Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Break Travels!

I'm back! We had a wonderful time! Here is a quick (like our trip) synopsis of our take on New York City.
Candice and Emily at Rockefeller Center. We were hoping to get on TV at the Today show but it was so COLD and rainy that we decided it wasn't worth standing and freezing outside while Al, Meredith, and Matt were sitting snuggly inside. We knew they weren't fools enough to come out and talk to anyone. Besides we had places to go...people to see...! Can we say "sour grapes?"
Emily was excited to see the "Green Lady" so we decided that would be high priority on our list of things to do. This is one of the many pictures we took of Em with the Statue of Liberty wannabe. He had some great poses.
We took the ferry out to the islands. We didn't get off, just went along for the ride. I know, lots of money for a short ferry ride, but, Emily; being able to say she saw the Statue of Liberty up close and personal, priceless.
Let's throw in a picture of the subway ride to Times Square. There's no way we could have taken this picture while traveling to Battery Park. We were standing and using both hands to hang on! We had the whole car to ourselves at this and the nice French speaking women who took our picture.

Lion King! What a fabulous, amazing, breath taking play! I would go see that again in a heart beat! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Thanks again Candice and Emily for such a fun, memorable, whirlwind of a trip! Let's do it again!
I'm just glad I have the rest of Spring break to recover!


Joanie said...

All your pictures look great and it seems like you were able to see all the places you had on your list. I am sure Emily will remember this trip for ever. What fun memories you are making with your grandchild. So many more places to go and see.

wendy said...

Whirwind trips are sometimes the best. Neat photos. grab a nap and DO IT AGAIN.

Kazzy said...

Looks so fun! Emily will never ever forget this trip. I wish I could go somewhere, besides back and forth to the laundry room. See you soon.

jill langston kaufusi said...

It's a good thing you speak French and were able to ask the ladies to take your picture.

gigi said...

I so want to see the green lady! I've yet to go to the big city. Been to NY state, just not the city. Lucky you.

Kazzy said...

LOL, Jill!