Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Autumn is my favorite season!
Beautiful colored leaves.
Cool, crisp nights.
Harvest of pumpkins, apples, and potatoes.

Fall decorations.
These cute blocks were made by Lori, you should check it out!

We get to wear layers and funky glasses!



Cherie said...

Great minds think alike!!

I just finished my post for tomorrow but delayed it - same subject - I absolutely LOVE Fall too. I am finding that more and more people are saying it is their favorite season.
I always thought most people loved summer best.
Autumn is awesome!

Anonymous said...

We are ready for fall here. I am looking forward to the leaves changing colors.

Yvonne said...

I love autumn, too. (Even if it means WINTER is right around the corner ; )

gigi said...

Love the blocks and the cutie pie wearing the funky glasses is even cuter! I let the GRANDs put out my fake pumpkins Sunday before church. They were so excited.
Fall is not my favorite but I'll take it for the cooler weather, so BRING IT ON!!

Camille said...

The funky glasses are the only reason I like the colder weather! (and the changing colors of the leaves, Halloween decorations, Halloween candy, hay rides, hot chocolate, stylish jackets, pulling out my box of sweaters, caramel apples....)

Natalie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's so nice to have you for a bloggy friend.
I love fall too. It's beginning to be fall here too. The leaves are just starting to drop and it's a bit cooler. I will see how the fall really is very soon.
I love your blog. You are very witty and fun to read.
I've never heard of the storytelling festival, but if I'm ever in Orem in the fall, I will surely go. I love storytelling, both listening and telling.

Kimmie said...

Autumn is definitely my favorite time of year as well. Lots of wonderful memories and good times with my family are associated with fall.
I love the crisp in the air, the "Slower pace" as outside projects come to an end. I LOVE wearing sweaters and layers. LOVE pumpkins, colored leaves and autumn holiday decor and LOVE homemade pies made from the fruits of the season!

It's SO much fun to visit peoples Blogs and see how we all kind of think alike, but have our own "flare".

Your photo of your granddaughter is hilarious!!

As I'm looking at your side bar I am noticing you have been one BUSY lady canning LOTS of yummy garden produce!! You're amazing and ambitious!
Have a wonderful day enjoying the first day of Autumn!

Heidi said...

Fall is a lovely time. It brings out so many nice qualities in people. And people in general are just nicer around the holidays, except for Christmas shoppers lol. Have a great week, love the little girl in glasses shes a doll.

Blessings to you and yours,

Heffalump said...

I love Autumn as well. The only thing I DON'T like about it is that it starts to get dark so early, especially after Daylight Savings...

The Garden of Egan said...

So Cute!!! I love the little darling wearing the glasses. I'm not too happy about the layers though, I'm not ready for cold.

KC said...

Can't we wear funky glasses year round? I think they make such a WONDERFUL fashion statement! Adorable!

Valerie said...

Me Too! Me Too! I love Fall. And today is a delicious 61 degrees!
And funky glasses make any season a delight, especially when perched atop such a cute little face!

Small House said...

I do love fall...however, with fall means winter which really freaks me out. Living in Cache Valley winter is LONG AND COLD!!! Sometimes we drive over to Brigham and sit in the Walmart parking lot to escape the fog and muck. BUT YES I LOVE FALL TO.

AND...if I won a million dollars, I'd probably go part time. YEP...that's what I'd do.
Have a great day.

Kazzy said...

I LOVE Fall too! The bite in the air. Yummy!

The Newest Mexicans said...

No, do NOT bring it on. I am not ready or willing to be bitten by the air.

Ad, Elton called... wants his glasses back!

-your fravrite Niece, Nichole