Thursday, October 8, 2009


When Jordan was a senior in high school, much to my dismay, he joined the Army National Guard. 
I was so worried about my tender-hearted son being yelled at by the drill sergeant...

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...having his standards questioned by others and being in harms way if he was deployed. (I still worry about that)

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He went to Fort Leonardwood, Missouri, shortly after graduation for basic training, where he learned to be a soldier. We were invited to go to his graduation.  We were excited to go see him since he had been gone for 10 weeks.

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When I first saw him, he was wearing his dress uniform.  He looked strong, serious, confident.   He told us of drills he went through and how physically hard they were.  His nickname was "Mormon" because his platoon knew of his standards and morals and they seemed to respect him for it.

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I thought he had changed so much that we wouldn't know him when he came back from AIT - that would last another 10 weeks.

It was at this point,  I realized he was the same, distractible, fun-loving, boy.
 Who's NOT paying attention to the drill sergeant?


Yvonne said...

I was so glad to see "google image" on that first shot because I think if you were there taking pictures at that point HE'D BE IN BIG TROUBLE ; )

How often does he serve?

Connie said...

He does the monthly weekend drill, the 3 week summer drill and if his unit is needed for anything else in the area, he goes. He just got back in to it since he returned from his mission. At his last weekend drill, they were talking deployment soon. That makes me sick inside.

Barbaloot said...

Love that last picture:) I'm impressed with anyone that willingly puts themself in a position to protect their country. Thanks to him, and to you for sharing him.

Ann Marie said...

I feel for you as a mother. I can't even imagine...

I think your son is awesome though! What a good kid.. serving the lord.. and his country.. he must have a valient spirit!

Kazzy said...

I am sure it would be sooo hard to have a son in the service. But what well-trained children you have. I would certainly want a Langston young man on my side! You are a good and sensitive mom.

Camille said...

I'll admit, I wasn't too fond of his decision to serve - only because I don't like the idea of him being on the front lines and putting his life at risk. But kudos to him for wanting to defend his country! I guess I should have a better outlook... :)

Small House said...

BOY, you have to hand it to these young men and women who can get put through all of this, stick to it, and graduate. It's a lot of work. He must be quite the young man!

The last picture is absolutely cute!

wendy said...

WAY TO GO ...."MORMON"!!!!!!!!!!!

so proud

Cherie said...

I am laughing at Wendy's comment! All I can say is "ditto"!!

Good job :D

Jenny said...

Love all the images that you have shared. No one knows, well other than family that my son is planning on leaving for Boot Camp in July 2010 after finishing high school. He would have signed already if it had not been for the fact that he attends an alternitive high school. So they marines told him to come back when he has his diplomia! I am praying he will want to serve a mission first, but will be alright with him serving in the military. Just as long as he gets that dilompia.