Friday, December 11, 2009

Let The Season Begin!

We went to the Mormon Taberbnacle Choir Christmas Concert Thursday night! 
I don't want to bore you but I'm going to give a few details.  We left at 5:00 from South Utah County and didn't get to the Conference Center until 7:15 because of the traffic!  Andy dropped us girls (Camille, Rachael- my DIL, Darla- my friend, and me) off at the Center as he left to park the car.  Our seats were in the balcony AAALLLL the way to the west wall.  We could almost see what was going on backstage!   At first I was disappointed about our seats but was grateful to be out of the cold so I relaxed and knew it would still be a good concert. Forty minutes later, Andy was still parking the car!  I told Camille that he'll be able to find us since my silver hair is a beacon.  Camille told me that it wasn't the case in there.  I looked around and saw over a dozen  people around me with the same color of hair!  They were all 30 years older than me....or were they? 
Andy arrived and the concert started. (They weren't waiting for him, that's just the way it was)  As I sat there, I realized that even though we were off to the side of the stage, the sound was amazing, the choir was astounding and we really could see what was going on in the wings!  (Nothing scandalous, but interesting to see the set up)
Natalie Cole came out and seemed out of breath when she talked.  She had a kidney transplant this summer and is recovering from that.  She may not have been at the top of her game but she was beautiful, sincere, and according to Rachael's mom, who is in the choir, very kind and gracious!.
David McCullough is like a kind grandfather as he told the story of Winston Churchill coming to the U.S. to meet with President Franklin Roosevelt weeks after the Pearl Harbor attack.
It was a beautiful concert.  Along with many beautiful Christmas songs, the choir sang  my favorite, "O Holy Night".  There are many artists who perform that song.  My favorites are Josh Groban and Michael Crawford.  Neil Diamond's version is my least favorite!  But the Choir's rendition was angelic!  I'm so glad I went, the Christmas season has now officially begun!
The Crown Burger dinner after the concert was good too!

Rachael, Camille, Me, Darla
These pictures were taken with my phone.  Not very good but I think you can still see how cold we were!

Rachael, Camille, Andy and me with the Temple in the background.


Julie Harward said... are so lucky to have tickets for that! i saw on the news tonight an interview with Natalie Cole..that would make Christmas for me..Come say hi :D

Yvonne said...

I think being in the Conference Center for that concert would be wonderful. So glad you enjoyed it.

I have never heard Michael Crawford sing "O Holy Night"--will have to see if I can hear it on iTunes.

I so enjoy the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

I love your silver hair--you are beautiful.

The Garden of Egan said...

I bet you had such a great time. Even with the furthest seats it still seems to be amazing to be able to see.
You DO look cold!!!!

KC said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it. We were late getting there one year and didn't even get in! I'm glad you didn't have that problem. I didn't think there can be a bad seat in that house...but apparently I was wrong! It's still worth it!

Jenny said...

The pictures look fine.I love seeing all the lights!

I heard from a the AF Children Choir Director, who had 10 of her children singing in that concert. That Natalie was not in the best of shape. She it was almost like she was having asthma when they were practicing. We talked about how may the elevation change effected her quite a bit.

So glad you got to go and see her perform.


Thanks for the tickets for tonight. Can't wait to go. Great pictures. I like the 2nd one....of the lights.

Kazzy said...

Glad you had fun! Check your email to see why I have a hard time with "O. Holy Night!" You may end up being in agreement with me after you see what I am sending. Yikes!

gigi said...

I think that O Holy Night is my favorite and I love Josh Groban's voice as he sings it. I loved the pictures and the temple in the background. Beautiful!

Barbaloot said...

Okay-how did I not know of that Michael Crawford version?! There's something about his voice that feels nostalgic to me. I love it. Thanks for the tip!

My parents went to the concert as well and loved it. My mom went crazy over the organ solo. I plan to record the shortened version they'll have tomorrow.

Valerie said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! So glad you enjoyed it.

Jill said...

And once again, I am not invited.

Ann Marie said...

You are so funny about your hair.
I love the color! :)

We still need to get up there and brave the cold!!

Glad you had fun.

I completely agree about O Holy Night... Neil Diamond + Christmas music = Fail.( I like his regular stuff though )

PS: You WON the giveaway!! Woot!
E-mail me and give me your address so I can send it ASAP! Merry Christmas lady!!

Camille said...

And the amazing organ solo! Talk about fancy footwork! :) Thanks for the invite and the superb, greasy burgers! :) Christmas has DEFINITELY begun!

Valerie said...

Glad you were able to have so much fun (even though your whole family couldn't enjoy it together). Sounds like a great night, even with the cold.

dadams said...

It was a great night! Being with the Langston family is always a treat! Thanks for letting me tag along.

Cherie said...

I too love your hair and heck I love you too - You rock!

I am glad you got to go to the concert - I {heart} Temple Square!!!

Natalie said...

The concert sounds wonderful. I'm glad you got to go. My daughter Andrea and her hubby got to go and they loved it.
I too think you are beautiful and I love your hair.

Valerie said...

I was on Temple Square Thurs. night too! My daughter's H.S. choir was singing in the Assembly hall. And yes, it was FREEZING!!!

Our tickets to the concert were for Friday night. We felt extremely grateful to be in the "Terrace" section... I was sure I'd be in the 3rd balcony like we were for Wicked...
I thought Natalie Cole was okay. She did seem out of breath, but she brought us all to our feet when she sang 'O Come All Ye Faithful'. It was beautiful.