Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where Are We Going?

I work in a special ed kindergarten class. Several times a week, specialists will take a child out of our class for speech, OT, PT, ESL, or testing. One little girl always asks if she can go with the specialist. Since she doesn't need to be pulled out for services, she is always disappointed. Her three year IEP came due and she needed to be tested. When the specialist came in the room and asked if he could take this little girl, she was very excited. With a skip in her step, she accompanied him out of the room, then turned and looked up at him and asked, "Where are we going?"

It reminded me of my youngest son, Jacob. Up until he was 10 years old, he would climb in to the van as we were leaving the house, buckle his seat belt, look out the window until we were a few blocks away from the house, then ask, "Where are we going?"

"We're going to clean out manure from some horse stalls!" "We're going to help old Mrs. ________ (fill in the blank) clip her toe nails!" Or worse - "We're going to a nice restaurant where there are no french fries or play grounds!"

Of course, he no longer wanted to accompany me on my expedition, but it was too late. I was a woman on a mission and couldn't turn around to take an unsuspecting child home.

Sometimes I am like my son and the girl in my class. I skip through life, not paying much attention to what's going on around me. That causes some real problems when reality hits me in the face!

If we're not careful, we can be misled and confused about the things going on in the world. Or we may run into a pole or trip over a child looking for Easter eggs! Is it true that ignorance is bliss?

Now, where was I going with this?


Jill Kaufusi said...

poor jacob. he's been tutored at the vet 6 times and doesn't even remember.
and please don't trip over me tomorrow when i'm pushing all the kids out of my way to get all the candy. diet starts monday!
love you mommers

Kazzy said...

I have to admit that I might have laughed if you had tripped over Z, but I would have made sure you were ok first!

I agree about getting buckled and then finding out a block away where we are going. We get caught up in the wave sometimes. We are busy people.

And, like C, sometimes I want to go to ESL and see what is going on down the hall too! Really. I mean it.

gigi said...

Where ever you go there you are! Isn't that a country music song?
Happy Easter.