Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

Saturday was a fun day of Easter egg hunting with the kids. The rain came in spurts. We were able to get it done between the storms.
Not sure what Keiti's doing. Maybe a victory dance.

I know what she's doing here. A game of Lookey!

Corban needs to check this egg out to see if it's worth keeping.

Even Jacob got in on the act. If you could compare his basket with the others, you'll see that he has done this before.

Cyrus is scoping out the area for more eggs. Such a happy boy.

Even though this is Kelsey's first time finding eggs, she knows just what to do.

I spy with my little eye...Izzy is off to get another one.
Emily is trying to humor me by holding still for a few seconds before she's off again.
Jill knows how to hunt for eggs. Just look in the nearest basket!

And of course, Easter wouldn't be complete without the "unwrapping of the candy" dance. Especially with "Little Red Riding Hood" playing in the back ground. Remember the stereo we inherited? That record was part of the collection!

Hooray for Easter! Hope all of you enjoyed your family during this time.


gigi said...

So glad that the rain let up so yall could hunt your eggs! Looks as if everyone had a great time.

Your little dancer is just to cute. Loved it!

Happy Monday morning to ya!

Ann Marie said...

I like to dance when I get candy too! Sooo cute!!

Love you take on everyone's egg hunting.. You have a darling family..

We escaped the rain too! YAY!

Kazzy said...

Love the candy dance. Sometimes I do that too when I get a Toblerone and nobody is watching!

A nice big family, candy, and a camera. What else do you need?

wendy said...

All these Easter shots I have seen on everyones blogs are so fun. It is just such a fun time of year. I didn't have anyone over this year --they were all with the "other" side of the family. DANG.