Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It Has Hit Our House!

And I don't want it to spread!  I'm talking about the horrible flu bug!  This one only lasted 24 hours but it's vicious!  I'm wiping and spraying down everything the "patient" touches and washing my hands so much that they're dry and bleeding. 

 I hope the other 7 people in our house escapes this virus! I'll just keep my dry, bleeding, fingers crossed!

On a different note, I had some good luck a few weeks ago and won two giveaways.  This came in the mail today and I won it at Trying to Stay Calm.  Shauna has several giveaways going on at once.  You should check it out. She also has book giveaways that you should see!
These office supplies are: an OXO Pushpin dispenser with a magnetic grip, OXO pushpins, an OXO one-hole punch, and OXO Good Grip Scissors that become a box cutter with the push of a button!  The last pair of scissors I bought cost me 27 cents.  Believe me, you get what you pay for! 
Thanks Shauna!

Hope you all stay healthy!


Camille said...

You can always trust a name like Lysol! Plus it smells super good! You can't get sick - who would take care of everyone throwing up??

Cherie said...

Oh so sorry! Both my boys had the flu over the weekend and I have done the same as you. That can of Lysol is out, my hands are bleeding and everything is being washed constantly.
I don't want this flu or the dreaded swine one - Runnnnnnn!

Hope it leaves your house fast!!

Sondra said...

I'm sorry the flu bug has hit your house... I am like you I clean and clean and clean, change beds daily, change tooth brushes, clorox everything down... Luckily we have been healthy. I hope the other 7 people in your house remain healthy too - especially the Mom. Woo Hoo on a fantastic win!

Shauna said...

So happy they came and that you love them! Thanks for posting about it :)
I l♥ve my scissors too!

Valerie said...

Congrats on the cool office supplies!
Yuck about the flu! We had that 24 hour virus here a few weeks ago! Only 2 were sick with it...the rest of us were spared (including me!)
I love the disinfectant wipes & I have been a freak about hand sanitizer ever since Curtis was in the hospital! I have it stashed everywhere! :)

Kazzy said...

I hope the "patient" gets better soon. Lotion up, lady!

gigi said...

So sorry about the flu hitting your home :( Pray it stops with the one victim. We did a good job with our first and only victim so far so hopefully you did too.

Congrats on winning, I won a book from Shauna last week too! Boy we sure are lucky!

Yvonne said...

Sorry about the flu, and the dry hands.

Congratulations on the win.

Kimmie said...

Yes, tis the season colds and sniffles and "flu bugs". It must be the change in the weather. We have had some COLDS, but no flu bugs yet.

I hope you keep from getting sick. BTW...I really enjoyed the article written about you at "I never grew up". It shows what a truly amazing woman you are. Hope this finds you well!! Enjoy your day!

wendy said...

Oh no --I hope everyone stays healthy and AWAY from the flu. I think it is too cold here where I live for any living virus to live!!!! (except flies ---dang lots and lots of flies)

Joanie said...

Wow, you are turning into one lucky person. You must be doing lots of positive thinking.

Ann Marie said...

I am SOOO dreading this happening soon. I know it's coming soon too.. it's everywhere.

I feel for you lady! Take care..

Jenny said...

Take care! I hope your whole family does not get this. It really is aweful.