Sunday, April 5, 2009

How Do YOU Watch Conference?

Conference weekend is a great time to relax, renew, recommit, and spend time with family. We all convened at Candice and Andy's home Sunday morning for brunch and conference watching. Camille downloaded a conference packet for the older kids that included a Bingo game that is won by covering the words that were said during the conference talks with cereal or candy.

(Here's Camille explaining the game.)

It started well. Everyone loaded up a plate with breakfast casserole, biscuits and gravy, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and fruit. (Have I mentioned I need to lose weight?)
(Notice the finger marks on the chocolate frosting. They're not big enough to be mine.)

We sat down just in time for the opening prayer. With arms folded, most of the children were quiet, ready for a spiritual experience with the family.
Five minutes later, Emily had won the Bingo game twice. Corban and Cyrus were running and playing.
(Izzy with her cereal snacks.)
The little girls had eaten all the cereal from the Bingo game and were fighting over toys. Adalyn and Emily were dancing and chasing. Parents were correcting children, changing diapers, breaking up fights, and visiting with each other.

If anyone can hear the speaker, please raise your hand!

Almost 2 hours later, President Monson spoke. We gathered the kids together, thinking they might listen. It got quiet as one by one the kids left to take a nap or play in the playroom. By the time the closing prayer was said, it was quiet again.

(Emily and Grandpa listening to Pres. Monson.)

We said our good-byes and left; physically fed, tired, happy, and thankful for a large, happy, healthy, and noisy family...and for rebroadcasting on Channel 11!


wendy said...

What a great day!! Close familys are so rewarding. My husband is not LDS, but I love conference, so when it comes on I turn it on --quite LOUD-- so he ends up hearing by default, but sometimes, alas, he goes into his office, shuts the door and listens to his sports radio. He did always come in to hear Pres. Hinckley talk though.

Joanie said...
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Joanie said...

Reading all your stories and seeing the pictures reminds me of when my kids were young and we spent many hours with 10 other cousins. It was loud and crazy but unforgettable. I have so much to look forward to when Trish has her 10 kids.

Kazzy said...

Family traditions are da bomb! You guys are so good at it!

jill langston kaufusi said...

Looks like it was Troy who got into the frosting!

Camille said...

Actually, I think I was stealing the girls' apple jacks from their Bingo cards.
Fun post, Mom - but not as fun as the actual Sunday morning Conference session! :)

Ann Marie said...

Chaos is good.

I love that we are fortunate to watch it on TV and be with our families.. Even though my kids were not sitting in front of the TV for more than 2 talks during all of Sunday.. There was a special spirit throughout.. We turn on every TV radio and you cannot escape the talks..:)
Now... if they could all just be in sync.. :)

gigi said...

Connie, thank you for commenting on my blog and please come back any time.

I loved seeing all these precious children and thinking that it's always good to have these talks come out in the Ensign because we were out of town keeping our Grand~girls and had no way to watch GC. Can't wait to check it out on line or read the talks. I really did miss it.

The Jones Fam said...

You just made my day when I discovered that you now have a blog!!! I read it with pure enjoyment. You sure have a good-looking posterity! Great to see what you're up to.


nic said...

This makes me miss Conference with the family even more! Next time Conference party in Albuquerque.