Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Live In Camelot!

I know it sounds a bit bizarre.  But in Camelot, that's how conditions are!

When it was necessary to move our family from Boise, Idaho, because of my husband's job, we looked in several different  cities.  Each city had positive aspects and some negative ones.  When we came to the city that we live in now, it was very WINDY!   We asked the realtor if this was the way it was all the time.  He assured us that it was that way ONLY until 9:00 in the morning, then the wind stops and it's beautiful the rest of the day.  I looked at him skeptically but he assured us it was true.
Since we have moved here we discovered that he was right.  The wind picks up in the middle of the night, then by 9:00 in the morning,  it's done.  Talking to the folks who have been here their whole life, you would think that the early settlers had planned it that way. 
Here are some advantages to having a windy city:

- No mosquitoes.  I just learned about this one.  During a preparedness presentation we were told that we don't have to worry about West Nile Virus here because the wind keeps the mosquitoes away!

 - No pollution!  That's right!  The canyon wind blows the smog away from our city.  (I'm glad I don't live west of here)

- Roses grow better.  It's been rumored that a good, stiff, breeze actually helps the roses to bloom!

- The flags look beautiful painting the breeze.

- Clothes on the line dry in minutes, as long as you have strong clothespins!

- Pinwheels in the yard look real cool spinning around and around and around.

- Two years ago, at the mouth of the canyon, the city built a wind farm to take advantage of this free energy!

Now I have a question.  Do you think these wind turbines are a work of art or an eyesore?


The Garden of Egan said...

Awww! I wish the wind never blew here...........well it only blows 23 hours a day.

Beautiful pictures. I love the wind turbines.

Valerie said...

Well, I feel gypped! I received many mosquitoe bites while living in Camelot. What is up with that?
Otherwise, I wouldn't call the turbines a work of art, but I do think it looks cool to see them spinning in the wind. There is a similar, but much larger field of wind turbines between Phx. and California that were always fascinating (and somewhat creepy at night)to drive through.

Connie said...

Garden of Egan - you must live in paradise if it's windy all day! :-)

Valerie - but you didn't get WNL, right? I think it just keeps those mosquitoes away!

Cherie said...

Hmmmm I never knew that about wind. Right now the wind is blowing all of our beautiful leaves off the trees :D

We don't have those big wind turbines where we live so if we are traveling and we see them it is always a "look at those" kind of moment. Do you like them?

Erin Ann said...

I think they're pretty neat looking, and they're so big!! Of the many works of art I've seen in different cities, these are quite tasteful, actually :)

Ann Marie said...

What fun and unique things about where you live!

I love roses! You are lucky that they bloom so nice!

I wouldn't say eye-sores.. I think their fine! :) Go green! :)

Kazzy said...

I think the turbines are cooler than cool! I passed a huuuuuge flatbed truck carrying parts of one on my trip across country this Summer and I couldn't believe how big one blade is.

Connie said...

I think they are very cool and a work of art! The tips of the blades have been calculated to go 130 mph. You can actually hear them cut through the air when you're close. Jacob, my 18 year old, thinks it should be made into an amusement park..."Can you imagine the ride you'd get if hooked to the blades!" I can only imagine!
Just today I too saw a truck loaded down with the blades. They are huge!!

gigi said...

I love the wind turbines and the way they look. They are useful art.
I would love a little breeze :) It was 82* today and no wind.

Kimmie said...

Tracy and I have actually considered putting one of these in our backyard to take advantage of all of the wind we get in Idaho!! We have several people in our ward who have them and it is saving them on their power bills.

I guess it's all in the way you look at it. I would like to know if you like these or not?

BTW...gorgeous the waving flag and laundry out to dry.

Your posts are always so interesting and fun and BTW...I am going to try out your zucchini cake recipe by making it into carrot cake like you suggested. My father in law LOVES carrot cake and I have yet to find a recipe that turns out moist and yummy. Can't wait to try yours out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Emma said...

I think they are so ugly!!!! theh ruin the view. But now saying that I think they are useful for sure but I don't like the way they look.

wendy said...

I could sing it all for you.
Yes I could!!!!!!!!!

and for the wind turbines , I tend to think they are an eyesore. But if they help with the whole energy thing, guess it is beneficial.
Too bad they can't be underground (but, duh, that would mean there was no wind and they wouldn't work wendy)

Small House said...

When I see these, I do think they are pretty cool. They remind me of driving through Canada about 23 years ago. I don't know why though. Hmmmmmm...... may do a number on your hair though. But messy hair is worth no mosquitos.
Have a great day.

Sharon said...

The only negative I know living in Highland are the awful windstorms in the middle of the night! Your post was hilarious!

Camille said...

I love looking at them - especially knowing their purpose! The other perk you failed to mention... the WIND FESTIVAL! Nothing like marvelling at huge, colorful kites dotting the sky and getting splashed by the Ski-Doos :)

Yvonne said...

Fun post. I've never heard that about roses--wow.

I kind of like the look of the wind turbines. And if they're good for the environment and save on power bills that's a BONUS.

Jenny said...

Wind mills are pieces of art. Not to sure about the turbines. Maybe art!

a happy heart blog. said...

I lived in Lancaster for two years, and we always loved the drive through the mountains where they have an overbundance of them. I don't mind them, I think they are a great way to capture enery and they made the desert drive a little more attractive.