Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shoot for the Stars!

I have always loved music. I love listening to music and I love singing BUT I have NEVER had a nice singing voice.

When I was in Primary, I was told that I sing really loud! We all know that's not a compliment. We have kids in our school class who sing really loud and that's all I'm going to say about that.

When I was in Junior High, my friends were in Girl's Glee and had so much fun that I decided to audition. I went in an area off the choir room and screeched and squawked my way through a song for the teacher. (I didn't realize that you don't have to sing soprano if you only have the range of an alto) The look on the teacher's face was one of pain and amusement. She said, "Well, you sure woke me up this morning!" "I'll take the recordings of all auditions and have my committee listen to them."
I was mortified when I realized others would actually be listening to my feeble attempt at singing. Needless to say, I didn't join my friends in Girl's Glee.

Even after that experience, I still sing in the choir at church. As long as I am surrounded by altos, I'm OK.

The other night I went to an emergency preparedness meeting at a church in town. A woman, whom I had never seen before, sat down beside me. We sang an opening hymn, "Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel." This is a song that I've sung many times and have the alto part memorized. At the end of the song, she leaned over and quietly said, "You have a beautiful voice!" I was in shock. No one has ever used those words when describing my singing. I quickly looked at her ears.... no hearing aids, then realized..... she was serious!

I could have kissed her! Not just because of what she said but because she had just eaten a Reese's peanut butter cup.

Next year.....MoTab!


Kazzy said...

I laughed good and hard at the Reese's comment!! But listen, I have told you you can sing. It is true. I have heard you singing at work and have always thought you were great. Belt it out, girl!

Camille said...

The world revolves around music and there is a song for every occasion, is something we've all grown up knowing - having learned from your example! Of course you have a beautiful voice! It's because of all the years of practice you've had "belting it out" throughout all these years! Keep it up and at this rate, you WILL make it to MoTab!

Joanie said...

As you know the loud singers are my absolute favorite. Such character. Keep it up and you will see you are really going places.

Ann Marie said...

Oh goody. Then I can see you up close and personal at conference!!

Ya.. I feel the same way you do..
I am not confident at all with it.. but sometimes friends will comment. I'm like.. Shhh... Ward choir director may hear. :)