Wednesday, August 5, 2009


In November, our church will be having a "Harvest Dinner" for all adults. During that dinner, there will be a power point presentation showing 2 different pictures of many of the gardens in our area and their rightful owners. The first picture was taken when the plants were first sprouting. The second picture is taken when the garden is in full swing.
I have a garden.
A picture was taken of my garden and me in the late spring.

Monday night, Kristie, who’s in charge of the picture taking, came by, camera in hand, to capture my garden. Gasp! Not only was my garden filled with weeds, but, I was wearing some gross clothes that made me look fat! (I’m sure it’s the clothes) . Knowing she didn't have time to help me beautify the oasis, I bit the bullet and proudly stood in the middle of my weed patch, dressed like a homeless person, as she snapped a picture - a picture that is to be seen by everyone at the dinner! Yesterday morning, as I weeded the garden, I was wishing I had accomplished this task the day before so the picture would look good. Am I vain? Shouldn't I just weed the garden because it’s needed and not worry about my image? I hope I don't ONLY do the right things because people are watching. I know I wouldn't steal money or cheat on a test if I thought I could get away with it! I try to do things that are right because it’s the right thing to do, not because someone will be watching...or taking a picture. I did get my garden weeded then I weeded the flower beds. I was working outside all morning....I almost missed Matlock! When I'm sitting at the dinner in November, and my picture is flashed up on the screen, I'll just smile because in my mind I'll be able to see what my garden and I REALLY look like!

This picture may or may not have been altered.


Jill Kaufusi said...

i know the cleavage is real.

The Newest Mexicans said...

Wow, what fantastic cleavage you have

Camille said...

how did I miss out on the cleavage genes?

Yvonne said...

Too funny.

You have a garden--good for you.

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

You are too hard on yourself! weed patch...the "fat-making, gross" clothes?

haha I love reading a post and find that I can't help laughing out loud!!! Yours did tickle me and here I sit, laughing.

Even as I go back to re-read just to be sure I didnt miss anything as I am commenting here...I am cracking up all over again!

(and is Camille your daughter that asked about missing out on the cleavage genes? haha girls so sweetly remind me of the fact that I did not have any of that particular gene to pass on and why couldn't they have inherited some of that from their dad's side of the family?...instead of his family well-endowed butt and big calves genes?)

Blessings & Aloha!

Hope to see you some time at my blog... and always like to add: pls leave a comment if you are there.

Kazzy said...

Yeah, I was gonna mention the low-cut dress too. But you know how much I love purple, so I love the photo!

K said...

Hi Connie! I am so sorry that I have caused you so much stress. I would be more than willing to come back and take another picture. Oh wait, I would love to use this picture, so the ward can see the true you, cleavage and all. Chat with Andy and see if that is all right! :) Let me know if you would like me to come back. I would love to come visit again.

Connie said...

PSS - Yes Camille is my daughter, in fact the first 3 comments are my kids! I don't think they got the message, just the picture!

Kazzy, I know you love purple. So glad you like my dress, you can borrow it sometime. Just send a picture to Dan and he'll put it on you! He always takes creative license with all the things he does, so beware!

I'd love to have you come by and visit again, only without the camera! As for this picture to use for the will only be in my mind. :D

Tanielle said...

I love it! You are awesome!! I got my fantastic package in the mail today, and man it was like Christmas!!! Thanks soooooo much!! I took a pic so I could share it in a post...minus the peanut m&ms, I am not sure what happened to those!:-)

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Ann Marie said...

Lotsa weeds and Homeless? I highly doubt! We are always are toughest critic.. and when it's going to be spot lighted somehow.. of course we want things to look our best!

I bet your garden is as fabulous as your cleavage and that purple dress!!

Rebecca said...

Lol. What a fantastic garden and... umm....fairy princess? Disney witch? Sheila?

gigi said...

I just want to know what your neighbors were thinking?? Couldn't they see that you were a damsel in destress?? Just remember that when you are reaping your rewards :)

The Jones Fam said...

I wish we lived closer to your garden so we could visit! It does look fantastic... with or without cleavage.

Christy Burnett said...

I think you look like royalty. It is a beautiful queen in her garden. What clevage is everyone talking about??? JK love ya!

Susan said...

What cleavage? Isn't that a lace dickie covering it up? Your such a good girl! I didn't get a garden this year just weeds! Thanks for posting on my blog. I got my new grand-daughter today I posted her picures on Face Book. She is really cute. Your missionaries are just about ready to come home yipeeeee!

Cherie said...

OH MY!! I am laughing so hard at all the cleavage comments - I didn't even notice till I read those! ha ha
I love the picture - I think you should give this one to the lady who took the pictures and have her put it in the slide show too.
I bet your real garden looks wonderful - we all have a few weeds now and then :D

vanessa said...

Connie you have the best blog ever I love it :)