Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Friendly Folks in Orem

Andy and I went to the Timpanogas Storytelling Festival a few weeks ago. We arrived at the Scera Shell, in Orem, just minutes before it started. Once we got there, it appeared that every person in Utah Valley was there. We had taken a blanket to sit on but there wasn't a place to put it! It was wall-to-wall chairs and blankets! The closest place was down to the side of the stage. We would be able to hear but not see. It was getting dark so we figured it would be a great time and place to make-out. (yeah, right)

We had just put down our blanket, when a woman came up and told us she had room for us on HER blanket! (There goes our plan!) We promptly got up and followed her as she searched the crowd for her place. In the meantime, another woman came and told us there were 2 chairs by her group that we could sit in. We thanked the first woman, who was still searching, and followed the second. We were a few rows back from the stage and enjoyed the storytelling in a comfortable, molded, plastic chair.
When it was over, we thanked the woman again, and walked to our car. We talked about how interesting it was, that, with all the hundreds of people who had to sit off to the side of the stage, we were singled out to have better seats. As we pondered it, we both realized why. It's the white hair! Sheesh, I'm 56, NOT 86! Andy laughingly suggested that maybe the people thought he was a good guy to take his MOTHER to the festival! (He was taking his life in his own hands with that comment)
Just so you know, not only are the people in Orem friendly, they take care of the elderly!


Kristina P. said...

The white hair throws people off with age!

I've never been to the Storytelling festival, but I've always wanted to go.

Kazzy said...

OK, now the whole make-out prospect is really grossing me out! LOL

Nana said...

No, No, it was because they did not want to watch two people w/ white hair making out!!! Remember you were in Orem.

(I am not knocking Orem, although I think people there drive like maniacs. They want to get home to make out. I just figured that out.)

gigi said...

That's really cool to have lucked up like that :) That happened to me in an airport one time. The ticket agent picked me out of the line and sat me in First Class, what a treat. BTW, I never miss an opportunity to make out, for real!

Ann Marie said...

What?? No way would they think you were his mother.. sheesh..

There is NICE people in Happy Valley... I think..:)

Jill Kaufusi said...

Mom. I'm going to barf.

Yvonne said...

I didn't know they had a storytelling festival. I wonder if my daughter, Heidi, knows about that.

LOL at the making out comment ; ) Two thumbs up.

I think people in Orem are just nice--I've always felt very loved when I'm there--but then again I'M EVEN OLDER THAN YOU ; )

The Garden of Egan said...

My hubs has had gray hair forever, but he's young (well he once was)
On a man it looks great, not on me. I color every 3 weeks (gotta keep those roots covered) however, reading your post makes me think that I could get special privelidges by being know....older.
Sounds like it was a good time. Sorry you didn't get to make out though, bummer.

Cherie said...

Ha Ha That is funny. I would just take it!! Better seats - Oh yeah!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Connie,
This sounds like a magical and enchanting evening for you all!
I would enjoy going to something like this. We lived in Utah when I was a young child. My father was in th AF and my youngest sister was born there. I still remember how beautiful it was with the stunning mmountains. LOVED it! What a lovely photo you took.

Thank you very much for you kindness and support on my latest post. I really appreciate wonderful blog friends like you.
You're the best!

~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa :)

Barbaloot said...

Wow-I had no idea that was so popular. I have a couple nieces and nephew that were participating. Hope you liked it:)

Heidi said...

Hello I love your blog, It was nice to meet you. Please stop by and see me some time.


Valerie said...

Again, you leave me speechless! You are sooo funny! I laughed right out loud (for reals!) when I read this post!

KC said...

Speaking of being old..why do you have to work? Your postings are not coming as frequently and I miss reading what you post...because you are SO FUNNY!
And, I do have to agree with Jill.

Anonymous said...

How great that you got to go. I have wanted to attend this for the last few years. But have not made the time for it or miss the date when they are having it. Sorry you did not get to make out!

Rachy Maree said...

People are always offering me their seats, and I only have a few gray hairs.

debbi said...

Oh yea...the older couple...Then why were you going to "make-out" I haven't even tried that for years. And since you couldn't...I wonder is it still the same???? You know things are not as up lift-ed as it use to be... well, since you reminded me we'll give it a whirl... So all you young'ens LOL. .. It probable really is funny. Tyler says too much info. Love to ya Debbi