Friday, April 24, 2009

That's About the Size...

Where you put your eyes....That's about the size of it!

This is an old Sesame Street Song....anyone remember it?

Perspective is an interesting thing.

When Andy, my husband, was 45 years old, he had a heart condition that required some surgery. After the surgery, two men were wheeling him from the recovery room to the cardiology floor. One said, "Let's take this young man to his room!"
It made me smile. What if Andy was a new father at the age of 45, what would have been said about him then? "Show this old duffer to the nursery!"

We built a house in Gilbert, Arizona during the summer months. We were roofing in 113 degree weather. It was blistering (literally) hot. Going from the roof into the unfinished house, it felt so cool and nice but when a friend came in from her air conditioned car, she complained about the scorching heat inside the house.

My boys, Dan and Dave, loved to do tricks on their bikes. They'd have the neighbor kids lie on the sidewalk then they'd ride their bikes up a ramp and jump over the foolish kids. To hear them describe their daring feat, they flew hundreds of feet and while in the air, did handstands, shot a gun, and changed their clothes. When in reality, they barely jumped over the neighbor kids and when they hit the sidewalk the bike was wobbly. (sorry boys)

Everyone has a different perspective. We need to have some understanding because we don't always know where they "put their eyes."


wendy said...

First - I am rarely first how cool. Perspective is huge isn't it.

gigi said...

Great lesson taught here!! We all need to be more aware! Blessings for a happy weekend!

The Newest Mexicans said...

Hurtful lies, that's how you operate. There was nothing wobbly about our bikes upon landing! ALSO, the only reason we didn't shoot guns while we were drifting magically in the air, was you didn't allow them. You were always jealous of our riding skills.

I'm GLAD I always used the peanut butter knife in the jam jar. There, I said it.

Connie said...

So that was YOU! I always blamed your Dad!

Kazzy said...

So true about perspective! I have found that when I have traveled somewhere and come home I feel so thankful for my house, even though when I am home all the time I can't wait to leave!

And I always use the same knife in the pb and jam jar.

jill langston kaufusi said...

What is a dinky-witch?