Monday, October 5, 2009

This 'n' That!

I don't make resolutions at New Year's.  I make them in April and October.  What a fabulous General Conference we had this weekend!  For me it's a time to re-evaluate my life, realize my potential and my blessings, be reminded of my responsibilities, and resolve to do better.

I had a surprise this weekend when I received this beautiful print in the mail. I won a giveaway at Whimsy by Victoria! This beautiful picture was created by Janet Hill.

This is a print of the painting, "The Book Club."  I love the vivid colors - AND - flowers, books and cupcakes are some of my favorite things. Thanks, Victoria and Janet!

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I'm a guest at I Never Grew Up today.  I'm Vanessa's Monday's Maven!   Check it out!
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I love the Fall weather! The rain, the cold, the white topped mountains with the red leafed sides, the Fall foods we made this weekend, and the sun making an appearance every now and then is a combination that makes me happy.
Have a marvelous Monday!


Barbaloot said...

I love the fall weather too...although, I could live without the freezing temperatures that are already a part of my morning. I need a few more weeks at 45-50 degrees.

Yvonne said...

Conference was great--loved all of it.

Love the print.

I'll have to go check out "I Never Grew Up".

Tanielle said...

Conference was wonderful!!! It was just a really nice day to stay in and enjoy being with the family! It's chilly this morning but gorgeous! I love this time of year also! Have a wonderful Monday!

Camille said...

Lookin mighty fine as a Maven! And I am in love with the print you won! Happy Monday!

Sondra said...

That is really true about making resolutions in April and Oct. I am really motiviated to do better after each conference and this one was no exception. Love it.

I love your print and Yeah!! You are a winner - very exciting. I'll have to check out your links. Happy Monday!

gigi said...

Congratulations on your recognition
on Monday's Maven! You so deserve it.
Happy Monday :)

Heffalump said...

I loved Conference as well. It was wonderful!

Small House said...

It was a great conference. Loved every bit of it!!

Ya-know, fall is a pretty time of year. I struggle with it though, because I now have to scrape my car window, my feet are always cold, and before you know it, we will bogged in with fog, snow and haze. That happens in Cache Valley. SO...I'm trying to stay positive.

I'll be checking out the blog with you as a host!!
Have a great day.

Valerie said...

Oooh, I love the picture you chose!
Wonderful Monday morning thoughts. You made my day brighter:)
Congrats on being a Monday Maven!

Cherie said...

What a great thought to make resolutions on Conference weekends - How brilliant are you!
Loved everything about Conference as usual!

Congrats on winning such a pretty picture :D

Nana said...

Conference always makes me think about how I am doing a few things.
It was great.
Why oh why are there cupcakes at every turn today?

Kimmie said...

I love that you make goals on Conference weekend. I always find myself "evaluating my life" and so what a perfect way incorporate Conference into your goals while everything is still fresh on your mind.

Loved your closing thoughts about how you LOVE fall weather..the rain, the cold, the snow capped mountains with red leafed sides, seeing the sun peak through and the yummy fall foods.

Every season truly is wonderful and something to celebrate!!

Congratulations on your win and have a wonderful week!!

KC said...

What a beautiful print you won! That's awesome! I just wanted to tell you that I love you and your posts! You are GREAT! You word things so well. My husband would LOVE the story about the power of prayer and the dog, since he HATES dogs...