was missing!

We had the windshield replaced a month ago! I sure hope it's under warranty. Believe me, Diamond Glass will get a phone call today.


Kazzy said...

Yipes! No kidding! A little duct tape should do the trick though until then.

And while you're at it, why don't you tape a spoiler on the trunk and lower the body a little.

Camille said...

Who needs a windshield anyway? Just pop it out and pretend it's a convertible!
Jake would be so jealous!

Valerie said...

You are killin' me here! Good thing no one was home when I read this. I laughed right out loud! Brought back some good memories (and some funny ones, too)

jill langston kaufusi said...

I hope some parts fall off my car soon. I need a story to tell. My blog is getting BORING!

wendy said...

I am laughing -- you are so like me. Continue driving despite "unidentifiable" noises. Once I was driving and kept hearing a thud, thud slap slap noise. What the heck?? I keep driving to my friends and asked her husband to drive my car around the block and see if he could identify the noise. Ah, wendy - he says --your tread is peeling off your tire. OOOPS